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"How to apply and realize the concept of eternal life in usual everyday life, preventing the destruction of your physical body: Do Just As God Does" - An article by Kristen Isis Karayani, based on the Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi - 1.5.2020

To lay the foundation for this article, if you consider your task, for example, to be the prevention of any negative changes in your physical body, then, of course, in accordance with the Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi and his management system of saving all, first and foremost you must give your task the status of global salvation or macro-salvation, minding that when you work for yourself, simultaneously, you always work towards ensuring eternal life of all people, all and any living beings. In such way, automatically, with your work you withdraw the component of any form of destruction not only from your body but also from the collective consciousness, creating a collective reality that commands eternal development and eternal life forever and a day, in perpetuity.

For the sake of the interested reader of this article, who may be new on the area of what is the Teaching of Grigori Grabovoi - this is a universal system of knowledge which applies to all people and all areas of human life and which provides corrective technologies for personal and global management, in order to develop one's Consciousness to the level where one can take creative correct action directly for present and future tasks, based on the norm (i.e. rules and standards) of God. Fundamentally, at the level of reality that Grigori Grabovoi makes known, one's physical body is not accessible to destruction and all human systems are fully recoverable. Essentially, the purpose here is to truly understand the basic truths given in the Teachings as well as apply them instantaneously, reforming one's system of perception & of thinking and re-organizing one's life direction towards eternal development and eternal life for oneself and for all.

But what is the concept of eternal life about and how does it apply to your usual daily life? I believe this to be a very significant question to answer for oneself, for deliberate practice to be effective. Principally, eternal life is an opportunity for man to fully realize his potential, solving all tasks that arise creatively and ensuring that 'tomorrow' is systematically safe for good. Therefore, one must first develop oneself to achieve the state where one has complete control over all events in one's life, including his physical body. As Grigori Grabovoi points out, when man will be in a constant concentration of eternal life, in fact, the physical body will be in the state of eternal life. Why is this so? Because all depends on one's system of thinking; if you think eternity, if your thinking realizes the principle of ever-living then your body will follow. If you make sure that your thinking tunes your Consciousness at the level of your Soul, allowing your Spirit to structure your Consciousness, then your spiritualized Consciousness manifests in your physical body. Logically, the next crucial questions pop to engage the investigative mind: that is, what is actually one's system of thinking in everyday life?, what is one's system of knowledge, what is the system of administration & management from birth? In what kind of systems of reality exactly do you participate in usual everyday life?

To continue, anything that exists carries information and all information is linked with any other information in the World. All is connected universally. This is how the system of worldy laws or governance is formed and we are able to macro-regulate, tuning and balancing largely in scale and scope. Moreover, inside each and every of one's thought there are many elements and in every element exists the status of eternal development. And that which Grigori Grabovoi teaches us is extremely important here since, granted that the notion of eternity already exists in every single element of development, then everything can be restored. And as a matter of fact, it is the principle of eternity itself that restores anything. So, what does this mean then to one's everyday thinking?

In his seminar 'The Teaching of Grigori Grabovoi about God. Creation of Body by the Soul', 2004, p.4, the Author states : "... the process of God's thinking is going on as if inside the human body ...". Additionally, in his seminar 'The Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi about God. Accelerating the Evolution of the External World to Ensure Eternal Life', 2016, p.16, Grigori Grabovoi explains clearly that there exists another structure in the human personality [additional to the Soul, the Spirit, the Consciousness and the Physical Body]. To quote the Author : "And this structure should be called in this case, as the structure of the permanent controlled contact with God for the purpose of realization of eternal life for all, and the realization, respectively, of the eternal world as a consequence."

Wherever we are, whatever we do or sense, however we feel, we still carry intrinsically by our very nature God's thinking, His presence is with and in us, supporting us all by definition of our human body, by the fact of our presence in physicality. As well, if we look attentively, we can find out that our personality anatomy is such that provides ongoing contactability with our Creator at all times. In other words, we can learn to think and act just as He does. We can tune the level of our system of perception into its original Source, capturing and identifying the work of God's thought in every moment inside of us, starting just now this very minute. This means that, at any point in time when you perceive any element in your daily life next - as you are also doing this instant - you can create a new perception. And you can find that this perception is located in your Consciousness and your Consciousness is an element of your thinking, as is your Soul and Spirit. What is more, you can find out that already established in your human Soul is the essence of eternal development, which one can fully appreciate by studying the seminar of Grigori Grabovoi 'The Teaching of Grigori Grabovoi about the Soul'. More specifically, God is in the human Soul. We can see why the Soul is always whole, happy, loving, free, harmonious, eternal; the human Soul has absolutely all knowledge of the World. And the Soul, your Soul, is the action of God, using the Spirit to act. This means that, when we evolve our personality enough by spiritualizing our system of perception, we discover & develop the qualities of our Spirit. And, by this, we enable ourselves to the full awareness of the fact that our Consciousness originally is a derivative of our Spirit which is always merged with the Spirit of God, giving structure to our Consciousness, as well becoming the matter of our physical body.

As aforementioned, every element of existence has the quality of eternal development because God creates everything and His goal is eternal life for all and therefore by His thinking He creates the eternal. Conclusively, to think and to act as God does, or Do Just As God Does means to establish that in our perception, we must regard our own life as an element of eternal life, recognizing exactly on the spititual basis through our self-learning that we ARE indeed capable of achieving eternal development. Above all is the realization that, the system of thinking of God; one's use of this system of perception and of thinking depends on one's spiritual development and the level of the state of one's Consciousness, since it is in the area of one's thinking that any control of reality begins, enabling and allowing the constant presence of the thought of God to BE and manifesting His action through human which is, at any one time, LOVE.


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