Grigori Grabovoi invented a new generation machine, the device for development of concentrations PRK-1U, which amplifies many times the intensity of radiation of a thought from a person working with the device, and as such facilitates the achievement of personal goals, on which the person concentrates, and consciousness development accordingly.
The PRK-1U device is not a medical device.
The PRK-1U device creates concentrations of creative control.
When controlling with the help of the device PRK-1U, your creative thinking is amplified many times. It is through thinking that people can change their events.
The PRK-1U device interacts with thinking, it is a conversational machine.

In more detail:

1. What is the PRK-1U device?

The PRK-1U device is a new generation machine, which has been tested from the beginning of 2016. Several hundred of people received a unique and incomparable experience of touching eternal life.
The PRK-1U is the device for the development of concentrations of eternal life, it is not a medical device. The device emits the field characteristic of eternity. When the device is turned on, people start to feel the structure of eternity, i.e. a certain structure of light, the light of the macro-matter.
Already during the first time application of the device, a person can feel the concentration of his thoughts because his thought, which interacts with the device, is amplified many times by the matter of eternity which is generated by the device. So if a person tries to control his thoughts and feelings, this necessarily gives good results. It is through thinking that people can change their events. The device creates concentrations of creative control. Grigori Grabovoi teaches how to control your thoughts and concentrate them so that the thoughts are controlling.
When we apply the methods of Grigori Grabovoi without the device, the process of developing your Consciousness to the level when you begin to feel almost physically (sensations in the body and in front of the body) the concentration of your thoughts can take quite a long time.
With the PRK-1U device you can develop your level of perception fast, its support is very big, a person begins to feel something when controlling with help of the device. A powerful level of increase of power of control emerges, which corresponds to a high energy level and due to this, your creative thinking is accelerated, amplified many times. The felt sensations are your conscious access to the area where the Light of your thought and the Light of the device are united. This is the controlling area created in your Consciousness.
In other words, the PRK-1U device interacts with thinking, can react to your thought, to our thinking, and it can help us in self-development, training our Consciousness and developing concentrations of eternal life. It gives a unique opportunity to every person to feel personally what it means to be in a state of eternity.

In the words of Grigori Grabovoi (2017) :

“ The device for development of concentrations of eternal life PRK-1U is a unique opportunity to develop, with the help of the device, your consciousness and spirit. The device will enable you to move to a new way of life, helping to develop your consciousness, controlling clairvoyance, controlling forecasting, to hold a course of rejuvenation.


2. On what basis did Grigori Grabovoi create the PRK-1U device?

Grigori Grabovoi created his device PRK-1U on the basis of his patents:

Ø “Method of prevention of catastrophes and the device for its realization” (10 May 2000)
By eliminating catastrophic events in the organism, it is possible to gain practice of eternal life with eternal development. Within this method in this patent, where a person generates a bio-signal and directs to the optical systems, the optical systems amplify this signal.
In other words, the PRK-1U is an amplifier: our thought – that is, the light of thought (bio-signal) which interacts with the device – that is, the frequency spectrum allocated by the device that is characterized by the vibrational characteristics of the structure of eternity, is amplified many times.
Ø “Information transmission system” (20 Feb. 2001)
Man, who generates thought, acts as an operator that transmits information [transfer of data with the help of thought to any system]. This, direct normalizing radiation of thought (by Grigori Grabovoi’s Works) in the field of organism and environment to create eternal life.
The ‘Information Carrying System works so that the signal is transmitted practically instantly and an increase in the action occurs, that is the second action is almost immediately along with the first one. In other words, the optics of the device and the optics of Consciousness match.

Device PRK-1U of Grigori Grabovoi

I offer explanatory and training work for the use of the device PRK-1U as a certified attorney/agent (i.e. official representative of Grigori Grabovoi) , as well as promote, organize and conduct 8-minute testing on Skype on our physical device, or can arrange 90-minute testing of the PRK-1U device.
The 8-minute testing of the PRK-1U device is free and can be a preliminary step for 90-minute testing which some people prefer, where it is necessary to pay 100 euros (I receive 50%) for the individual settings of the device for the period of your participation in one online broadcast (for 90-minute concentration). This individual adjustment of the PRK-1U device is a time-consuming and science-intensive procedure performed by Grigori Grabovoi.
(See Options below)
The 8-minute testing is already quite a significant period for you to understand what the PRK-1U is and how it works.

As Grigori Grabovoi said in 2018:

‘ After all, no matter how much we read and heard from others, how wonderful and unique it is to use the PRK-1U device, until you feel this experience yourself, you can never make up your own opinion about it.’

If you feel very confident after this 8-minute test and you want to purchase the device or an online access contract, then it is possible to proceed with preparing the appropriate documents for you as an Attorney (see Agency page), even without 90-minute testing.


1) It is possible to test the PRK-1U on a free basis for 8-minutes. We can arrange it between us to take place at a mutually convenient time (as described above).
2) If you want to experience a 90-concentration to test the PRK-1U, then please choose what day and time is best for you, and let me know.
Online web broadcasting of the device PRK-1U is available:
- On Tuesdays and Thursdays (from 18 hours 45 minutes to 20 hours 15 minutes CET),
- On Saturdays and Sundays (from 12 hours 45 minutes to 14 hours 15 minutes CET).

Ø With both options, it is necessary that we spend some time on the rules for the concentration, before testing. This 15/20-minute contact can take place either on Skype or by email. Please first read carefully all the suggested documents which I will forward to you upon request, then let me know what day and time is a good time for you for this purpose, to answer your questions.

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Temporary note: I am not available for consultations at present. Thank you. (August 2022)

~ An educational consultation can be an active way to help yourself understand more clearly various aspects of the Technologies of Eternal Development of Grigori Grabovoi in order that you become more effective while using your chosen methods of concentration.
~ I am dedicated to use my knowledge and skills to attempt to assist you in finding the tools that you need in order to focus attentively towards a more positive direction, trusting that you are willing to take responsibility for your part in this process.
~ I offer a flexible approach in which I do my best to answer your questions, focusing on a deeper understanding or comprehension of the material from the Works of Grigori Grabovoi, contributing towards accelerating your learning progress. What I value mostly in this process is that you find your way and pace according to your needs, in order that you solve your most urgent tasks.
~ Consultations can last from 60 to 90 minutes. My fee is £44 for an hour and £57 for an hour and a half, invoiced and payable by paypal in advance. Meetings can take place either on Skype face-to-face or on Skype instant messenger, or by email correspondence after an initial meeting where necessary, or a combination of such ways.
~ All sessions are enhanced by the device PRK-1U. Although our device is configured by Grigori Grabovoi to work according to our personal data (currently two people) , still this personalized device allows me to work on other people's tasks, as well as independently. This means that through my connection and concentration on your goal(s), with the device 'on' near me facilitating my consciousness, our work will be enhanced by the field of eternal life which the device PRK-1U generates. In fact, working in this field, i.e. the field of eternal life (that is, the field of indestructibility) helps to solve many situations as new information appears, enabling deeper understanding of issues and therefore, making better decisions in the control. In this way, the effectiveness of the concentrations and the control for positive developments can be amplified quite significantly.
~ I also offer free 8-minute testing of the device PRK-1U. This is not part of the above described type of consultation. You can read more details further below. Please note that remote use of the device for testing on Skype or directly using the device, is the same.
~ If you have any further questions before making an appointment, please send me an email. You can also read more about purchasing the device PRK-1U, here.
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