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agreement of agency No. a295UK                  Kristen Isis karayani

Are you looking to purchase the Device PRK-1U?­ How can I be of help?

I have an Agreement of Agency (No. A295UK) with Grigori Grabovoi, which means that I am an official representative of Grigori Grabovoi and will act as certified attorney, organizing for you the signing of Agreement for the use of the Education Program on the Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi with Device of Development of concentrations PRK-1U, as well as consult with you, offering active and professional assistance until the fulfilment of all the conditions of the Agreement are complete, including full payment for the purchase of the PRK-1U Device.In other words, as an attorney acting for this purpose, I am the link between Grigori Grabovoi and you. As part of this process, please feel free to ask me any related questions that are not covered on this webpage.­

Have you tested the Device PRK-1U? ­

Testing the Device PRK-1U, which includes filling & signing the Application for testing, as well as the test Protocol after testing, is necessary part of the procedure of purchasing the Device PRK-1U. ­For the options of testing the Device PRK-1U, please refer to the link shown above. Further, if you like to sign-up for testing, please send me an email with your preferred option and I can arrange it for you at a mutually convenient time.

Have you paid for testing ­the Device-PRK-1U?

If this is the case for you, please note that when you sign the Agreement, the amount you paid for the testing at the time can now be considered as the down payment ­on the Sublicense Agreement to purchase the Device PRK-1U. If you like to order the device at present, please send me a copy of the signed documents, i.e. your Application for testing, the test Protocol and receipt of payment already made.

What is the price of the Device PRK-1U and what does it include? ­

The price of the device for the development of concentrations of eternal life, the three-mode PRK-1U, is 9,700 euros (VAT included). The price for the enhanced option of the three-mode PRK-1U with diamonds , is 10,700 euros (VAT included). The price includes: 1) delivery of the physical device itself by Dr Grabovoi company 2) access to the Library of Education Center for Education Program on the Teaching of Grigori Grabovoi for 4 years and 3) a flash card with all the materials of the Training Program in different languages for the current time. [Without purchasing the PRK-1U, the cost of the annual subscription for access to the Library is 2,500 euros.]

What are the next steps in order to purchase the Device PRK-1U? ­

Please send me your full name (as in passport or birth certificate), your address and date of birth, skype, so as to prepare the necessary documents for you to read carefully and sign. As soon as I receive the signed documents ­from you (in a scanned form), I will forward them to the office of Dr Grigori Grabovoi and your device PRK-1U will be ordered, reserved and configured with your individual settings. After full payment has been made by you, the device will be sent to you by the indicated date. I will be notifying you of the progress during this time and answering your questions.

Are other people going to use this purchased-by-you device? ­

The Device PRK-1U ­can be configured for up to 8 people and I would need their names, surnames and dates of birth too, when that may be the case. Users of the device are people for whom the device is configured and they are added at the list of the Annex of the Sublicense Agreement.

What are acceptable ways of payment? ­

You can pay either the whole amount at once, ­in which case you will soon receive the indicated day for delivery of the Device PRK-1U to your preferred address. Or you can pay in equal instalments so that the whole amount is paid within 6 months. As soon as you make the first payment, you will receive the link to the individual round-the-clock online access to the three devices for the development of the concentrations of eternal life; the three-mode PRK-1U, without additional payment. After 6 months, you will receive your reserved PRK-1U device configured with individual settings. In both cases, after the full payment is received, it will be also possible - as an option that some people choose, to appoint the date to pick up the device in Belgrade, or if you prefer to receive it by post. The cost of postal delivery is paid by the office of Grigori Grabovoi.

­Is there a customs fee to pay?

There may be customs duty upon arrival of the device to the country you reside and this will be your responsibility. In other words, payment of customs duty is to be paid by the addressee and each country has its own laws and regulations. However the fee is very low or not at all, because, as it may be necessary for you to explain if asked, the Device PRK-1U is provided based on Educational Agreement for educational purposes as an intellectual property for the period of training.

What are the payment methods?

Payment methods are included in the Sublicensee Agreement. Please note that payments must be done so that all the bank commission is at your expense, the company of Grigori Grabovoi should receive the exact amount specified in the signed Agreement.

What are the 2 buttons on the Device PRK-1U for? ­

When you purchase your personalized device, you will also receive detailed instructions on how to use the 2 buttons (red and green) of the modified PRK-1U. By turning them on and off as instructed, you can have the three modes performed. For example, when button 2 is not glowing, the first mode is performed, when button 2 is glowing, the second mode is performed and when button 2 is blinking, this means that the third mode is performed.

­Why is it such a good idea to invest in the Device PRK-1U?

Just theoretical knowledge of the device is not enough. One must be able to use the device, to understand how to use it and to live with it, experiencing the 'quantum leap', this very high energy level where his/her thinking is continuously amplified, accelerated ­and controlling, by joining the light of eternity coming from himself/herself and from the device, learning how to change rapidly any situation for the good of all humanity and the rest of the natural world!

Are you considering making contact to place your order? ­

I will be delighted to facilitate the purchase of your personalized Device PRK-1U! I also offer a free one-off follow up after sales and make available further consultation for a fee. Looking forward to hearing from you. And as it is often clearly explained (for effective application of the device) " is always the person themselves who, initiates interaction with the device PRK-1U."

" ... when the device PRK-1U is present near the person, then in a radius of three meters in connection with the generation of the field or, so to speak, the matter of eternal life, it also has the effect of action, even if a person does not look at the lenses."­

­Speech by Grigori Grabovoi at the film forum of the association “Myths and Reality”, ©Грабовой Г.П.,2018

­"GOLDEN RULE 591 718 9181419 (golden rule of behavior) – people, involved in the process of interpersonal interaction, must rely on the imperative rule: a person has to carry him/herself in relation to another person in such way that it can inject new life into the another and him/herself either. The traditional form is somewhat different. Treat others the way you would like them to treat you."

­Quote from "Number series for psychological normalization" by Grigori GRABOVOI, 2003, Book 2, p.36


Samples of testimonials of the PRK-1U device of Grigori Grabovoi

“During the seminar I felt each day how my sense of spiritual development increased. I felt and still feel a close contact with God, merged with Eternity. For me, Eternal Life was a reality already before this seminar. But, during the seminar I felt that I was exactly IN Eternal life and working for further development already in the conditions of eternity of my physical body. For myself and for everyone. Namely for everyone. It was a very powerful feeling.I also feel a new power in the physical body. And at the same time, I am relaxed, joyful, at ease. As if my physical body is finally able to develop independently in the direction of Eternal life. There was a time when it was necessary for me to run somewhere, and I just ran, I didn’t think that I couldn’t walk fast for more than a year because of the accident of my right leg. I also understood this as a sign of rejuvenation. I did not think - I just did the right action.I felt a significant development of my Consciousness. Most of all the logical part – as if the Consciousness finally understood, that it does not need to work alone. That all structures are already helping, and they are more than willing to help. And that they can be trusted. Namely, I can trust the response of my feelings – which is, in fact, the response of my physical body. As I was translating, I had to speak. I noticed, that my voice vas very stable, there was no tension in physical organs for the production of voice All the time of the seminar I could speak at the same frequency, there was no cough. We worked for then executive days, but all the time I was in a perfect physical condition. I did not feel neither physical nor spiritual fatigue.I think, the most amazing change happen at the very first encounter with the classroom. I suddenly felt a big difference of the sense of self-confidence. Immediately after I entered the room, in the first instant of contact with the devices, I felt a self-confidence as a stable feeling, as The Norm of self-confidence. This happened on its own - I did not control it. And remained ever since.During the seminar and work with the devices PRK-1U-three-mode, I had a clear feeling that all my structures had developed. I still cannot fully understand the epochal amount of information that I feel in myself. But I am sure that my life has changed significantly forever.” 

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