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THE TEACHINGS OF GRIGORI GRABOVOI - ACCELERATING THE DEVELOPMENT OF HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS - Video presentation by a teacher of the Education Center with awarded diploma, Olga Toloshnaya (published on 26 Aug. 2019 on YouTube) - Article written by Kristen Isis Karayani, 03.09.2019

This (one and a half hour) video presentation by Olga Toloshnaya not only gives a deep understanding of the mechanisms and processes involved in order to achieve one's goal, which have been scientifically proven by Dr Grigori Grabovoi, but as if already by watching this very facilitative video, it makes it all feel within one's reach as one is guided swimmingly to practice two rejuvenation exercises, clearly explained in simple language.

As well, you are provided with the opportunity to practice 8-minutes with the Device PRK-1U live, along with the collective consciousness of the group of 51 people attending this webinar, PLUS you can obtain conscise information about the the 10-day seminar with 22 devices PRK-1U on Rejuvenation, taking place between 20-29 September 2019, in Belgrade, of which this video-presentation is experientially a real true taster! Since 2019, intensive seminars have been held at the Grigori Grabovoi Education Center in Belgrade with the use of 22 PRK-1U devices. These seminars are given to a group of 20 people maximum per session over a period of 10 days.

Olga begins her video-presentation by asking her audience to state confidently to Oneself:

"My goal is already achieved!"

So, you say, "I did it! ... but how have I done it!? "

We must observe, understand, we have to learn the mechanism to visualize and to build our events; visualize our plan in our mind in this way building future events.

"How is it done?" You visualize what you like to achieve. As when a lamp radiates light, 'it' being projected on a screen, in parallel a thought, your thought radiates light near your brain. When we are thinking we produce radiation of light, the light of our thoughts and this mechanism is scientifically justified by Grigori Grabovoi. Light radiation has illumination, wavelength and heat. There are optical systems everywhere. A thought is a (weak) light signal and the objects of the external world can be normalized. For example, something is wrong in the physical body; this is a catastrophy since the human body was created by God in accordance with the law of indestructibility.

Unusually to the traditional mind, concentration of the light radiation of your thought can normalize any catastrophy. Set a goal, to implement it. Concentrate on it and it can be restored, whatever may have been wrong. It's simple.

"How long will this take?" is a good question! This depends on how fast we make this light STRONG enough to have good results, by increasing our speed of perception - our speed of perceiving information. And the indicator of speed is always the result itself!

Everything that exists is information.

We have to train our consciousness, for example, in this seminar Olga guides us to perceive the information: "The tree is dry", i.e. a particular perception developed in consciousness. But how do we create reality? How do we increase the volume of information and the speed of perception? The volume of information of a restored tree has great speed.

Joining the Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi, his Technologies of Eternal Development, by doing the daily concentrations, concentrations on number sequences, working in groups, for example, joining the collective consciousness of a group at a seminar, or training in class with 22 PRK-1U devices, or/and concentrating on the 3-mode device PRK-1U, you can develop your perception and consciousness fast and work on the achievement of your goals. While studying the materials of Grigori Grabovoi, his seminars, simply concentrate on your goal, on fulfilment of any goal.  It is your dream, you can achieve it! Grigori Grabovoi says that each person has a dream and the dream is what is Soul is telling him he means by his dream. So build the event and concentrate on achievement.

Here is a simple taster exercise on Rejuvenation based on the methods of Grigori Grabovoi, to increase your speed of perception.

<< Good events of the past can be sharply transferred to the future. The light of the good events of the past that stopped as if in your view, at this point is sharply transferred to the future. So you just turn to the past and choose that period, where the light is bright and the light is very strong; you are very joyful, motivated, happy, in other words, your speed of perception is very fast. You are feeling this light and you send it to the future. You visualize materialization of the event (of your current goal) and you add this light to it, as if weaving the fabric of the future creating the matter of the future due to the previous events already created. You increase your speed of perception by transferring a very happy event to the future, good health, good events. >> 

And remember, you have already achieved the good results and you know how you have done it!

Teachers, like Olga Toloshnaya, who have already achieved results and working with the device PRK-1U can facilitate fast delivery of your results in your concentrations. The device PRK-1U of Grigori Grabovoi receives your light, increases it and develops it, facilitating your events; it is a matter of accurate concentration. However even with your PRK-1U turned on near you, while not even concentrating, the device still offers the good effects during day and night.

If you wish further information about the device PRK-1U, or considering to purchase the Device PRK-1U, or to attend this coming Rejuvenation seminar or any other Seminar at the Grigori Grabovoi Education Center in Belgrade with the use of 22 PRK-1U devices, please send an email to:

You can watch Olga's video-presentation here


About Olga Toloshnaya: PhD, Lawyer and a Graduate of the Education Center with awarded Diploma Teacher/Lecturer & a Deputy Director on International Relations of the Education Center for the Education Program of the Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi. She has over 17 years of experience using the methods of Grigori Grabovoi. She has over 14 years of successful experience in the transfer of the knowledge of the Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi. She is fluent in English and a permanent translator into English of Grigori Grabovoi's seminars/speech, providing both consecutive and simultaneous interpretation. Moreover, many seminars of the Works of Grigori Grabovoi have been translated and published in English due to her selfless and tireless work. She was directly involved in the translation into English of the following: "Educational System of Grigori Grabovoi", "Doctrine of the Earth", as well as other fundamental and scientific Works, including "Applied Structures of the Creating Field of Information", "Research and Analysis of Definitions of Fundamental Optical Systems in Prevention of Catastrophes and in Forecast-Oriented Control of Micro-processes", the patents of Grigori Grabovoi "Method of Prevention of Catastrophes and Device for its Realization" and "Information-Carrying System", also, a part of "The Resurrection of People and Eternal Life From Now On Is Our Reality!", and more recently, "The Teaching of Grigori Grabovoi. About the Soul".


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