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ABOUT THE SPEECH OF GRIGORI GRABOVOI OF 10.05.2019 AND HIS DEVICE PRK-1U - An article by Kristen Isis Karayani, 05.12.2019

Reading several times the speech of Grigori Grabovoi of 10.05.2019 which he gave at the International Scientific Conference in Switzerland, titled "New possibilities for human development/or for the development of human being", a number of things impressed me, refreshing and adding to my overall understanding of the Device PRK-1U.

As I understand, in his speech Dr Grabovoi explains in some depth about the INNER AND OUTER WORKINGS of the systems of the Device PRK-1U, while the intensity of one's thinking transfers into the internal optics of the device and unites to the level of the universal impulse (a single impulse) which realizes events as well as the simultaneous understanding technologically - how to solve events. In other words, he describes how the amplification of a person's concentration is realized, changing the intensity of his thinking according to the complexity of his chosen goal and transferring the emission of thought to the area of his head where he can actually understand the mechanism of the given thinking for eternal development and eternal life. This is where new solutions occur that in effect realize any specific event and once a person can understand such thinking, he can amplify its characteristics by spreading them into the controlling area. At the same time, it is necessary that he holds continuously the controlling thought for eternal development and eternal life.

As already known, the device PRK-1U was created by Grigori Grabovoi on the basis of his 2 patents, and as explained in his literature, the internal unit of the PRK-1U is built in accordance with the patent 1) "Methods of prevention of catastrophes and device for its realization" which supports that, by eliminating catastrophic events in the organism, it is possible to gain practice of eternal life with eternal development. According to the method of this pattern, we can spread the light of our thought to rescue others and ourselves. When we direct the light of our thought to an optical system like the PRK-1U, the device can amplify this signal due to this interaction. In other words, the device PRK-1U is an amplifier of our thought, therefore, when we generate a creative or normalizing thought and we direct the light (or radiation/emission) of this thought to the optics (or optical systems) of the device  - interacting with it, the signal that comes from this thought is amplified. Moreover, in accordance with the 2nd patent of Grigori Grabovoi "Information carrying system", basically when this thought signal - which carries information - meets the lens, it is transmitted practically instantly in the internal optical unit of the device PRK-1U and it is processed immediately (and as described above, increasing its intensity and generating expansive action). This means that the optics of our Consciousness and the optics of the device PRK-1U both match.

To continue further, in his speech Grigori Grabovoi also talks about the significance of EVALUATING one's own results; not only the group of results regarding the system of controlling the events but also the group of cognitive results. In this way, one can acquire better technological understanding of the controlling, mastering how to solve any specific events.

As already stated, the Device PRK-1U of Grigori Grabovoi enables optimization of one's thinking  in terms of controlling what one realizes in physical life. But even more, it actually enables you to perform certain practice in order to optimize the structures of your own thinking. In time the elements of your thinking become more noticeable or visible and, therefore, the structures of your thinking become more intense, more powerful. In effect, you optimize not only at the level of a logical plan to achieve your goal, as Grigori Grabovoi details explicitly in his speech, but also, amongst other things,  you receive additional information by visually controlling over the structures of your thinking (of the light impulses of your thinking). In such way you receive additional information about the characteristics of the light of the structures of your thinking.

Many times in my practice with the Device PRK-1U, I have observed that I have felt enabled to receive such important information qualifying as if visualization of the processes of my thinking at perception level rather intently, while my thinking is interacting with the device, which Grigori Grabovoi makes clear in his speech. To me, this is as if visually entering an innate network of deep awareness of the subtle interweaving threads of my own thinking and making sense of them. This makes it possible to acquire the technological understanding necessary in order to work out systemically, that is, at the fundamental level, how to fully normalize events and making the most out of infinity.

Furthermore and very significantly, Dr Grabovoi also emphasizes the need for training, in other words, TUITION, and learning the technology of eternal life. Why? Because it is only by uniting the elements of one's own spiritual development, development of Consciousness WITH the structure of tuition - when a person uses the Device PRK-1U for providing eternal life for all, through the orientation of tuition by creating concentrations of eternal life, then that one can REALIZE THE ACTION OF THE SOUL.

After all, it is the REPEATABILITY of united actions of our Consciousness, spiritual actions, high levels of self-development and education, exactly with the use of technical equipment, like the Device PRK-1U for providing eternal life for all, that the processes of the interconnections of such united actions become more oriented to enabling us to realize eternal life for all, through increasing the level of the state of one's Consciousness.


1) Speech of Grigori Grabovoi at the International Scientific Conference in Switzerland - 10.05.2019

2) Training For Attorney PRK-1U - Text By Grigori P. Grabovoi - Video 2018

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