Working with the Device PRK-1U of Grigori Grabovoi - An article by Kristen Isis Karayani, based on the Works of Grigori Grabovoi - 4.6.2020

As Grigori Grabovoi reminds us, "... no matter how much we read and heard from others, how wonderful and unique it is to use the PRK-1U device, until you feel this experience yourself, you can never make up your own opinion about it." (2018)


First concentrate; the Device PRK-1U is for the development of concentration of eternal life.

What is eternal life? As Grigori Grabovoi explains in his Works, eternal life is an opportunity for man to fully realize his creative potential, to solve all tasks that arise ensuring that the future is systematically safe. Therefore, he must develop himself into the state of complete control over all events in his life.

1) Formulate your goal of control, your aim, think about it, keep it in focus in your mind. For example, it may be that you like to work on the development of concentration of eternal life for rejuvenation. See yourself rejuvenated, this is your aim or goal of control.

2) Project your controlling thought on to the area of the small lens of the Device PRK-1U and visualize your controlling thought in the form of a light impulse (can be a small glowing sphere, if you prefer). From the small lens, move counter-clockwise while rotating your eyes through the 3 lenses non-stop (can be circular or oval rotation), with your aim or goal of control constantly in your perception.

3) Notice what happens in front of your body, notice any changes, pay attention to any sensations or emerging images and move your attention to this area that has sensations. You can stop the rotation and look casually at the device. These sensations are your conscious access to the area where the light of your thought and the light of the Device PRK-1U is united. Work on this area that has been created in your Consciousness, keeping focused on your goal. These sensations show that you are gaining the amplification of your control, increasing concentration due to the interaction with the Device PRK-1U, due to your continuous active thinking. Keep focused on your goal that is being normalized, as long as possible. If sensations become weaker, repeat the circular eye movement (starting from the small lens) until they are enhanced and continue your work.

Also, to remind that you always set the task for macro-salvation at the beginning of your practice, then your concentration contains the macro-element. You work for all, globally, and you work for yourself, i.e. your personal task/goal of control.

With the help of the invention of Grigori Grabovoi, the Device PRK-1U, a person can FEEL the concentration of his thoughts, CAN FEEL HIS THINKING, because HIS THOUGHT, WHICH INTERACTS WITH THE DEVICE, IS AMPLIFIED MANY TIMES BY THE DEVICE. His level of perception can capture and identify the work of human thought.

With the help of the Device PRK-1U, you can control your perception of information. Information creates reality. When you perceive any element, you create a perception and perception is located in your Consciousness. With the Device PRK-1U, you can actually DEVELOP YOUR LEVEL OF PERCEPTION FAST and therefore RAISE THE LEVEL OF THE STATE OF YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS FAST, experiencing a high energy level, accelerated and more productive thinking. The support of the Device PRK-1U is very big as you can easily change your perception to POSITIVE INFORMATION when you are in its field. Due to the optical elements located inside the Device PRK-1U - which operate in accordance with the principle described in Grigori Grabovoi's patent "Methods of preventing catastrophes and device for its realization" (10 May 2000) - THERE IS ALWAYS NORMALIZATION OF ALL THE INFORMATION THAT A PERSON THINKS OVER DURING THE CONCENTRATION WITH THE DEVICE. The work with the Device PRK-1U can harm no element of the world.

Moreover, the Device PRK-1U itself will never connect to man's Consciousness; IT IS ALWAYS THE PERSON HIMSELF WHO INITIATES INTERACTION WITH THE DEVICE. This means that the Device PRK-1U is not able to control a person but the controlling level is always in the Consciousness of man. YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS CONTROLS THE DEVICE AND THE DEVICE IS ENABLING YOU TO DEVELOP A CERTAIN LEVEL OF CONTROL.

ANY RESULT DEPENDS ON YOUR ACTIVE REGULAR WORK WITH THE DEVICE. Any result is a consequence of the development of the Consciousness and Spirit of the person working with the Device. Therefore, it is necessary to continuously perform certain mental actions that will keep the connection with the Device, since it is in this way that the Device PRK-1U increases SIGNIFICANTLY the strength of the concentrations and the strength of control of a person.

In other words, you mentally tune into a specific goal, the goal of control, for example, the development of the concentration of eternal life for any event, and the Device PRK-1U perceiving and receiving your thought, STARTS IMMEDIATELY obediently supporting this particular type of concentration of this particular level of control.

You can read further on the four types of control here: "Recommendations-for-testing-device-PRK-1U" (download PDF number 3)

You can also read the booklet "The Device of developmentof concentrations of eternal life PRK-1U of three-modes.Description and methodologies of working with the device"

You can work with the Devices of development of concentrations of eternal life PRK-1U - configured to medical profiles, free-of-charge here:

References :

1) "Training For Attorney PRK-1U". Text by Grigori Grabovoi. Video, 2018.

2) Webinars of Marina Morozkina, Methods of Grigori Grabovoi of using the Device PRK-1U, 2019.

Useful links:

5 LECTURES/VIDEOS by GRIGORI GRABOVOI – In Russian with translation in English by Olga Toloshnaya


Method 1: "The Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi about God. Application of optical reflections inside the lenses to implement the controlling clairvoyance of eternal life".

Method 2: “The Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi about God. Method of using the device for the development of the concentration of eternal life PRK-1U using three lenses simultaneously.”

Method 3: “The Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi about God. The application method of the device for the development of the concentrations of eternal life PRK-1U by using remote areas of consciousness.”

Method 4: “The Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi about God. The method of application of the device for the development of the concentrations of eternal life PRK-1U by impulses onto the matter of soul through the action of spirit.”

Method 5: “The Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi about God. The method of using the device for the development of the concentrations of eternal life PRK-1U by combining the interaction of spirit and consciousness.”

Additionally, you may want to purchase and study further these 5 Lectures of Grigori Grabovoi, as webinars already held by Marina Morozkina (Russian/English) available here:


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"How to apply and realize the concept of eternal life in usual everyday life, preventing the destruction of your physical body: Do Just As God Does" - An article by Kristen Isis Karayani, based on the Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi - 1.5.2020

To lay the foundation for this article, if you consider your task, for example, to be the prevention of any negative changes in your physical body, then, of course, in accordance with the Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi and his management system of saving all, first and foremost you must give your task the status of global salvation or macro-salvation, minding that when you work for yourself, simultaneously, you always work towards ensuring eternal life of all people, all and any living beings. In such way, automatically, with your work you withdraw the component of any form of destruction not only from your body but also from the collective consciousness, creating a collective reality that commands eternal development and eternal life forever and a day, in perpetuity.

For the sake of the interested reader of this article, who may be new on the area of what is the Teaching of Grigori Grabovoi - this is a universal system of knowledge which applies to all people and all areas of human life and which provides corrective technologies for personal and global management, in order to develop one's Consciousness to the level where one can take creative correct action directly for present and future tasks, based on the norm (i.e. rules and standards) of God. Fundamentally, at the level of reality that Grigori Grabovoi makes known, one's physical body is not accessible to destruction and all human systems are fully recoverable. Essentially, the purpose here is to truly understand the basic truths given in the Teachings as well as apply them instantaneously, reforming one's system of perception & of thinking and re-organizing one's life direction towards eternal development and eternal life for oneself and for all.

But what is the concept of eternal life about and how does it apply to your usual daily life? I believe this to be a very significant question to answer for oneself, for deliberate practice to be effective. Principally, eternal life is an opportunity for man to fully realize his potential, solving all tasks that arise creatively and ensuring that 'tomorrow' is systematically safe for good. Therefore, one must first develop oneself to achieve the state where one has complete control over all events in one's life, including his physical body. As Grigori Grabovoi points out, when man will be in a constant concentration of eternal life, in fact, the physical body will be in the state of eternal life. Why is this so? Because all depends on one's system of thinking; if you think eternity, if your thinking realizes the principle of ever-living then your body will follow. If you make sure that your thinking tunes your Consciousness at the level of your Soul, allowing your Spirit to structure your Consciousness, then your spiritualized Consciousness manifests in your physical body. Logically, the next crucial questions pop to engage the investigative mind: that is, what is actually one's system of thinking in everyday life?, what is one's system of knowledge, what is the system of administration & management from birth? In what kind of systems of reality exactly do you participate in usual everyday life?

To continue, anything that exists carries information and all information is linked with any other information in the World. All is connected universally. This is how the system of worldy laws or governance is formed and we are able to macro-regulate, tuning and balancing largely in scale and scope. Moreover, inside each and every of one's thought there are many elements and in every element exists the status of eternal development. And that which Grigori Grabovoi teaches us is extremely important here since, granted that the notion of eternity already exists in every single element of development, then everything can be restored. And as a matter of fact, it is the principle of eternity itself that restores anything. So, what does this mean then to one's everyday thinking?

In his seminar 'The Teaching of Grigori Grabovoi about God. Creation of Body by the Soul', 2004, p.4, the Author states : "... the process of God's thinking is going on as if inside the human body ...". Additionally, in his seminar 'The Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi about God. Accelerating the Evolution of the External World to Ensure Eternal Life', 2016, p.16, Grigori Grabovoi explains clearly that there exists another structure in the human personality [additional to the Soul, the Spirit, the Consciousness and the Physical Body]. To quote the Author : "And this structure should be called in this case, as the structure of the permanent controlled contact with God for the purpose of realization of eternal life for all, and the realization, respectively, of the eternal world as a consequence."

Wherever we are, whatever we do or sense, however we feel, we still carry intrinsically by our very nature God's thinking, His presence is with and in us, supporting us all by definition of our human body, by the fact of our presence in physicality. As well, if we look attentively, we can find out that our personality anatomy is such that provides ongoing contactability with our Creator at all times. In other words, we can learn to think and act just as He does. We can tune the level of our system of perception into its original Source, capturing and identifying the work of God's thought in every moment inside of us, starting just now this very minute. This means that, at any point in time when you perceive any element in your daily life next - as you are also doing this instant - you can create a new perception. And you can find that this perception is located in your Consciousness and your Consciousness is an element of your thinking, as is your Soul and Spirit. What is more, you can find out that already established in your human Soul is the essence of eternal development, which one can fully appreciate by studying the seminar of Grigori Grabovoi 'The Teaching of Grigori Grabovoi about the Soul'. More specifically, God is in the human Soul. We can see why the Soul is always whole, happy, loving, free, harmonious, eternal; the human Soul has absolutely all knowledge of the World. And the Soul, your Soul, is the action of God, using the Spirit to act. This means that, when we evolve our personality enough by spiritualizing our system of perception, we discover & develop the qualities of our Spirit. And, by this, we enable ourselves to the full awareness of the fact that our Consciousness originally is a derivative of our Spirit which is always merged with the Spirit of God, giving structure to our Consciousness, as well becoming the matter of our physical body.

As aforementioned, every element of existence has the quality of eternal development because God creates everything and His goal is eternal life for all and therefore by His thinking He creates the eternal. Conclusively, to think and to act as God does, or Do Just As God Does means to establish that in our perception, we must regard our own life as an element of eternal life, recognizing exactly on the spititual basis through our self-learning that we ARE indeed capable of achieving eternal development. Above all is the realization that, the system of thinking of God; one's use of this system of perception and of thinking depends on one's spiritual development and the level of the state of one's Consciousness, since it is in the area of one's thinking that any control of reality begins, enabling and allowing the constant presence of the thought of God to BE and manifesting His action through human which is, at any one time, LOVE.


1. 'The Teaching of Grigori Grabovoi about God. Creation of Body by the Soul' by Grigori Grabovoi, 2004

2. 'The Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi about God. Accelerating the Evolution of the External World to ensure Eternal Life' by Grigori Grabovoi, 2016

3. 'The Teaching of Grigori Grabovoi about the Soul' by Grigori Grabovoi, 2003

4. 'Unified System of Knowledge' by Grigori Grabovoi, 1996

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About the challenge of 'coronavirus' to the science of everyday thinking: Two videos on MENTAL HYGIENE based on the technologies of the Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi - 12.3.2020

I created these videos with the intention to inspire one to think more positively.

These are inspired by my study and daily practice of the technologies of the

Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi. 

You can read more in the descriptions of the videos on my YouTube channel. Thank you.

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A Point of Interest in the Technologies of the Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi - "About terms/ notions that describe a numerical sequence of Grigori Grabovoi" - 10.3.2020

As you may already know, number series of Grigori Grabovoi are methods of normalization of processes and events to the norm of the Creator, i.e. the norm that organizes eternal development and eternal life.

But what does it mean when the term or notion of a number series, indicates a disallowance or deviation from the standard or rule of the Creator (i.e. the Norm) ?

For example, in his book "Number Series for Psychological Normalization" by Grigori Grabovoi, 2003, Book 2, p.87, Grigori Grabovoi gives and describes the number row for absent-mindedness. Quote: "DISPERSION, ABSENT-MINDEDNESS 548317  548 - functional or organic damage of ability of concentrated and purposeful activity. Sometimes it appears during hard mental work as the result of one-way concentration."

So in this case, when you work with this particular number sequence, you can  expect more alertness, attentiveness and less distractions or diversions as you ability to focus and your concentration will be enhanced and brought to the norm, i.e. in the direction of eternal development.

In other words, this means that even when the term or notion describing a number series indicates a deviation form the norm of the Creator, then the numerical sequence that corresponds to the term/notion still achieves the positive direction, that is, the direction of eternal development and eternal life.

In Grigori Grabovoi's words : "In case when the term denotes some declination from the standard (norm), then by means of a numerical row corresponding to the term, the norm that organizes the eternal development in generally accepted constructive direction is achieved." Reference: "Number Series for Psychological Normalization" by Grigori Grabovoi, 2003, Book 2, p.3

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WAKE UP TO YOUR TRUE CREATIVE CONSCIOUSNESS BY DEVELOPING YOUR INNER SEEING - Article by Kristen Isis Karayani, based on the Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi - 25.1.2020

What is your approach towards comprehension of the World? What is the system of information you use to create your own thinking?

In his seminar "Creation of Body by the Soul" (2004), Grigori GRABOVOI illuminates that all reality is consequential to the system of information one's thinking is based on. In his book "The Resurrection of People and Eternal Life From Now On Is Our Reality!" (2001), he also guides us to reconsider what is our World understanding, for example, how the World is organized, what its laws are, what life is, with a view to develop higher states of consciousness by changing conventional views about the World and be free from the limitations of conventional consciousness. One can easily become inspired to see clearly that the superficial narrow perception of the World is where natural laws are based on the concept of 3D space & time model. Therefore, by changing the 3D perception of the World and its state of consciousness, one is able to ascend into higher and higher states of consciousness, to true creative consciousness. This is the most important task facing man, as Grigori Grabovoi points out. It is of greatest significance that man develops a harmonious spiritual control of reality, which can be characterized as inner seeing. Actually, all of the Teaching of Grigori Grabovoi is based on this approach - that is, to establish creative control of reality through human consciousness, ensuring eternal life for all.

So what is true consciousness?

Grigori Grabovoi calls attention to the reality that all life has a spiritual base, true life is eternal life and true consciousness is what allows us to live eternally and evolve eternally. True consciousness contains the entire reality & each segment of it and it is first developed by the Soul, then by the spiritual structure and by the body, inherent in all cells. So, our consciousness is a structure that combines spiritual and physical matter. Furthermore and very significantly, everything depends on the state of one's consciousness. This also means that your perception of the World depends on the level of the state of your Consciousness. Still, to restore true consciousness, one must, for example, understand how one is organized, as well as, know and understand the procedure of accessing information.

All knowledge of the World is available in the human Soul. Why? Because the Creator created the World the same way He created Himself. When the One God, our Creator, created the human Soul He embedded all the information of the World in the Soul; the whole existence, as dr Grabovoi explains in his seminar "The Teaching of Grigori Grabovoi about the Soul" (2003). And the space of the Soul is infinity which means the Soul is vast largeness, the Soul is a boundless reservoir of information; an infinite eternal structure. And the human eternal perfect Soul  is also inside one's human body! Consequently, all the information already exists in the status of the one asking any question. And as Grigori Grabovoi explains also, "Clairvoyance is a universal method of accessing information." (2001, p.17), "Clairvoyance is based on the direct perception of knowledge held in the Soul." (2001, p.129). In other words, to develop your inner seeing means exactly to enable yourself to see by means of clairvoyance. In this way, answers to questions are received instantaneously. Every time your consciousness visits your Soul reservoir, your consciousness becomes transformed due to this contact. Why? Because you use the system of thinking of the Soul, that is, of God, and this is your primary fundamental ideology or information system, and there is nothing above it, as Grigori Grabovoi makes clear in his seminar "Creation of Body by the Soul" (2004).  Basically, it is the Soul that controls knowledge; the control status belongs to the Soul, as he affirms, defining further that "in actual fact, knowledge is a contact of consciousness with the Soul." (2001, p.129)

But how is it possible to achieve this level? How can we enable ourselves to enter this level of existence? How can we grow spiritually to be able to perceive the World at Soul level?

It is perfectly correct to say that fast transitions into higher states of consciousness can be accomplished by means of practicing regularly concentrations, like the "DAILY METHODS OF CONCENTRATION" created by Grigori Grabovoi. Through studying the Educational Program of his Teachings (the Author has transmitted over 300 seminars, available in books and sites, in many languages) you can bring the information into your conscious awareness , improving your perception in daily life, as well as the quality of your thinking, the state of your entire body; making sure that they are without destruction. With proper consistent practice you can attain higher states of consciousness, gaining knowledge without destruction and turning into the direction of the path of eternal, harmonious and happy life. After all, quoting Grigori Grabovoi, "A man is born for joy, happiness and for living a full productive infinite life." (2001, p.21)

Additionally, you can also work with the Device PRK-1U of Grigori Grabovoi which trains consciousness fast. The device develops eternal life concentrations; personally, I have no doubt (by experience) that it is responsive to human thought/thinking, encouraging clarity into thoughts and speech as well as inspiring a deep inner peace, promoting one's sense of wellness and further advancement spiritually. When a person concentrates on the lenses of the device PRK-1U in a specific way, he can interact with it as the device is operated by human consciousness. This means that it requires constant thinking activity of the person working with it. For example, by focusing on a particular thought, the device normalizes it and amplifies creative thought in a most powerful way. One can achieve fast results in improving perception, developing inner seeing, controlling clairvoyance & forecasting, controlling events as well as in rejuvenation. The aim is always the development of eternal life concentrations, which means that your control goal contains the universal goal of global salvation & harmonious eternal development, as well as your personal goal. Also, you are unable to destroy or harm any form of life; it is true that the Device PRK-1U of Grigori Grabovoi emits eternity (!) cutting off any information that does not match its spectrum of frequency.

Indeed, it is possible to change your reality fast; each person must take a decision for himself to follow this path, i.e. to create and to have an infinitely happy eternal life through ongoing self-awareness and self-development on all levels. As Grigori Grabovoi reminds us on the second day of each month in the daily concentrations, you must "rely upon your internal sense, upon your intuition; learning to hear your internal voice and listen to what it tells you." After all, as he also reminds us in his seminar "Creation of Body by the Soul" (2004), it is the structure of our intuitive or inner understanding, i.e. the notion of intuition, which brings accuracy into infinity.

Life has a spiritual base and by learning the principles, ways and methods of the Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi for creative reality control, you can avoid all negative information. And by changing your own consciousness, you gradually change the collective consciousness. This IS the mechanism of the World transformation according to the Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi. As he states, the true status of the World is eternal life, which ensures true World stability. Essentially, all the information exists in each of us already; we just have to bring the information to our conscious awareness and put it into great creative everlasting use. To me, this means "Waking up".


1. "The Resurrection of People and Eternal Life From Now On Is Our Reality!" by Grigori Grabovoi, 2001

2.  "The Teaching of Grigori Grabovoi. Creation of Body by the Soul" by Grigori Grabovoi, 2004

3. "The Teaching of Grigori Grabovoi about the Soul" by Grigori Grabovoi, 2003

4. "Methods of Concentration" by Grigori Grabovoi, 2001

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POSITIVE CHANGE: ACCESS TO THE LEVEL OF THINKING WITH THE SOUL - An article by Kristen Isis Karayani, 8.1.2020

In his book 'The Resurrection of People and Eternal Life From Now On Is Our Reality!' 2001 (page 107), Grigori GRABOVOI makes it abundantly clear:

" We know that it is the soul that prevents, the soul that saves, it is the soul that regulates the World. "

In the same book (page 517) he also affirms:

" As a matter of fact we know already that in reality every person possesses all knowledge, his soul initially has everything. "

God made it possible that we all have a human eternal perfect Soul inside our physical bodies and in this way, we can, when we learn or re-learn how to, just simply immerse in It with our perception, as Grigori Grabovoi teaches us in his technologies of working with the Soul. In other words, we can see, we can perceive, we can think, we can act by the Soul. The Soul is AVAILABLE in the physical body and It is organically connected with it. In fact it is your Soul which is what protects your physical body.

In his numerous seminars of the Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi on the theme of the Soul, the Author clarifies that one's body is the material part of one's Soul, and Spirit is the action of the Soul, in other words, the Soul uses Spirit to act. Moreover, that actually the Soul interacts with reality through Consciousness and it is through consciousness that the Soul can control the physical body. And Consciousness, as a derivative of Spirit  (i.e. when consciousness is spiritualized) is the action of the Soul; that is, when you let Spirit control your Consciousness making sure your consciousness and spirit have a one single impulse. Fundamentally, your Soul has a fixed place in your Consciousness which you can find due to thinking.

But what can all this mean on the practical level of everyday life?

For example, what happens in one's local system of Consciousness when one comes across a distressing image of destruction (e.g. a fire, an earthquake etc.). How can one practice instant creative control through Grigori Grabovoi's technology of the work of the Soul? How can you learn to instantly think with your Soul and act as God does? After all, the one Creator, who created Himself inaccessible to harm, IS the unique influence on the human Soul; He not only created It imperishable but also in It He embedded the honour of the whole information of the World!

God is in the Soul; God is in your Soul! One sees God in the physical body of man.

And, the Soul is God's action. And, the manifestation of God's action is Love, which means that the Soul is the source and the transporter of Love! And through Love, your boundless infinite Soul can have instant access to any space-time to reverse processes, to do what's necessary to save, to bring positive results. The Soul is always happy, loving, firm and unshakeable, in a state of calmness and tranquillity, free, inviolable and available to act fast at all times. Therefore, when you perceive with your Soul you can instantly control, feeling, at the same time, a very high inner peace.

When one studies the system of thinking of Grigori Grabovoi, one finds out that his system of thinking is creative CONTROL based on an absolute accurate informational system; i.e. the indestructible eternal structure of Soul. So, how can you enable yourself to tune your Consciousness - through your thinking - at the level of your Soul?

Grigori Grabovoi indicates precisely, in the aforementioned book (2001, page 77) :

" ... transitioning to even higher and higher states of consciousness - that is the way to God. "

All in all, this simply means that human should develop his/her [locally concentrated system of] Consciousness in the direction of the Soul.

In my training I learnt that this can actually mean that, for example, we are capable of becoming aware of shock situations and still be able to be absolutely detached, in a complete state of tranquillity and calmness. So one learns to immediately dissipate any negative, dangerous or shock situation and to perceive things in a harmonious way since the Soul is always happy, loving, firm, unshakeable. Simply, the Soul's system of thinking always has a positive effect! Destruction is impossible for the Soul. Finding instant clear access into the level of thinking-with-the-Soul, makes it possible to perceive dangerous situations as non-dangerous by involving the Soul to think & act as necessary to correct the path, changing any situation for the better. Thinking at the level of the Soul we always see everything in a positive light and everything around is favourable; this is the system of thinking of the Creator, the One God who created the Soul.

In his book 'Unified System of Knowledge' (1996) Grigori Grabovoi also affirms:

" The negative information should not even occur at the thinking level. "

So, perhaps next time you come across a strange situation, a disaster, an event involving destruction, remember that you can, by thinking eliminate the idea of destruction.

In fact, there is a fixed point of indestructibility in your Consciousness, already available from start and, it IS the most urgent and significant task for human to locate it in order that we all build a creative, safe and secure future. Grigori Grabovoi's science provides knowledge on how to resolve the problems of control of any World processes, by reversing the processes in the World so that the World becomes healthy again.

For example, when you may hear that a certain disaster is going on somewhere in the world, you can instantly start  in  your  thinking  minimizing the magnitude of the unhappy event until it becomes exhausted.

To conclude, according to the science of Grigori Grabovoi, the most significant thing is that we do not externalize the negative information BUT we immediately form positive events to the maximum effect! As he explains in the aforementioned book (2001, page 134) while referring to the significance of structuring one's consciousness in the area of controlling clairvoyance:

" The objective of clairvoyance in this area is not to externalize negative information, but to form positive events to maximum effect. "


(in additon to the two books already mentioned above)

  1. List of 6 seminars/books of Grigori Grabovoi on the theme of the Soul Here
  2. More information about my training Here

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As you may already know, Grigori GRABOVOI offers a variety of helpful, simple methods for practice, including the use of numbers, in the form of NUMERICAL SEQUENCES. As I understand, numbers are a frequency, so each number sequence can be perceived as a frequenced patterned plan (in other words, an arrangement of numbers that create a specific pattern of energy) affecting the consciousness. In this way numbers support us to restructure our consciousness.

According to Grigori Grabovoi, using numerical series is a method of control of health for any illness or/and situation in life. And he provides a plethora of them which relate directly to all parts of the human body, any possible dis-ease, as well as the human psychology, for the purpose of the restoration of health and the normalization or harmonization of any event, and much more (see links below).  As he explains in his many books and on his web-pages, numbers are a control method of structure vibration and each series of numbers has its own structural connection to vibration. So by concentrating on them, the vibration activates the relevant areas, treating the illness or issue, and returning to the Norm which is the standard or rule of the Creator. In other words, numbers provide this return to health by the means of their vibration.

A simple example of practice through which I have experienced fast results is the repetition of the number series of Grigori Grabovoi for "control toward standard of eternal development". This is : 91688  [ which appears on page 4, in "Numbers for Successful Business" by Grigori Grabovoi, 2004 ]. To explain further, frequent repetition of this number facilitates the reconnection of one's consciousness to the level of the standard of eternal development where all is harmony, leading one out of resistance and back into flow. As a result, when I have used these series and practiced it repeatedly, it is as if my consciousness is quickly reminded to avoid mixing with thoughts that sabotage my eternal development, eliminating any feeling of internal resistance.

Perhaps my early days interest in everyday numerology and much later also my spiritual Training, had already taught me to see and relate to numbers as spiritual intelligent entities, creating a precise pattern of frequency and geometry not only around me but also in the events of my life & connecting them. This exactly, as if had formed an established language for me, in years, growing to mean access, connection and communication with higher intelligences. No wonder, I realized that the whole Cosmos finds balance and harmony through the mystical use of numbers. In fact one can find proof of this (numbers and their symbolism), for example, in the I Ching (800BCE). Everything is encoded in numbers. Significantly for me, Grigori Grabovoi's Teachings have not only confirmed my pre-existing experience and education, but also have added to it treasures of most advanced knowledge!

To continue, practicing a new form of control consciously, is an ongoing education. More specifically, with this (91688) or any other number series of Grigori Grabovoi, it is as if one consciously synchronizes one's own frequency with the frequency of the state of the consciousness of the original position of God, the Creator, through one's Soul. Moreover, in this process it is important, as Grigori Grabovoi suggests, when one concentrates on numbers, to be aware of oneself consciously, feel one's body, and see oneself mentally, completely healthy and harmonious, stabilizing one's perception at the level of the Norm. So by repeating often the numerical series in creative ways, the signals that affect your physical body positively have a greater impact. Of course, each concentration with number sequences creates different results. It is therefore important to trust your intuition in terms of the frequency of use of each chosen number series you work with, making sure that you generate the correct intensity in vibration for best results.

It is good practice to try using a numerical sequence you are drawn to and notice how your body responds. Any number series, you can memorize, visualize, gaze, read sub-vocally digit by digit, chant, or, as Grigori Grabovoi says, for example, in his book "Number Series for Psychological Normalization", 2003 (Book 1, page 4) : ' can read, pronounce mentally or hum mentally in such a way that the sound of tune you perceive in some distance from your physical body.' You can also write them on a piece of paper to carry with you or place under your pillow, write them on your body, stick them on your computer etc., the list is endless; be creative! Furthemore, make sure that in the row of numbers, you always make little pauses in the places of gaps where they appear, similar to when you mind the gaps between words in a sentence, as Grigori Grabovoi describes. Also, how long you concentrate on each number series is up to you to decide.

Of course, number series are not the only method of Grigori Grabovoi's Technologies. There are many other ways, controls and concentrations in his Teachings and it is often recommended to start with the Daily Concentrations; these are the exercises Grigori Grabovoi provides for each day of the month. Briefly to mention that, these Concentrations have three parts of which one includes number series; one is for the world and one is for personal life. Doing these daily concentrations any time of the day, every day, and repeating them each month, they open up and expand your consciousness. In time they become increasingly more and more understandable.

Last but not least, sometimes, people think that a number series is coming from Grigori Grabovoi. However, the case is that many numbers are circulated online unreferenced which can be rather confusing to people as to where they come from. So if it is your wish to practice the methods of Grigori Grabovoi, it is always advisable that you make use of the number sequences you find already quoted and referenced, or take care to check them yourself in the books of the Author.


1. "Numbers for Successful Business" by Grigori Grabovoi, 2004

2. "Number Series for Psychological Normalization" by Grigori Grabovoi, 2003 (Book 1)

3. "The Resurrection of People and Eternal Life From Now On Is Our Reality!" by Grigori Grabovoi, 2001

Useful Links:

1. "Restoration of Matter of Human Body by Concentrating On Number Sequence" by Grigori Grabovoi, 2002

This book mainly covers: Cells and Tissues, Nervous System, Sense Organs, Bones, Bones Junctions, Muscle system, Internal organs, Respiratory system, Urogenital apparatus, Endocrine glands, and Cardiovascular system (also Organs, System of organs and Organism as a whole).

2. "Restoration of Matter of Human Body by Concentrating On Number Sequence" (part 2) by Grigori Grabovoi, 2002

This book mainly covers: Hemopoietic system and Immune protection system, Blood cells, Dentoalveolar system, Spine, Connections, Ligaments and Muscles of the spine, Muscles and Fascia of Back and Neck, Female pelvis, Mammary gland, and Central Nervous system (continued).

3. "Restoration of the Human Organism Through Concentration on Numbers" by Grigori Grabovoi, 1999

Useful videos:

Numbers of Grigori Grabovoi - Video 1

Video 2

Numbers of Plants Video

Other useful links to Grigori Grabovoi's webpages:

Link 1  - Recovery from any Illnesses

Link 2 - Psychological Normalization

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Link 8 - Numbers of Stars

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Link 10 - Dog's Organism

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Link 15 - Cat's Organism

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The Technology of Grigori Grabovoi of The Development of Consciousness Through the Interaction with the Soul - "CREATIVE THOUGHTS & TRUE CONSCIOUSNESS" - An article by Kristen Isis Karayani, 17.12.2019

"A CREATIVE THOUGHT consists of 3 structures or elements; the element of the SOUL, the element of the SPIRIT and the element of the CONSCIOUSNESS" - I consider this quote a very meaningful one from my training in the Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi, on which I would like to elaborate further in this article. Why? Because when one desires and decides to change his state of consciousness to a higher level and for this purpose he works at the controlling level of perception to expand his consciousness, this is already a technological process that as if invites one to pursue clear technological understanding for the control to be effective. As Grigori Grabovoi explains, a person can control in an optimal way through understanding, i.e. through or in the process of understanding.

So what IS a creative thought? Put simply, it is a thought that is positive, it is perception without destruction, harmonious thinking, comfort in thinking and in the senses, living on a spiritual basis. Spiritualized consciousness gives birth to creative thought, that is, when Spirit and Consciousness have a single impulse then a person's level of Consciousness is at the level of his Soul. Exactly, this means creative thinking, by transferring one's Consciousness to spiritual basis. To be more specific, the Soul creates thought; the Soul is the structure that creates thought. In fact, God created the human Soul as such, as well that your Soul has a fixed place in your Consciousness and the Soul has absolute knowledge of all the information that ever existed and will ever exist in the World, is inviolable and always thinks at the level of God. Furthermore, it is the Spirit, i.e. the action/the acts of the Soul, the substance that controls and gives structure to your Consciousness. And last but not least, it is the Physical Body, i.e. the material part of your Soul that, while containing on the whole the information of your Consciousness and Spirit, actually feels the expansion or evolution of your Consciousness, since sensations in the human body are formed through the Consciousness.

So here, unavoidably, I have already referred to the four structures (or substances) of the Human Personality, according to the Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi. In all his technologies, it is my understanding that one must, above all, establish spiritual control through one's Consciousness to achieve a goal. Therefore, it is of great significance to actually attempt to grasp the quite logical but also subtle meanings of all the connections & interconnections between these 4 essential parts/elements of Man's personality, as well as, of course, their direct interrelationship to the One God, the Creator, who created the Human Soul. And in order to achieve a goal, thought is the agent of control, for this reason, creative thinking is the key in practice.

To continue, one of the most poignant principles of Grigori Grabovoi which I find extremely dynamic as a transformational method of control of great instancy, teaches us clearly that ..."our Consciousness perceives what exists in our Consciousness as reality". Plainly, this means that when one, for example, adopts the 3D space time model of reality, then his Consciousness finds it traditional and ordinary to experience suffering, getting ill, old age and eventually somehow, one way or another, comply to the rather ancient culture of biological death, as if born to die. Undoubtedly, it is vital to inspect what value system one allows to exist as reality in his Consciousness, what is the information system one uses to think; what is the starting point of your thinking?, since everything else IS consequential to it.

Your perception is a part of your Consciousness, it is located in it. In accordance with the Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi, there is only ONE perception; that of eternal life and this is a unique law. It is when every element of your thinking forms ONE singular perception and forming out of this internal legislative basis as a conviction (moral principle), that THE STRUCTURE of your Consciousness, including the Consciousness of God, which is the basis upon which everything that exists around you (the entire world) has been created, that you are in the space of thinking where your life is eternal. Consequentially, everything depends on your state of Consciousness!

Moreover, your Soul interacts with the reality through your consciousness, realizing Its development through expanded consciousness. As Grigori Grabovoi clarifies in his seminars, TRUE Consciousness is first developed by the Soul, then by the spiritual structure and by the physical body (inherent in all the cells, from the tiniest cell to universal connections). All is connected and your Soul is always present in any event. It is TRUE CONSCIOUSNESS - containing the entire reality and each part, what allows us all to live eternally and evolve eternally, remaining in this physical body.

And to enable ourselves to restore fully our creative consciousness, we must understand how we are organized and re-own what is basically - in principle - inherent in us all from the very start of our life; CREATIVE CONSCIOUSNESS. In other words, developing accurately CREATIVE THOUGHTS, which consist of all 3 structures or elements; i.e. the element of the SOUL, the element of the SPIRIT and the element of the CONSCIOUSNESS - simultanenously. Conclusively, by developing your own thinking you can set, tune, align your Consciousness and develop your Spirit in such a way that every single thought becomes a control thought, a creative thought, controlling the entire reality the way God does.

References : A varied selection of seminars of Grigori Grabovoi, including the following:

1. "The Resurrection of People and Eternal Life From Now On Is Our Reality!" by Grigori Grabovoi, 2001

2. "The Teaching of Grigori Grabovoi About the Soul" by Grigori Grabovoi, 2003

3. "The Teaching of Grigori Grabovoi About God. Creation of Body by the Soul" by Grigori Grabovoi, 2004

4. "The Teaching of Grigori Grabovoi About God. Eternal Body in the Soul of Human" by Grigori Grabovoi, 2004

5. "The Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi About God. The Technologies of Eternal Development. The Methods of Development of the Soul and Consciousness in Eternal Life" by Grigori Grabovoi, 2015

6. "The Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi About God. The Technologies of Eternal Developent. The Methods of Development of the Spirit and Consciousness in Eternal Life" by Grigori Grabovoi, 2015

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ABOUT THE SPEECH OF GRIGORI GRABOVOI OF 10.05.2019 AND HIS DEVICE PRK-1U - An article by Kristen Isis Karayani, 05.12.2019

Reading several times the speech of Grigori Grabovoi of 10.05.2019 which he gave at the International Scientific Conference in Switzerland, titled "New possibilities for human development/or for the development of human being", a number of things impressed me, refreshing and adding to my overall understanding of the Device PRK-1U.

As I understand, in his speech Dr Grabovoi explains in some depth about the INNER AND OUTER WORKINGS of the systems of the Device PRK-1U, while the intensity of one's thinking transfers into the internal optics of the device and unites to the level of the universal impulse (a single impulse) which realizes events as well as the simultaneous understanding technologically - how to solve events. In other words, he describes how the amplification of a person's concentration is realized, changing the intensity of his thinking according to the complexity of his chosen goal and transferring the emission of thought to the area of his head where he can actually understand the mechanism of the given thinking for eternal development and eternal life. This is where new solutions occur that in effect realize any specific event and once a person can understand such thinking, he can amplify its characteristics by spreading them into the controlling area. At the same time, it is necessary that he holds continuously the controlling thought for eternal development and eternal life.

As already known, the device PRK-1U was created by Grigori Grabovoi on the basis of his 2 patents, and as explained in his literature, the internal unit of the PRK-1U is built in accordance with the patent 1) "Methods of prevention of catastrophes and device for its realization" which supports that, by eliminating catastrophic events in the organism, it is possible to gain practice of eternal life with eternal development. According to the method of this pattern, we can spread the light of our thought to rescue others and ourselves. When we direct the light of our thought to an optical system like the PRK-1U, the device can amplify this signal due to this interaction. In other words, the device PRK-1U is an amplifier of our thought, therefore, when we generate a creative or normalizing thought and we direct the light (or radiation/emission) of this thought to the optics (or optical systems) of the device  - interacting with it, the signal that comes from this thought is amplified. Moreover, in accordance with the 2nd patent of Grigori Grabovoi "Information carrying system", basically when this thought signal - which carries information - meets the lens, it is transmitted practically instantly in the internal optical unit of the device PRK-1U and it is processed immediately (and as described above, increasing its intensity and generating expansive action). This means that the optics of our Consciousness and the optics of the device PRK-1U both match.

To continue further, in his speech Grigori Grabovoi also talks about the significance of EVALUATING one's own results; not only the group of results regarding the system of controlling the events but also the group of cognitive results. In this way, one can acquire better technological understanding of the controlling, mastering how to solve any specific events.

As already stated, the Device PRK-1U of Grigori Grabovoi enables optimization of one's thinking  in terms of controlling what one realizes in physical life. But even more, it actually enables you to perform certain practice in order to optimize the structures of your own thinking. In time the elements of your thinking become more noticeable or visible and, therefore, the structures of your thinking become more intense, more powerful. In effect, you optimize not only at the level of a logical plan to achieve your goal, as Grigori Grabovoi details explicitly in his speech, but also, amongst other things,  you receive additional information by visually controlling over the structures of your thinking (of the light impulses of your thinking). In such way you receive additional information about the characteristics of the light of the structures of your thinking.

Many times in my practice with the Device PRK-1U, I have observed that I have felt enabled to receive such important information qualifying as if visualization of the processes of my thinking at perception level rather intently, while my thinking is interacting with the device, which Grigori Grabovoi makes clear in his speech. To me, this is as if visually entering an innate network of deep awareness of the subtle interweaving threads of my own thinking and making sense of them. This makes it possible to acquire the technological understanding necessary in order to work out systemically, that is, at the fundamental level, how to fully normalize events and making the most out of infinity.

Furthermore and very significantly, Dr Grabovoi also emphasizes the need for training, in other words, TUITION, and learning the technology of eternal life. Why? Because it is only by uniting the elements of one's own spiritual development, development of Consciousness WITH the structure of tuition - when a person uses the Device PRK-1U for providing eternal life for all, through the orientation of tuition by creating concentrations of eternal life, then that one can REALIZE THE ACTION OF THE SOUL.

After all, it is the REPEATABILITY of united actions of our Consciousness, spiritual actions, high levels of self-development and education, exactly with the use of technical equipment, like the Device PRK-1U for providing eternal life for all, that the processes of the interconnections of such united actions become more oriented to enabling us to realize eternal life for all, through increasing the level of the state of one's Consciousness.


1) Speech of Grigori Grabovoi at the International Scientific Conference in Switzerland - 10.05.2019

2) Training For Attorney PRK-1U - Text By Grigori P. Grabovoi - Video 2018

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NEW WAYS OF THINKING - A brief article by Kristen Isis Karayani, 14.11.2019

Grigori Grabovoi suggests in his book 'Unified System of Knowledge' (1996) that "The negative information should not even occur at the thinking level."

What stands out for me in Grigori Grabovoi's science is that one learns to immediately dissipate any negative information, like catastrophes in the world, for example, of any disasters or bad news promoted on the daily news, in order to make it possible for ourselves to see firmly the microcosmos and macrocosmos; ourselves, our personal worlds and the Earth in a harmonious way, here and now.

So I think that if we people merely repeat news about disasters, then we affirm them. However if we just do not merely observe BUT dynamically change the thought forms by setting our Consciousness at the level of the Soul, in the desirable direction and make it that our thoughts are based on the necessary result, i.e. HARMONY, then we make the disasters immediately stop in our Consciousness and therefore, outside too.

Imagine when the whole world, when every single one of us - every time we heard anything negative on the news or on our heads, we instantly repeated wholeheartedly -out loud- to ourselves and the world these five powerful sentences which one can find in the 'Methods of Concentration' of Grigori Grabovoi (2001) - [ Please note that I have changed the text of the quote below to suit the requirement of using the pronoun 'I'] :

"I am absolutely and completely healthy and everyone around me is healthy.

And the World is eternal.

And all events are creative.

And always I see everything in positive light.

And everything around is favorable."

To me, this way of thinking carries within itself immense genuine gratitude for the Gift of existence, truly celebrating the real Life that was given to us all forever and ever by God Himself.


1. 'Unified System of Knoweldge' by Grigori Grabovoi, 1996

2. 'Methods of Concentration' by Grigori Grabovoi, 2001

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Also, books available in Spanish HERE

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One has to read the "Educational System of Grigori Grabovoi" by Grigori Grabovoi (2000) at least twice, I'd say from start to end and backwards, to ascertain that, in-deed, the Author writes not only from the standpoint of sciences and relative elements, but from the standpoint of the Creator.

As Dr Grabovoi explains on pages 28-29 of his book: "... having a well-developed spirit, having the capacity to receive information and control, it is not necessary to use books in order to study, it is possible to study independently and have all the answers, all the symbols, that is, it is possible to know in advance."

In fact, through studying attentively more material from Grigori Grabovoi's large number of Works, it becomes crystal clear that - when there is no state of separation between human and the Creator, that is, when one does not set oneself apart from God but is in a state of alliance - allowing no gap between one's system of thinking and God's, then one can instantly be in immediate proximity with Him, effortlessly, realizing that one, already by Soul, possesses all knowledge.

For me, being in such an expansive state - state of alliance with the One God - means that I know I am doing well and I know it for sure, because I am aware of it somewhere deep inside of me, in my Soul. I have all the information I need from within me to function unaffected of problematic areas & external pressures and I have absolute protection at all times, managing control as if 'all by myself'.

In his seminar "The Teaching of Grigori Grabovoi about God. The Expansion of the Eternity of the Soul" (2005) English edition, 2019, page 26, Grigori Grabovoi makes it clear that : ".... as soon as a human no longer feels some level of some kind of isolation that exists between him and God, .... and understands that there is no such isolation, that is, he directly contacts God at any point, naturally, not even addressing somehow, but there is no gap in fact in his perception .... in obtaining knowledge, by the fact that he will have everything normal in the future, or everything will be just fine. It turns out that he just gets into the expansion of the Soul towards eternity, he gets namely into such a system, in which he, at the same time, interacts specifically with the personality of God in harmony, and moreover in complete harmony."

By and large, the Educational system of Grigori Grabovoi is about understanding the fundamental laws of the World from the standpoint of the Creator.

In his system of education Dr Grabovoi provides knowledge even before a person is born. Therefore the transfer of information can be implemented even before a person is born by, for example, someone who is about to have a baby.

Furthermore, his system of education can be used to treat any diseases, as human cells can be changed through the harmonious connection and deep understanding of the fundamental laws of the World, developing further in this way and restoring oneself spiritually.

It must be also added that all concentrations and actions presented in his system of knowledge, can be implemented with respect to any living person, regardless of how old that person is at this time, in order to ensure his development towards infinite life and good health, happiness and love.

So, if you are intrinsically motivated to re-comprehend and re-view your past education with an open view to retrieving the next level of a more wholesome existence - spiritually, mentally, emotionally, chemically and physically, then the Educational system of Grigori Grabovoi is for you! 

Additionally, in my view, every parent and school on earth should have a copy of this book and teach it systematically. Why? Because this is education based on the fundamental level of knowledge of the World from the standpoint of the Creator and thus, one can learn to control this World at the level of its organization from information that comes from the position of the One God. In this way, more and more people can become the free and independent personality that has been handed over to us all by the Creator, receiving the highest frequency available to us as humans.

I believe that one's human self is as good as one's awareness of one's higher self, higher consciousness, highest essence; the Soul. After all, it is the Soul that establishes one's true Consciousness. And the physical body which is capable of infinite self-improvement, is as if the 'barometer' of the Soul, indicating changes. Exactly, each concentration & action which exists in Grigori Grabovoi's system of education is aimed at providing concepts of infinite creation, ensuring a person's eternal development towards infinite life and good health, happiness and love. Accordingly, through correct ongoing re-education we can change our human cells towards restoring full health. And this is done through our harmonious connection and deep understanding of the fundamental laws of the World, using our true Consciousness consistently to control reality towards happy eternal life.


1. "Educational System of Grigori Grabovoi" by Grigori Grabovoi, 2000

2. "The Teaching of Grigori Grabovoi about God. The Expansion of the Eternity of the Soul" by Grigori Grabovoi, 2005, English edition, 2009

Other languages: You can also read this article in Spanish on this website HERE

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Grigori Grabovoi's book/volume "Fundamental Laws of the World for Ensuring Eternal Life" by Grigori Grabovoi, 2017, contains 7 of his Seminars on the topic and is equally an excellent addition for study to the interested student of eternal development and eternal life.

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" ... a realization of never-dying in which besides normal health includes absence of events that may possibly bring a damage to life is determined by numbers: 419  318  88941898." 

" For never-dying of another person you may apply the same series in addition after the series of seven numbers 2890618. That is to speak sub vocally on the purpose of never-dying of another person number series 419  318  88941898  2890618."

The quotes above are from the book of Grigori Grabovoi "Numbers for Successful Business", 2004, page 6.

With regard to the given number series, as the Author explains in his book, the series can be applied to any human being activity in general for never-dying.

And one finds a further clarification on the same page, for the use of these numbers:

"Before the beginning of any action you may on the purpose of your eternal life speak sub vocally this series or first three numbers of the series 419, at the level of consciousness having in mind that there are other numbers when using which you make efforts for eternal development. At spiritual level of control, when using of the series the information is made that all numbers in general and any number combinations are directed to eternal development."

The way I understand it, while using the above number series one needs to be aware that this is not the only one numerical sequence that affects consciousness with the specific information of never-dying but there are other numbers designed to restructure one's consciousness towards eternal development and eternal life. As for example is: 91688, which one can use if one feels resistance towards eternal development. Grigori Grabovoi gives this number series in the same book on page 4.

In fact, on the spiritual level, all number sequences provided by Grigori Grabovoi, as a frequency create a specific pattern with information on the purpose of eternal life, because his system of knowledge is based on the principle of non-destructibility which allows eternal development and eternal life to become reality. The knowledge of man's indestructibility is always in the Soul of every person and, therefore, all numbers of the Author, as a method of creative control of reality, stabilize one's perception at the level of the Norm (or original position) of the Creator. This means that one synchronizes one's frequency at the level of perception of the Soul, reclaiming one's inherent creative consciousness of never-dying which the One God put in the Soul when He created It.

In other words, on the practical level, your aim is to perceive the knowledge of indestructubility and see it in the area of your thinking; there is a point of indestructibility in your consciousness all-ready.  As Grigori Grabovoi states in his book 'The Resurrection of People and Eternal Life From Now On Is Our Reality!' (2001, page 87): "It is the knowledge of man's indestructibility which is a means of reproduction of life of his physical body."


1. 'Numbers for Successful Business' by Grigori Grabovoi, 2004

2. 'The Resurrection of People and Eternal Life From Now On Is Our Reality!' by Grigori Grabovoi, 2001

Other languages: You can also read this article in Spanish on this website HERE

Books in Spanish HERE

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ABOUT THE AFTERWORD OF GRIGORI GRABOVOI - Article written by Kristen Isis Karayani, 12.10.2019

This post is about the AFTERWORD found at the end of Grigori Grabovoi's book "The Resurrection of People and Eternal Life From Now On Is Our Reality!", 2001. To me, the Afterword is a highly significant part of this precious book of Grigori Grabovoi; I see it as a poignant concentration that can help one set the tone of any given moment in life easily, right from the level of one's Soul.

Naturally, I have read it many times attentively though sporadically since 2015 but intentionally, every time reaching out specifically for this most special page. The AFTERWORD holds 55 strikingly powerful sentences, beautifully written by Grigori Grabovoi. It seems to me that these sets of words hold accurately the whole volume in a highly compressed & inspiring manner, as if to create a deeply meaningful compact version of this BIG book. Not only but also, it is offered to the reader like a gift 'for all times of entire life' which perhaps one, similarly to me, is possible to imagine in the form of a graceful and refined flower that can last longer than eternity itself! Thank you Grigori Grabovoi!

In my experience as a spiritual practice, investing time in the high-density information of the AFTERWORD is a high quality concentration which can change the moment, any moment, bringing fast focus and transition into higher levels of consciousness by removing ordinary constraints from perception and thus allowing sudden leaps in awareness. For this purpose, I created a video of it for my practice which I also share here, for anyone interested to experience it for themselves.

While explaining the meanings of the word 'concentration' [pages 109-111 of the said book] Grigori Grabovoi clarifies that, as we work on self-perfection, the more we develop, the more we evolve spiritually, the greater and greater concentration of our consciousness is achieved. Since our consciousness is the structure that allows our Soul to control our physical body, uniting the spiritual and the physical matter; concentration of our consciousness means its real accumulation. In other words, the more we live on a spiritual basis synchronizing with our Souls, the more and more we build up outstanding levels of concentration of consciousness. In this way, the growth of quantity, the real aggregation of information in the concentration of our consciousness is not determined by the World's structure but we set the tone from our Soul, thus changing the World's structure. Our consciousness concentration in this case signifies an increase of the information compactness (density, stability, solidity) which changes the structure of the World, as in the AFTERWORD.


"The Resurrection of People and Eternal Life From Now On Is Our Reality!" by Grigori Grabovoi, 2001

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ABOUT THE WORK OF THE SOUL - Inspired by excerpts from my essay of April 2018, "Properties of the Soul according to 'The Teaching of Grigori Grabovoi about the Soul' " -  Article written by Kristen Isis Karayani, 14.09.2019

It is common between humans to ask each other "What work do you do?", "What's your occupation?" Never before had I gained such clarity in words to just answer this question by simply saying: "I work as a Soul!"

For the Soul the control is always action, to improve and normalize. The Soul is in action at all times, never sleeps. It always starts working immediately at whatever stage of a situation when asked by the Consciousness. The Soul controls immediately because it was created with these qualities. A person works as a Soul. His tasks are global salvation and personal management.

In Grigori Grabovoi's lecture about the Soul, it becomes very clear from the beginning that the control element of this structural level of his Teachings is primarily THE WORK OF ONE'S SOUL, which includes the task of saving everybody as well as the task of personal management, through technology and the use of different controls, as for instance, the Soul, the Spirit, the Consciousness, the physical body.

By studying the properties of the Soul, exploring Its special qualities and attributes according to 'The Teaching of Grigori Grabovoi about the Soul', one gives oneself the opportunity to explore and develop his own understanding, perspective, awareness and experience of his own Soul further in greater detail and to start working consciously with it.

My own viewpoint on the topic of the Soul before coming across Dr Grabovoi's dynamic system of knowledge, was already quite cultivated, developed-and-developing through various means, gradually throughout the years. These included my Greek Christian orthodox upbringing & my grandfather's spirituality, as well as in later times a constant of systematic searches for deeper meaning in life, my ongoing personal study of a wide spectrum of spiritual texts as, for example, the ancient texts of the I Ching since 1998.

Most important were the enlightening experiences of a particular highly creative period of time in my life (autumn 2005 - 2011) which I call 'my Unveiling years' - during which I had the honour to receive Training by my Spirit guide, Saint Germain (non-physical entity) who had appeared to me unexpectedly, at least on the conscious level of my perception at the time. It was during those years that I grew in conscious awareness of my own Soul and Spirit very fast, through intense spiritual experiences that transformed my life. In 2007 I withdrew from the world devoting myself completely in my new path, spending three and a half years in the company of Light Beings and Crystals. During that time I was also enabled to write several books (in Greek) including "Advanced Biosophy" (May 2010) and "The Embodiment of the Invisible Soul in the Continuum of Life" (Nov. 2009). At that stage of my life I was in a position to remember by experience that had as if shook me awake, for example, that my Soul is unique [my particular energetic signature exists in the infinite Cosmos at all times], has absolute knowledge [is developed to the maximum] and is imperishable, living eternally, forever and ever. I developed a clarity that allowed me to form a rather solid sense of my own Soul (conscious connection) which I tend to refer to as "my inner (felt) sense of Self"; the depth of me. And if I were to express this in particular words; my Soul feels like a concentrated, united, concrete yet soft, light substance that gives me a sense of my depth and "my compactness", defining my integrity and containing already the totality of all information on all levels of my perception including my self-knowledge, and of course, my personality is attached to it.

Without a doubt, it was with my Soul I thought and acted in the autumn of 2015 - exactly 10 years after the appearance of St Germain into my life, when I came across Dr Grigori Grabovoi and felt right at home pursuing knowledge of his Works. My first contact in depth was with his book "Resurrection" which spoke to me and for me at the level of my true sense of reality. This event was as if not only to add precious information, but also to confirm to me in a third-dimensional way (i.e. via an actual book I could see, touch, hold in my hands) my previous multidimensional knowledge and spiritual experiences and therefore, I consider it a great Gift.

Evidently, in the process of my ongoing development, three years later, the book "The Teaching of Grigori Grabovoi about the Soul" came to also be of profound meaning to me, as, by having experienced the wondrous effects of its seminar and transcribed its 12 recordings, having edited and also translated its text into another language, I have been enabled to work through, systematize and as if 'crystallize' my own relationship with my own Soul, among other developments.

Grigori Grabovoi's position on the Soul formulates The Technology of the Work of the Soul and when you know the technology of the work of the Soul, every next step in life adds more comprehension of the elements of eternal development since the essence of eternal development is in the Soul. Why? Because on the legislative level of creation of a Soul, God put the idea of eternal development in the Soul.  Consequently, the Soul is eternal; your Soul is eternal, my Soul is eternal, ..

To continue, what is interesting to add here is that it took me two years (2015-2017) reflecting deeply and debating predominantly with myself, whether my actual physical body can ever be eternal, in the literal sense. This was the one 'chapter' that had not yet been clarified in my previous years of Training, as if waiting for me to experience the delight of this clarification arriving just when I was at least expecting it. I spent months also researching and reading other authors on physical immortality. For example, Nicolai Fedorovich (1829-1903), Robert Coon - 'The Path of the Phoenix', Leonard Orr - 'Physical Immortality' ("Everybody who dies is killed by thoughts"), Unlimited People, The Mother - Cellular Consciousness, Elio D' Anna - 'The Dreamer', and others ..

Eventually, .. as in the "AFTERWORD" of the book of Grigori Grabovoi 'THE RESURRECTION OF PEOPLE AND ETERNAL LIFE FROM NOW ON IS OUR REALITY!', I reached the point of trust within me as if: "...coming to what I already know and being that one who I already am." Becoming aware of physical eternity has been a stepping up to the next level in my state of consciousness from my previous years of Training, realizing for myself that physical Ascension does not actually mean conscious dying physically but it means Remembering organically that one IS in-deed created by God physically eternal from Start. I believe physical eternity is possible, in-deed. To me, it means daily life of humans on the Soulic level of perception and awareness.

As Grigori Grabovoi writes, God gave everyone the same task. The task is one - a person must be able to live forever, and he must know this knowledge how to do it. So considering this magnificent Gift from God, I feel honoured to be in the process to realize it with the full support of the point of view of my Soul that, anything is easy as it involves God. God is in my Soul, I see God in my physical body. God is in the Soul, one can see God in his/her physical body. Therefore, it is one's task to understand, enter and maintain consistently into a synchronous level of communication and interaction with Him, The Creator, while customizing one's thinking, behaviour and decisions based on and under the guidance of this self-realization, as well as, spread the word!


1. "The Teaching of Grigori Grabovoi about the Soul" by Grigori Grabovoi, 2003

2. The Teaching of Grigori Grabovoi about Soul", Lecturer: Dr Vyatcheslav Konev, 23-25 March 2018, Dubrovnik, Croatia

3. "The Resurrection of People and Eternal Life From Now On is Our Reality!" by Grigori Grabovoi, 2001

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THE TEACHINGS OF GRIGORI GRABOVOI - ACCELERATING THE DEVELOPMENT OF HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS - Video presentation by a teacher of the Education Center with awarded diploma, Olga Toloshnaya (published on 26 Aug. 2019 on YouTube) - Article written by Kristen Isis Karayani, 03.09.2019

This (one and a half hour) video presentation by Olga Toloshnaya not only gives a deep understanding of the mechanisms and processes involved in order to achieve one's goal, which have been scientifically proven by Dr Grigori Grabovoi, but as if already by watching this very facilitative video, it makes it all feel within one's reach as one is guided swimmingly to practice two rejuvenation exercises, clearly explained in simple language.

As well, you are provided with the opportunity to practice 8-minutes with the Device PRK-1U live, along with the collective consciousness of the group of 51 people attending this webinar, PLUS you can obtain conscise information about the the 10-day seminar with 22 devices PRK-1U on Rejuvenation, taking place between 20-29 September 2019, in Belgrade, of which this video-presentation is experientially a real true taster! Since 2019, intensive seminars have been held at the Grigori Grabovoi Education Center in Belgrade with the use of 22 PRK-1U devices. These seminars are given to a group of 20 people maximum per session over a period of 10 days.

Olga begins her video-presentation by asking her audience to state confidently to Oneself:

"My goal is already achieved!"

So, you say, "I did it! ... but how have I done it!? "

We must observe, understand, we have to learn the mechanism to visualize and to build our events; visualize our plan in our mind in this way building future events.

"How is it done?" You visualize what you like to achieve. As when a lamp radiates light, 'it' being projected on a screen, in parallel a thought, your thought radiates light near your brain. When we are thinking we produce radiation of light, the light of our thoughts and this mechanism is scientifically justified by Grigori Grabovoi. Light radiation has illumination, wavelength and heat. There are optical systems everywhere. A thought is a (weak) light signal and the objects of the external world can be normalized. For example, something is wrong in the physical body; this is a catastrophy since the human body was created by God in accordance with the law of indestructibility.

Unusually to the traditional mind, concentration of the light radiation of your thought can normalize any catastrophy. Set a goal, to implement it. Concentrate on it and it can be restored, whatever may have been wrong. It's simple.

"How long will this take?" is a good question! This depends on how fast we make this light STRONG enough to have good results, by increasing our speed of perception - our speed of perceiving information. And the indicator of speed is always the result itself!

Everything that exists is information.

We have to train our consciousness, for example, in this seminar Olga guides us to perceive the information: "The tree is dry", i.e. a particular perception developed in consciousness. But how do we create reality? How do we increase the volume of information and the speed of perception? The volume of information of a restored tree has great speed.

Joining the Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi, his Technologies of Eternal Development, by doing the daily concentrations, concentrations on number sequences, working in groups, for example, joining the collective consciousness of a group at a seminar, or training in class with 22 PRK-1U devices, or/and concentrating on the 3-mode device PRK-1U, you can develop your perception and consciousness fast and work on the achievement of your goals. While studying the materials of Grigori Grabovoi, his seminars, simply concentrate on your goal, on fulfilment of any goal.  It is your dream, you can achieve it! Grigori Grabovoi says that each person has a dream and the dream is what is Soul is telling him he means by his dream. So build the event and concentrate on achievement.

Here is a simple taster exercise on Rejuvenation based on the methods of Grigori Grabovoi, to increase your speed of perception.

<< Good events of the past can be sharply transferred to the future. The light of the good events of the past that stopped as if in your view, at this point is sharply transferred to the future. So you just turn to the past and choose that period, where the light is bright and the light is very strong; you are very joyful, motivated, happy, in other words, your speed of perception is very fast. You are feeling this light and you send it to the future. You visualize materialization of the event (of your current goal) and you add this light to it, as if weaving the fabric of the future creating the matter of the future due to the previous events already created. You increase your speed of perception by transferring a very happy event to the future, good health, good events. >> 

And remember, you have already achieved the good results and you know how you have done it!

Teachers, like Olga Toloshnaya, who have already achieved results and working with the device PRK-1U can facilitate fast delivery of your results in your concentrations. The device PRK-1U of Grigori Grabovoi receives your light, increases it and develops it, facilitating your events; it is a matter of accurate concentration. However even with your PRK-1U turned on near you, while not even concentrating, the device still offers the good effects during day and night.

If you wish further information about the device PRK-1U, or considering to purchase the Device PRK-1U, or to attend this coming Rejuvenation seminar or any other Seminar at the Grigori Grabovoi Education Center in Belgrade with the use of 22 PRK-1U devices, please send an email to:

You can watch Olga's video-presentation here


About Olga Toloshnaya: PhD, Lawyer and a Graduate of the Education Center with awarded Diploma Teacher/Lecturer & a Deputy Director on International Relations of the Education Center for the Education Program of the Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi. She has over 17 years of experience using the methods of Grigori Grabovoi. She has over 14 years of successful experience in the transfer of the knowledge of the Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi. She is fluent in English and a permanent translator into English of Grigori Grabovoi's seminars/speech, providing both consecutive and simultaneous interpretation. Moreover, many seminars of the Works of Grigori Grabovoi have been translated and published in English due to her selfless and tireless work. She was directly involved in the translation into English of the following: "Educational System of Grigori Grabovoi", "Doctrine of the Earth", as well as other fundamental and scientific Works, including "Applied Structures of the Creating Field of Information", "Research and Analysis of Definitions of Fundamental Optical Systems in Prevention of Catastrophes and in Forecast-Oriented Control of Micro-processes", the patents of Grigori Grabovoi "Method of Prevention of Catastrophes and Device for its Realization" and "Information-Carrying System", also, a part of "The Resurrection of People and Eternal Life From Now On Is Our Reality!", and more recently, "The Teaching of Grigori Grabovoi. About the Soul".


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ABOUT THE TEACHINGS OF GRIGORI GRABOVOI - Article written by Kristen Isis Karayani, 15.08.2019

"Recently the world has shown great interest to the work of Grigori P. Grabovoi, head of the "International Program for health improvement of man."

Quote from "Unified System of Knowledge" by Grigori Grabovoi, 1996, p.3

Grigori Petrovich GRABOVOI was born on 14 November 1963; interestingly, 14111963 is considered to be a number series that brings Harmony to the World. Dr Grigori Grabovoi is an exceptional, well-recognised man, a clairvoyant scientist, mathematician, healer, artist, scholar, .. and much more, in fact, it takes quite some time for one to just read through his actual biography which is most outstanding, one can easily tell. As it happens I was born in 1963 myself, so I can perhaps set side by side the years in my memory and imagine the wonders of achievement of this human, so worhty of respect. You can read his biography on the link available "Who is Grigori Grabovoi?" (see Home page).

"P. Grabovoi says: " I see my mission not only in curing. I perform matter regeneration (recovery) regardless of initial state. This proves the irrationality of destruction, shows the technology of salvation, and implements the fundamental principles of the world's ecological safety.

Since Grigori P. Grabovoi regenerates after natural death, cures the 4th stage of cancer and the 4th stage of AIDS, when many organs are also destroyed, he naturally heals from any disease. This, Grigori P. Grabovoi implements the principle of non-dying as a method of preventing the global catastrophe threatening the whole world. The program includes both the elimination of man-made disasters that could lead to global catastrophes, as well as control of events that overcome critical conditions as a result." - "Unified System of Knowledge" by Grigori Grabovoi, 1996, p.3

It was in my counselling training years ('92-'95) I began to see, to observe my life as a process unfolding in the moment in front of me. In my reality, the concept of "process" in life is that which reveals the undeniable existence  of all the visible and invisible synchronistic steps one takes, knowingly or unknowlingly. So, all is a process, step-by-step forming a direction and, according to the Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi, a person can control, can change and stop this process in order to re-align the direction, making sure that it is always  outside  of  any  idea  of  destruction. Thus, for example, an illness stops when we have stopped its process internally first, in our Consciousness. It is at that moment that a transformation takes place, when we find the point of indestructibility in our own Consciousness which already exists in our Consciousness by origin, as Grigori Grabovoi states and clarifies in his seminars about the Soul. Thus, all disease is a process and so is old age, for example.Then, provided that we stop these processes, they are not there anymore. And as he explains, an illness is not a state but a process that comes from negative information. Therefore, if we want to be healthy, we must ensure to avoid all negative information. Theoretically simple, isn't it !? The process of a disease does not depend on its current stage, but on the direction we give it. This means that correct, healthy, fast thinking towards the positive direction of eternal life is the key here. This is a matter of closely examining our thoughts and learning to think faster than negativity. This means, adopting NEW WAYS OF THINKING FOR PERSONAL MANAGEMENT AND GLOBAL SALVATION, and in this process of creative control, realizing that these 'new ways' need no actual adopting, as they were always there in the first place, growing out of that which we all have in common, the human Soul.

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Introductory post - 11 August 2019

 Kristen Isis Karayani

(spring 2020)

"No one from above or below can answer your asking until you reach that place for yourself." 



This brief video I created symbolizes my love for the magic of water

which was heartened by my kindred spirit, an ingenious inventor,

whose affinity with water taught me to witness that

water is actually a living thing,

painting on brass!

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"All words are pure attempts of agreed concepts of something

one can be aware of,

awareness forming existence."

"Awareness is an ongoing process, a way of being, a way of life,

a lifestyle of centring within in the here-and-now."



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