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Working with the Device PRK-1U of Grigori Grabovoi - An article by Kristen Isis Karayani, based on the Works of Grigori Grabovoi - 4.6.2020

As Grigori Grabovoi reminds us, "... no matter how much we read and heard from others, how wonderful and unique it is to use the PRK-1U device, until you feel this experience yourself, you can never make up your own opinion about it." (2018)


First concentrate; the Device PRK-1U is for the development of concentration of eternal life.

What is eternal life? As Grigori Grabovoi explains in his Works, eternal life is an opportunity for man to fully realize his creative potential, to solve all tasks that arise ensuring that the future is systematically safe. Therefore, he must develop himself into the state of complete control over all events in his life.

1) Formulate your goal of control, your aim, think about it, keep it in focus in your mind. For example, it may be that you like to work on the development of concentration of eternal life for rejuvenation. See yourself rejuvenated, this is your aim or goal of control.

2) Project your controlling thought on to the area of the small lens of the Device PRK-1U and visualize your controlling thought in the form of a light impulse (can be a small glowing sphere, if you prefer). From the small lens, move counter-clockwise while rotating your eyes through the 3 lenses non-stop (can be circular or oval rotation), with your aim or goal of control constantly in your perception.

3) Notice what happens in front of your body, notice any changes, pay attention to any sensations or emerging images and move your attention to this area that has sensations. You can stop the rotation and look casually at the device. These sensations are your conscious access to the area where the light of your thought and the light of the Device PRK-1U is united. Work on this area that has been created in your Consciousness, keeping focused on your goal. These sensations show that you are gaining the amplification of your control, increasing concentration due to the interaction with the Device PRK-1U, due to your continuous active thinking. Keep focused on your goal that is being normalized, as long as possible. If sensations become weaker, repeat the circular eye movement (starting from the small lens) until they are enhanced and continue your work.

Also, to remind that you always set the task for macro-salvation at the beginning of your practice, then your concentration contains the macro-element. You work for all, globally, and you work for yourself, i.e. your personal task/goal of control.

With the help of the invention of Grigori Grabovoi, the Device PRK-1U, a person can FEEL the concentration of his thoughts, CAN FEEL HIS THINKING, because HIS THOUGHT, WHICH INTERACTS WITH THE DEVICE, IS AMPLIFIED MANY TIMES BY THE DEVICE. His level of perception can capture and identify the work of human thought.

With the help of the Device PRK-1U, you can control your perception of information. Information creates reality. When you perceive any element, you create a perception and perception is located in your Consciousness. With the Device PRK-1U, you can actually DEVELOP YOUR LEVEL OF PERCEPTION FAST and therefore RAISE THE LEVEL OF THE STATE OF YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS FAST, experiencing a high energy level, accelerated and more productive thinking. The support of the Device PRK-1U is very big as you can easily change your perception to POSITIVE INFORMATION when you are in its field. Due to the optical elements located inside the Device PRK-1U - which operate in accordance with the principle described in Grigori Grabovoi's patent "Methods of preventing catastrophes and device for its realization" (10 May 2000) - THERE IS ALWAYS NORMALIZATION OF ALL THE INFORMATION THAT A PERSON THINKS OVER DURING THE CONCENTRATION WITH THE DEVICE. The work with the Device PRK-1U can harm no element of the world.

Moreover, the Device PRK-1U itself will never connect to man's Consciousness; IT IS ALWAYS THE PERSON HIMSELF WHO INITIATES INTERACTION WITH THE DEVICE. This means that the Device PRK-1U is not able to control a person but the controlling level is always in the Consciousness of man. YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS CONTROLS THE DEVICE AND THE DEVICE IS ENABLING YOU TO DEVELOP A CERTAIN LEVEL OF CONTROL.

ANY RESULT DEPENDS ON YOUR ACTIVE REGULAR WORK WITH THE DEVICE. Any result is a consequence of the development of the Consciousness and Spirit of the person working with the Device. Therefore, it is necessary to continuously perform certain mental actions that will keep the connection with the Device, since it is in this way that the Device PRK-1U increases SIGNIFICANTLY the strength of the concentrations and the strength of control of a person.

In other words, you mentally tune into a specific goal, the goal of control, for example, the development of the concentration of eternal life for any event, and the Device PRK-1U perceiving and receiving your thought, STARTS IMMEDIATELY obediently supporting this particular type of concentration of this particular level of control.

You can read further on the four types of control here: "Recommendations-for-testing-device-PRK-1U" (download PDF number 3)

You can also read the booklet "The Device of developmentof concentrations of eternal life PRK-1U of three-modes.Description and methodologies of working with the device"

You can work with the Devices of development of concentrations of eternal life PRK-1U - configured to medical profiles, free-of-charge here:

References :

1) "Training For Attorney PRK-1U". Text by Grigori Grabovoi. Video, 2018.

2) Webinars of Marina Morozkina, Methods of Grigori Grabovoi of using the Device PRK-1U, 2019.

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