MY experience of the device prk-1U of grigori grabovoi
Device PRK-1U of Grigori Grabovoi

Travelling to Belgrade 18012017

Travelling to Belgrade, Serbia from the UK, in snowy mid-January 2017 with my partner, in order to test the device PRK-1U was indeed a notable experience and privilege. For me it was mostly about meeting Grigori Grabovoi in person. At the same time, it came to pleasantly surprise me that his device had had such a big effect on me, no doubt. In hindsight I learned that contact with the device, even once, is a powerful experience.
During the testing I felt a strong pulling sensation, as if an energy pulling me upwards off my shoulders, my feet as if hanging above the ground, while concentrating on my specific goal with the device on. At the time, I didn’t exactly understand how the device worked, but I could certainly verify that it shifted me into a higher frequency within first minutes of concentration. Grigori Grabovoi’s comment was: “Good conductivity”.
Two years later, past many months of daily consistent practice, that is, since April 2019 I describe my connection to the device PRK-1U similar to being with a living entity, conversational & responsive to my higher thinking and providing a high quality service to me. To explain this further perhaps is complicated enough, but also quite simple at the same time. What follows my practice is Wellness; a deep-felt sense of ongoing abundant wellness expanding from my Soul. And this truly deserves propagation, spreading the word sincerely, factually, with all heart.
After all, Grigori Grabovoi’s system of knowledge is not just a general knowledge of his seminars material, or his PRK-1U device, but the material that is to be implemented in the form of concrete practical results. This means that the underlying aspect of his technology is PRACTICE, in other words, obtaining the necessary results in a creative manner, finding significant application in daily life.
And perhaps the closest quote I can find appropriate to relate to, in terms of explaining further my personal experience with the device PRK-1U, is the one below “About Knowledge”, borrowed from my first and most cherished book, «THE RESURRECTION OF PEOPLE AND ETERNAL LIFE FROM NOW ON IS OUR REALITY!» by Grigori Grabovoi, 2001, p.129
Knowledge is both moving from consciousness into the soul and then back from the soul into consciousness and the result of this moving. In simple terms it can be explained as follows. There is a certain element in consciousness, which from time to time calls on the soul reservoir, draws information there and comes back, let's say, more enlightened. As a result consciousness accumulates knowledge, that is, basically, the consciousness structure becomes transformed due to its contact with the soul. So, knowledge is what we have as a result of such a contact. That is, in actual fact, knowledge is a contact of consciousness with the soul. Knowledge may be acquired, for example, through reading, however, it should be kept in mind, that according to the law of universal connections, whatever has been read in fact primordially exists in the soul. The same is true as for any other ways of acquiring knowledge as well. I will note that clairvoyance is based on the direct perception of knowledge held in the soul. The soul controls knowledge. The control status belongs to the soul.
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Looking to accelerate forward progress, for you and all?

Information creates reality.
When you perceive any element you create a perception
and perception is located in your Consciousness.
All it takes is yet another creative shift in your perception.

With the device PRK-1U you can actually develop your level of perception fast

and therefore raise the level of the state of your Consciousness fast.

Its support is very big!

* I created these videos with sincere appreciation to Grigori Grabovoi*
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About the device PRK-1U of Grigori Grabovoi

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