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WAKE UP TO YOUR TRUE CREATIVE CONSCIOUSNESS BY DEVELOPING YOUR INNER SEEING - Article by Kristen Isis Karayani, based on the Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi - 25.1.2020

What is your approach towards comprehension of the World? What is the system of information you use to create your own thinking?

In his seminar "Creation of Body by the Soul" (2004), Grigori GRABOVOI illuminates that all reality is consequential to the system of information one's thinking is based on. In his book "The Resurrection of People and Eternal Life From Now On Is Our Reality!" (2001), he also guides us to reconsider what is our World understanding, for example, how the World is organized, what its laws are, what life is, with a view to develop higher states of consciousness by changing conventional views about the World and be free from the limitations of conventional consciousness. One can easily become inspired to see clearly that the superficial narrow perception of the World is where natural laws are based on the concept of 3D space & time model. Therefore, by changing the 3D perception of the World and its state of consciousness, one is able to ascend into higher and higher states of consciousness, to true creative consciousness. This is the most important task facing man, as Grigori Grabovoi points out. It is of greatest significance that man develops a harmonious spiritual control of reality, which can be characterized as inner seeing. Actually, all of the Teaching of Grigori Grabovoi is based on this approach - that is, to establish creative control of reality through human consciousness, ensuring eternal life for all.

So what is true consciousness?

Grigori Grabovoi calls attention to the reality that all life has a spiritual base, true life is eternal life and true consciousness is what allows us to live eternally and evolve eternally. True consciousness contains the entire reality & each segment of it and it is first developed by the Soul, then by the spiritual structure and by the body, inherent in all cells. So, our consciousness is a structure that combines spiritual and physical matter. Furthermore and very significantly, everything depends on the state of one's consciousness. This also means that your perception of the World depends on the level of the state of your Consciousness. Still, to restore true consciousness, one must, for example, understand how one is organized, as well as, know and understand the procedure of accessing information.

All knowledge of the World is available in the human Soul. Why? Because the Creator created the World the same way He created Himself. When the One God, our Creator, created the human Soul He embedded all the information of the World in the Soul; the whole existence, as dr Grabovoi explains in his seminar "The Teaching of Grigori Grabovoi about the Soul" (2003). And the space of the Soul is infinity which means the Soul is vast largeness, the Soul is a boundless reservoir of information; an infinite eternal structure. And the human eternal perfect Soul  is also inside one's human body! Consequently, all the information already exists in the status of the one asking any question. And as Grigori Grabovoi explains also, "Clairvoyance is a universal method of accessing information." (2001, p.17), "Clairvoyance is based on the direct perception of knowledge held in the Soul." (2001, p.129). In other words, to develop your inner seeing means exactly to enable yourself to see by means of clairvoyance. In this way, answers to questions are received instantaneously. Every time your consciousness visits your Soul reservoir, your consciousness becomes transformed due to this contact. Why? Because you use the system of thinking of the Soul, that is, of God, and this is your primary fundamental ideology or information system, and there is nothing above it, as Grigori Grabovoi makes clear in his seminar "Creation of Body by the Soul" (2004).  Basically, it is the Soul that controls knowledge; the control status belongs to the Soul, as he affirms, defining further that "in actual fact, knowledge is a contact of consciousness with the Soul." (2001, p.129)

But how is it possible to achieve this level? How can we enable ourselves to enter this level of existence? How can we grow spiritually to be able to perceive the World at Soul level?

It is perfectly correct to say that fast transitions into higher states of consciousness can be accomplished by means of practicing regularly concentrations, like the "DAILY METHODS OF CONCENTRATION" created by Grigori Grabovoi. Through studying the Educational Program of his Teachings (the Author has transmitted over 300 seminars, available in books and sites, in many languages) you can bring the information into your conscious awareness , improving your perception in daily life, as well as the quality of your thinking, the state of your entire body; making sure that they are without destruction. With proper consistent practice you can attain higher states of consciousness, gaining knowledge without destruction and turning into the direction of the path of eternal, harmonious and happy life. After all, quoting Grigori Grabovoi, "A man is born for joy, happiness and for living a full productive infinite life." (2001, p.21)

Additionally, you can also work with the Device PRK-1U of Grigori Grabovoi which trains consciousness fast. The device develops eternal life concentrations; personally, I have no doubt (by experience) that it is responsive to human thought/thinking, encouraging clarity into thoughts and speech as well as inspiring a deep inner peace, promoting one's sense of wellness and further advancement spiritually. When a person concentrates on the lenses of the device PRK-1U in a specific way, he can interact with it as the device is operated by human consciousness. This means that it requires constant thinking activity of the person working with it. For example, by focusing on a particular thought, the device normalizes it and amplifies creative thought in a most powerful way. One can achieve fast results in improving perception, developing inner seeing, controlling clairvoyance & forecasting, controlling events as well as in rejuvenation. The aim is always the development of eternal life concentrations, which means that your control goal contains the universal goal of global salvation & harmonious eternal development, as well as your personal goal. Also, you are unable to destroy or harm any form of life; it is true that the Device PRK-1U of Grigori Grabovoi emits eternity (!) cutting off any information that does not match its spectrum of frequency.

Indeed, it is possible to change your reality fast; each person must take a decision for himself to follow this path, i.e. to create and to have an infinitely happy eternal life through ongoing self-awareness and self-development on all levels. As Grigori Grabovoi reminds us on the second day of each month in the daily concentrations, you must "rely upon your internal sense, upon your intuition; learning to hear your internal voice and listen to what it tells you." After all, as he also reminds us in his seminar "Creation of Body by the Soul" (2004), it is the structure of our intuitive or inner understanding, i.e. the notion of intuition, which brings accuracy into infinity.

Life has a spiritual base and by learning the principles, ways and methods of the Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi for creative reality control, you can avoid all negative information. And by changing your own consciousness, you gradually change the collective consciousness. This IS the mechanism of the World transformation according to the Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi. As he states, the true status of the World is eternal life, which ensures true World stability. Essentially, all the information exists in each of us already; we just have to bring the information to our conscious awareness and put it into great creative everlasting use. To me, this means "Waking up".


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