by Kristen Isis Karayani, 18.08.2022

A piece of writing dedicated to John (John Byde), based on my experience of the day he Transited.

It was Thursday, August 11, 2022 - [St. Spyridon's day of remembrance, known as "The Walking Saint"] - after dusk, when John now looked quite strong and youthful, and the movements of his chest resembled horsepower. But, unusually, within the previous 2-3 hours, it was as if he had taken a rather resoundingly powerful mental journey, already somewhat out of this physical world.

He knew, that is, he was fully aware that I was there, as always.

I held his hand lovingly in the familiar way as if to emphasize calling for help. He nodded unequivocally to follow his flow.

I synchronized to get into his meaning and time disappeared. We managed to speak through his breathing patterns, for ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

Inevitably ahead, in a dizzy spell of my own, I cried out loud “Please don’t go!” It was as if I meant that the sky of this Earth would come for help. He started sobbing so deep and loud, like never before. That shook me to come back to my senses and put myself aside.

What is Love, but also to respect and to support the wishes of those you love, here and now, however difficult.

We entered the next, as if endless, moments together, undefined by time or even space. He looked more and more peaceful inside the warmth of our hands and this soft tender familiar ambience we co-created for many years at nights.

[Interestingly but unknowingly, the previous night we had spent hours just looking at each others’ eyes intimately and speaking it as “our Souls’ meeting”].

Now, in this deeply poignant process, at midnight full-moon, the spark of his eyes set off to give priority to a most sublime dance of his breathing. Inhaling but exhaling, precisely and repeatedly, a certain Dance of God that only he knew already how to do..

Just indescribable..

I know I witnessed his Soul.

I saw It leaving his physical body right in front of me,

via a Divine thanksgiving “kiss” to this Earth.

Divine Grace


Going back into 2017, mid-July, I remember I had this urge to put the intention, while placing the brass sheet, to ask the Consciousness of Water at the High Peak Valley [where we used to visit often together, working on his invented art form Water Brass Art], a significant question about John and I. That was, ‘To confirm in some way, what IS our true connection with John, by God’. John already knew.

12 days later, when we went to pick up the small square-shaped brass sheet, on which water was running, we received the answer and called it ‘Twin Symmetry’ (see Water Brass Art image by JB).

Water Brass Art by John Byde
John & Isis
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