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POSITIVE CHANGE: ACCESS TO THE LEVEL OF THINKING WITH THE SOUL - An article by Kristen Isis Karayani, 8.1.2020

In his book 'The Resurrection of People and Eternal Life From Now On Is Our Reality!' 2001 (page 107), Grigori GRABOVOI makes it abundantly clear:

" We know that it is the soul that prevents, the soul that saves, it is the soul that regulates the World. "

In the same book (page 517) he also affirms:

" As a matter of fact we know already that in reality every person possesses all knowledge, his soul initially has everything. "

God made it possible that we all have a human eternal perfect Soul inside our physical bodies and in this way, we can, when we learn or re-learn how to, just simply immerse in It with our perception, as Grigori Grabovoi teaches us in his technologies of working with the Soul. In other words, we can see, we can perceive, we can think, we can act by the Soul. The Soul is AVAILABLE in the physical body and It is organically connected with it. In fact it is your Soul which is what protects your physical body.

In his numerous seminars of the Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi on the theme of the Soul, the Author clarifies that one's body is the material part of one's Soul, and Spirit is the action of the Soul, in other words, the Soul uses Spirit to act. Moreover, that actually the Soul interacts with reality through Consciousness and it is through consciousness that the Soul can control the physical body. And Consciousness, as a derivative of Spirit  (i.e. when consciousness is spiritualized) is the action of the Soul; that is, when you let Spirit control your Consciousness making sure your consciousness and spirit have a one single impulse. Fundamentally, your Soul has a fixed place in your Consciousness which you can find due to thinking.

But what can all this mean on the practical level of everyday life?

For example, what happens in one's local system of Consciousness when one comes across a distressing image of destruction (e.g. a fire, an earthquake etc.). How can one practice instant creative control through Grigori Grabovoi's technology of the work of the Soul? How can you learn to instantly think with your Soul and act as God does? After all, the one Creator, who created Himself inaccessible to harm, IS the unique influence on the human Soul; He not only created It imperishable but also in It He embedded the honour of the whole information of the World!

God is in the Soul; God is in your Soul! One sees God in the physical body of man.

And, the Soul is God's action. And, the manifestation of God's action is Love, which means that the Soul is the source and the transporter of Love! And through Love, your boundless infinite Soul can have instant access to any space-time to reverse processes, to do what's necessary to save, to bring positive results. The Soul is always happy, loving, firm and unshakeable, in a state of calmness and tranquillity, free, inviolable and available to act fast at all times. Therefore, when you perceive with your Soul you can instantly control, feeling, at the same time, a very high inner peace.

When one studies the system of thinking of Grigori Grabovoi, one finds out that his system of thinking is creative CONTROL based on an absolute accurate informational system; i.e. the indestructible eternal structure of Soul. So, how can you enable yourself to tune your Consciousness - through your thinking - at the level of your Soul?

Grigori Grabovoi indicates precisely, in the aforementioned book (2001, page 77) :

" ... transitioning to even higher and higher states of consciousness - that is the way to God. "

All in all, this simply means that human should develop his/her [locally concentrated system of] Consciousness in the direction of the Soul.

In my training I learnt that this can actually mean that, for example, we are capable of becoming aware of shock situations and still be able to be absolutely detached, in a complete state of tranquillity and calmness. So one learns to immediately dissipate any negative, dangerous or shock situation and to perceive things in a harmonious way since the Soul is always happy, loving, firm, unshakeable. Simply, the Soul's system of thinking always has a positive effect! Destruction is impossible for the Soul. Finding instant clear access into the level of thinking-with-the-Soul, makes it possible to perceive dangerous situations as non-dangerous by involving the Soul to think & act as necessary to correct the path, changing any situation for the better. Thinking at the level of the Soul we always see everything in a positive light and everything around is favourable; this is the system of thinking of the Creator, the One God who created the Soul.

In his book 'Unified System of Knowledge' (1996) Grigori Grabovoi also affirms:

" The negative information should not even occur at the thinking level. "

So, perhaps next time you come across a strange situation, a disaster, an event involving destruction, remember that you can, by thinking eliminate the idea of destruction.

In fact, there is a fixed point of indestructibility in your Consciousness, already available from start and, it IS the most urgent and significant task for human to locate it in order that we all build a creative, safe and secure future. Grigori Grabovoi's science provides knowledge on how to resolve the problems of control of any World processes, by reversing the processes in the World so that the World becomes healthy again.

For example, when you may hear that a certain disaster is going on somewhere in the world, you can instantly start  in  your  thinking  minimizing the magnitude of the unhappy event until it becomes exhausted.

To conclude, according to the science of Grigori Grabovoi, the most significant thing is that we do not externalize the negative information BUT we immediately form positive events to the maximum effect! As he explains in the aforementioned book (2001, page 134) while referring to the significance of structuring one's consciousness in the area of controlling clairvoyance:

" The objective of clairvoyance in this area is not to externalize negative information, but to form positive events to maximum effect. "


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