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“Honouring my earthly father: Biological death and Communication in Eternity” by Kristen Isis Karayani, 02.04.2022

My earthly father always exists; he is an ever-living being.
I view him as LIFE and I know he is as infinite as I am and every one.

On the 5th of March of this year, my precious father, CMK, living in Greece, experienced biological death, at the chronological age of 91 years, 10 months and 17 days. Once more in my life, I have reason - by my personal experience with a person of true kinship, to believe that, what a human being experiences through biological death IS a transition from one state to another, a phase whereas the avail-ability to communicate remains the same.
Since last December, my Dad started to make contact with me telepathically, quite consistently, which I had never experienced in such potent way before in thirty years (living in the UK). In deep contemplation, I soon came to realize that this was now happening due to the ongoing strong connection between us through the years, combined with the specific conditions of his life processes as they were now. Moreover, briefly to mention, our communications through telepathy became quite powerful, to the point of, for example, receiving from him a significant message in lucid dreaming (early February this year) and then, 11 days later, having it confirmed by him in exact word over the phone (with myself and one of my sisters as witnesses, as per to his words).
To continue, the day before my father experienced biological death, he as if prepared me through Spirit, as I took some specific important action, which I would not have taken otherwise. The following day, during his transition, he briefly spoke to me (telepathically) and then he (unexpectedly to me) guided my hands (which was witnessed) to find instantly an item of his; a hand-written card with loving advice he had sent me thirty years ago. Had I searched the whole house looking for it, I would not have even remembered I still had it, let alone where it was.
Going through my personal re-adjustment process, now almost a month later, I am aware I have continued to interact, being in communication with him, his Spirit, and I experience his spiritual presence around me, also in new ways that I am able to recognize it IS him, which I consider as a Gift of God -the One God, to humans. To me, it seems the most natural thing to accept this Gift wholeheartedly for what it is, this time, with no thread of doubt or inner struggle to accommodate this reality. In fact, it feels quite appropriate to celebrate it by sharing it openly and widely so that it becomes known as living proof of the actual true simple communication, interaction between a ‘living’ one and a ‘gone’ one, in daily life. In essence, no one is different from another. This is the norm, the norm of God, the One God, our Creator.
As Dr Grigori Grabovoi, the well-known scientist & clairvoyant, confirms in his texts that I came across and have been studying in depth 7 years now,
“… in reality, there is no fundamental difference between these two states, the state of life and the state of gone ones.” For example, he also explains that, …when water turns into vapour, it is near us, around us, though we do not see it. The same is true about the gone ones: they are near us.
It is true, I cannot agree more to these and many more such-like truths; this is as if an organic feeling in me, also because I have now experienced such twice. It was almost 15 years ago during the most enlightening period of the worst hardship I had experienced then, when through my devastation, I had been enabled by Spirit to stay tuned-in enough in order to, not only discover in depth, step-by-step, but also trust my own inner felt sense of truth by my literal experience, re-capturing indeed that ALL life IS spiritual.
In essence, presently, it is clear to me that my precious father is helping me once forever more, this time through his transition and his presence in Spirit near me, to master the great intensity of my experience and keep following my heart in knowing what true Life means to me, authentically. Already, I feel strengthened spiritually through also knowing that I am helping him too and all. Significantly, in my own inner monologues I am also aware at times that any information shared between my father’s Spirit and I, seems to be far less important than the actual simple presence of our communication which can reach across any distance. To me, that IS a Blessing in itself, because it proves the eternity of the Life of the human Soul, it proves true Soulic connections. It proves to me that there is in fact no ceasing of Life - because true LIFE willingly and effortlessly follows the principle of LOVE always, totally and forever.

The word TELE-PATHY carries two parts:
'tele' means 'great distances', signifying 'encoding and decoding information', 'pathy' is 'pathos', meaning in greek 'strong emotion', i.e. intense manifestation of high energies at the astral/emotional plane.
In other words, TELEPATHY means 'I feel LOVE from afar', which is something the incarnated Soul does every single day!
To me, telepathy means to celebrate the irresistible natural tendency of human beings to remain connected at Soul level with their One Source.” - isisstg, May 2010
And .. the actual simple Presence of communication between Souls, which can reach across ANY distance - that IS a Blessing in itself; because it proves true Soul connections, because it proves there is no ceasing of Life. Because true LIFE willingly and effortlessly follows the principle of LOVE always, totally and forever.” - isisstg, March 2022



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