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The Technology of Grigori Grabovoi of The Development of Consciousness Through the Interaction with the Soul - "CREATIVE THOUGHTS & TRUE CONSCIOUSNESS" - An article by Kristen Isis Karayani, 17.12.2019

"A CREATIVE THOUGHT consists of 3 structures or elements; the element of the SOUL, the element of the SPIRIT and the element of the CONSCIOUSNESS" - I consider this quote a very meaningful one from my training in the Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi, on which I would like to elaborate further in this article. Why? Because when one desires and decides to change his state of consciousness to a higher level and for this purpose he works at the controlling level of perception to expand his consciousness, this is already a technological process that as if invites one to pursue clear technological understanding for the control to be effective. As Grigori Grabovoi explains, a person can control in an optimal way through understanding, i.e. through or in the process of understanding.

So what IS a creative thought? Put simply, it is a thought that is positive, it is perception without destruction, harmonious thinking, comfort in thinking and in the senses, living on a spiritual basis. Spiritualized consciousness gives birth to creative thought, that is, when Spirit and Consciousness have a single impulse then a person's level of Consciousness is at the level of his Soul. Exactly, this means creative thinking, by transferring one's Consciousness to spiritual basis. To be more specific, the Soul creates thought; the Soul is the structure that creates thought. In fact, God created the human Soul as such, as well that your Soul has a fixed place in your Consciousness and the Soul has absolute knowledge of all the information that ever existed and will ever exist in the World, is inviolable and always thinks at the level of God. Furthermore, it is the Spirit, i.e. the action/the acts of the Soul, the substance that controls and gives structure to your Consciousness. And last but not least, it is the Physical Body, i.e. the material part of your Soul that, while containing on the whole the information of your Consciousness and Spirit, actually feels the expansion or evolution of your Consciousness, since sensations in the human body are formed through the Consciousness.

So here, unavoidably, I have already referred to the four structures (or substances) of the Human Personality, according to the Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi. In all his technologies, it is my understanding that one must, above all, establish spiritual control through one's Consciousness to achieve a goal. Therefore, it is of great significance to actually attempt to grasp the quite logical but also subtle meanings of all the connections & interconnections between these 4 essential parts/elements of Man's personality, as well as, of course, their direct interrelationship to the One God, the Creator, who created the Human Soul. And in order to achieve a goal, thought is the agent of control, for this reason, creative thinking is the key in practice.

To continue, one of the most poignant principles of Grigori Grabovoi which I find extremely dynamic as a transformational method of control of great instancy, teaches us clearly that ..."our Consciousness perceives what exists in our Consciousness as reality". Plainly, this means that when one, for example, adopts the 3D space time model of reality, then his Consciousness finds it traditional and ordinary to experience suffering, getting ill, old age and eventually somehow, one way or another, comply to the rather ancient culture of biological death, as if born to die. Undoubtedly, it is vital to inspect what value system one allows to exist as reality in his Consciousness, what is the information system one uses to think; what is the starting point of your thinking?, since everything else IS consequential to it.

Your perception is a part of your Consciousness, it is located in it. In accordance with the Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi, there is only ONE perception; that of eternal life and this is a unique law. It is when every element of your thinking forms ONE singular perception and forming out of this internal legislative basis as a conviction (moral principle), that THE STRUCTURE of your Consciousness, including the Consciousness of God, which is the basis upon which everything that exists around you (the entire world) has been created, that you are in the space of thinking where your life is eternal. Consequentially, everything depends on your state of Consciousness!

Moreover, your Soul interacts with the reality through your consciousness, realizing Its development through expanded consciousness. As Grigori Grabovoi clarifies in his seminars, TRUE Consciousness is first developed by the Soul, then by the spiritual structure and by the physical body (inherent in all the cells, from the tiniest cell to universal connections). All is connected and your Soul is always present in any event. It is TRUE CONSCIOUSNESS - containing the entire reality and each part, what allows us all to live eternally and evolve eternally, remaining in this physical body.

And to enable ourselves to restore fully our creative consciousness, we must understand how we are organized and re-own what is basically - in principle - inherent in us all from the very start of our life; CREATIVE CONSCIOUSNESS. In other words, developing accurately CREATIVE THOUGHTS, which consist of all 3 structures or elements; i.e. the element of the SOUL, the element of the SPIRIT and the element of the CONSCIOUSNESS - simultanenously. Conclusively, by developing your own thinking you can set, tune, align your Consciousness and develop your Spirit in such a way that every single thought becomes a control thought, a creative thought, controlling the entire reality the way God does.

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