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ABOUT THE WORK OF THE SOUL - Inspired by excerpts from my essay of April 2018, "Properties of the Soul according to 'The Teaching of Grigori Grabovoi about the Soul' " -  Article written by Kristen Isis Karayani, 14.09.2019

It is common between humans to ask each other "What work do you do?", "What's your occupation?" Never before had I gained such clarity in words to just answer this question by simply saying: "I work as a Soul!"

For the Soul the control is always action, to improve and normalize. The Soul is in action at all times, never sleeps. It always starts working immediately at whatever stage of a situation when asked by the Consciousness. The Soul controls immediately because it was created with these qualities. A person works as a Soul. His tasks are global salvation and personal management.

In Grigori Grabovoi's lecture about the Soul, it becomes very clear from the beginning that the control element of this structural level of his Teachings is primarily THE WORK OF ONE'S SOUL, which includes the task of saving everybody as well as the task of personal management, through technology and the use of different controls, as for instance, the Soul, the Spirit, the Consciousness, the physical body.

By studying the properties of the Soul, exploring Its special qualities and attributes according to 'The Teaching of Grigori Grabovoi about the Soul', one gives oneself the opportunity to explore and develop his own understanding, perspective, awareness and experience of his own Soul further in greater detail and to start working consciously with it.

My own viewpoint on the topic of the Soul before coming across Dr Grabovoi's dynamic system of knowledge, was already quite cultivated, developed-and-developing through various means, gradually throughout the years. These included my Greek Christian orthodox upbringing & my grandfather's spirituality, as well as in later times a constant of systematic searches for deeper meaning in life, my ongoing personal study of a wide spectrum of spiritual texts as, for example, the ancient texts of the I Ching since 1998.

Most important were the enlightening experiences of a particular highly creative period of time in my life (autumn 2005 - 2011) which I call 'my Unveiling years' - during which I had the honour to receive Training by my Spirit guide, Saint Germain (non-physical entity) who had appeared to me unexpectedly, at least on the conscious level of my perception at the time. It was during those years that I grew in conscious awareness of my own Soul and Spirit very fast, through intense spiritual experiences that transformed my life. In 2007 I withdrew from the world devoting myself completely in my new path, spending three and a half years in the company of Light Beings and Crystals. During that time I was also enabled to write several books (in Greek) including "Advanced Biosophy" (May 2010) and "The Embodiment of the Invisible Soul in the Continuum of Life" (Nov. 2009). At that stage of my life I was in a position to remember by experience that had as if shook me awake, for example, that my Soul is unique [my particular energetic signature exists in the infinite Cosmos at all times], has absolute knowledge [is developed to the maximum] and is imperishable, living eternally, forever and ever. I developed a clarity that allowed me to form a rather solid sense of my own Soul (conscious connection) which I tend to refer to as "my inner (felt) sense of Self"; the depth of me. And if I were to express this in particular words; my Soul feels like a concentrated, united, concrete yet soft, light substance that gives me a sense of my depth and "my compactness", defining my integrity and containing already the totality of all information on all levels of my perception including my self-knowledge, and of course, my personality is attached to it.

Without a doubt, it was with my Soul I thought and acted in the autumn of 2015 - exactly 10 years after the appearance of St Germain into my life, when I came across Dr Grigori Grabovoi and felt right at home pursuing knowledge of his Works. My first contact in depth was with his book "Resurrection" which spoke to me and for me at the level of my true sense of reality. This event was as if not only to add precious information, but also to confirm to me in a third-dimensional way (i.e. via an actual book I could see, touch, hold in my hands) my previous multidimensional knowledge and spiritual experiences and therefore, I consider it a great Gift.

Evidently, in the process of my ongoing development, three years later, the book "The Teaching of Grigori Grabovoi about the Soul" came to also be of profound meaning to me, as, by having experienced the wondrous effects of its seminar and transcribed its 12 recordings, having edited and also translated its text into another language, I have been enabled to work through, systematize and as if 'crystallize' my own relationship with my own Soul, among other developments.

Grigori Grabovoi's position on the Soul formulates The Technology of the Work of the Soul and when you know the technology of the work of the Soul, every next step in life adds more comprehension of the elements of eternal development since the essence of eternal development is in the Soul. Why? Because on the legislative level of creation of a Soul, God put the idea of eternal development in the Soul.  Consequently, the Soul is eternal; your Soul is eternal, my Soul is eternal, ..

To continue, what is interesting to add here is that it took me two years (2015-2017) reflecting deeply and debating predominantly with myself, whether my actual physical body can ever be eternal, in the literal sense. This was the one 'chapter' that had not yet been clarified in my previous years of Training, as if waiting for me to experience the delight of this clarification arriving just when I was at least expecting it. I spent months also researching and reading other authors on physical immortality. For example, Nicolai Fedorovich (1829-1903), Robert Coon - 'The Path of the Phoenix', Leonard Orr - 'Physical Immortality' ("Everybody who dies is killed by thoughts"), Unlimited People, The Mother - Cellular Consciousness, Elio D' Anna - 'The Dreamer', and others ..

Eventually, .. as in the "AFTERWORD" of the book of Grigori Grabovoi 'THE RESURRECTION OF PEOPLE AND ETERNAL LIFE FROM NOW ON IS OUR REALITY!', I reached the point of trust within me as if: "...coming to what I already know and being that one who I already am." Becoming aware of physical eternity has been a stepping up to the next level in my state of consciousness from my previous years of Training, realizing for myself that physical Ascension does not actually mean conscious dying physically but it means Remembering organically that one IS in-deed created by God physically eternal from Start. I believe physical eternity is possible, in-deed. To me, it means daily life of humans on the Soulic level of perception and awareness.

As Grigori Grabovoi writes, God gave everyone the same task. The task is one - a person must be able to live forever, and he must know this knowledge how to do it. So considering this magnificent Gift from God, I feel honoured to be in the process to realize it with the full support of the point of view of my Soul that, anything is easy as it involves God. God is in my Soul, I see God in my physical body. God is in the Soul, one can see God in his/her physical body. Therefore, it is one's task to understand, enter and maintain consistently into a synchronous level of communication and interaction with Him, The Creator, while customizing one's thinking, behaviour and decisions based on and under the guidance of this self-realization, as well as, spread the word!


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