“GO THE WAY GOD CREATED YOU” - An article by Kristen Isis Karayani based on personal experience and supported by the Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi - 21.08.2022

 [Article is dedicated to Kostas, to Costas and to John]

The thing is, sometime, someone you Love dearly may choose to experience biological death and in this sense then, this means you do not have access to see them physically again for a while.

And there may be relatives, friends, people who consider this person ‘dead’ and start mourning, grieving, talking about the ‘gone’ person as if he or she is now past, gone, history, as if never to be seen again. Chapter closed.

Then again, you have friends to share your thoughts and feelings, your life events and so forth. You reach the point to tell them the news and you realize they are sorry for your ‘loss’, pay you their ‘condolences’, show their sympathy and so on. It is almost taken for granted by many that now you are sad and sorrowful, in suffering, in grieving. But, of course, what happens if you yourself, do not operate on such basis exactly.

What happens if you have already established communication with your Loved ones telepathically, knowing already through past experience, that they are and can be available to communicate with you any time, directly. As well you, make the space available to connect, aware that, indeed you do realize they are near you, making themselves known in one way or another in daily life. And this is an opportunity for joy, purely because you can know directly that they are well, at least.

And, of course, I am not talking about ‘ghosts’ here, but I am speaking about very simple, healthy telepathic communications any time or place; in fact this happens every day when you Love someone, currently embodied or not.

And, if you think about it, the word TELE-PATHY carries two parts: 'tele' means 'great distances', signifying 'encoding and decoding information', 'pathy' is 'pathos', meaning in greek 'strong emotion', i.e. intense manifestation of high energies at the emotional plane.

In other words, TELEPATHY means 'I feel LOVE from afar', which is something the incarnated Soul, that is, you, you do every single day! For example, I do not see and speak with my mother everyday as she lives in Greece and I have lived in the UK for many years. Nevertheless, I send her my love, maybe also with a specific message and she receives it, all telepathically, thinking of me at specific times and/or making some sort of specific action matching my message, this has happened many times through the years.

To me, telepathy means to celebrate the irresistible natural tendency of human beings to remain deeply connected (and this depth always takes place via the Soul) and communicative beyond any distances.

And maybe, for some, like myself, the most difficult job is not the actual grief and the sadness, which can be also come true at certain times, and I mean this sadness which is often referred to as if for the gone ones, but is rather for the one who remains trying to grasp their new reality, as the gone one has now already a new journey beyond time, before returning and you can help them return.

But maybe the most difficult job is the conundrum of trying to maybe find creative ways to maybe explain to people that, in fact, that there is no death, as perceived conventionally, nobody is actually ‘dead’ but one has lost their physical body temporarily and this one is still available to communicate with you, if you are aware in the more subtle levels of reality and open to this experience. Therefore, this, what conventional society calls ‘death’ is only a phase transition that still allows for daily communication with the gone ones. And one can actually show love, and care and give help, as well as be helped enormously, in such communications.

I have now experienced it more than twice, that is, lively enriching ongoing experiences and I believe it is all real, as real as the sound of running water in a stream. And one can in fact, strengthen and further develop spiritually, experiencing it and knowing that it is true, it is real; realizing that there is no ceasing of life. What it is, is the ceasing of the functions of the physical body. And the physical body is just one part of the human personality, as Grigori Grabovoi reminds us all. So, the Soul, the Spirit, the Consciousness as well as the direct ongoing contactibility with the One God, are all the same, after passing. Life never ceases, because God is Eternal and the Presence of God is in ALL forever. And so, all the people who may pass temporarily, they exist at all times. They are always present in all informational spaces of this world and they are as infinite as everybody else.

And for me, the actual simple Presence of communication between Souls - that is, an embodied one and one that is temporarily not embodied, which can reach across ANY distance - that IS a Blessing in itself; because it can be extremely helpful to sense and to feel your Loved ones close to you in such way and to experience receiving live responses in ways you can perceive, as real as before and more. As well, it IS a Blessing because it proves true Soul connections, because it proves there is no ceasing of Life. Because true LIFE willingly and effortlessly follows the principle of LOVE always, totally and forever.

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In my opinion - based on my long-time experience through attending his educational, experiential seminars/webinars and consultations - Dr Vyacheslav Konev is a most outstanding, highly experienced teacher/lecturer of perfect accuracy in the transfer of knowledge of the Teachings and technologies of Dr Grigori Grabovoi. As well, he is a most considerate loving human being; one can quite easily sense this just by listening to a recorded webinar held by him.

I first met in person and attended intensive training by Dr Konev in March 2018 in Dubrovnik, 2 seminars of Dr Grabovoi, “The Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi. On Love” and “The Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi. About the Soul”, each one for 3 full days. To put it simply, this was for me a supremely transformational experience which, among other things, reactivated previous spiritual processes in me, re-igniting and amplifying awareness and enabling new connections and developments. Very importantly, it also further inspired me to study in depth, more and more and more material of Grigori Grabovoi involving the Soul, let alone that I soon became a passionately committed sublicensee for translation and publishing, ensuring to provide accurate professional-level translations of Dr Grabovoi’s original seminars.




Since then, I have also attended numerous superb webinars, online, organized by the “Academy of The Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi” in London,


Below are examples of such webinars, of which the material I then studied extensively for myself, also writing my own understanding of the theory for practice and making it available on my website, to spread the knowledge in such way.

"The Teaching of Grigori Grabovoi. Organization of Happiness” https://eternalspheresofknowledge.com/new_posts_2/post_19_grigori_grabovoi_organization_of_happiness

"Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi about God. Feelings of Eternal Life"https://eternalspheresofknowledge.com/new_posts_2/post_20_article_controlling_at_the_level_of_feelings ,

“Concentration System On Number Rows”, https://eternalspheresofknowledge.com/new_posts_2/post_27_article_about_concentration_system_on_number_rows_of_grigori_grabovoihttps://eternalspheresofknowledge.com/new_posts_2/post_28_article_about_concentration_system_on_number_rows_of_grigori_grabovoi_part_2and even more.

Undoubtedly, these most refreshing training experiences have intensified my understanding, transforming it into a deep comprehension of the material, even if at times fleetingly, nevertheless, ultimately enabling and enhancing my extensive daily practice and further ongoing study, quite profoundly.

Actually, I utterly appreciate the clear depth of perception and of comprehension of Dr Vyacheslav Konev, including his natural gifted ability to provide very thorough and complete analysis of the material of the Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi, including exhaustive answers to questions. I am witness, many times, to the fact that he transmits and transfers the precise knowledge effortlessly with great ease and commitment, as well as with professionalism that holds warmth, making it just simply available to his audiences at any level, to inspire, to understand and to experience also through extra magnificent well-thought-out practical exercises which one can then practice in daily life too.

Additionally, more recently, through attending personal consultations with him, with Anastasia Petrenko as his translator, I have found out that, in my experience, for example, even faster development can take place, quite powerfully, both in understanding of the material and stabilizing it, as well as in instant personal dynamic change with continuing effects. My deep gratitude and appreciation are immense indeed.


Quote: “We can say that any seminar of Grigori Grabovoi is an infinite waterfall of miracles, of wonders. And if we go deeper in it, we will see that in all the materials of Grigori Grabovoi the depth is endless, they all have this infinite depth. And in some cases, for example, a person who participates in the seminars of Grigori Grabovoi, when the seminar finishes they might say ‘Ok, now I feel as if I have understood the whole lot’. And then it results that in the following seminar, the same person also perceives additional depths, maybe additional meanings, understands even more even if at the last time then felt like they had understood everything already. But this shows the ability of development, because no matter how much we have learnt, no matter how much we have understood, there will be this infinity of things to learn.” – Dr Vyacheslav Konev, 28.06.2020. [Quote is from WEBINAR 26-28 May 2020 “CREATION OF THE MATTER OF HAPPINESS” WITH LECTURER VIACHESLAV KONEV, BASED ON THE SEMINAR OF GRIGORI GRABOVOI “ORGANIZATION OF HAPPINESS”, 5TH MAY 2004. Webinar organised by the Academy of the Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi.]

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“My comprehension of material from the webinar “CONCENTRATION SYSTEM ON NUMBER ROWS” by Lecturer V.Konev” - An article by Kristen Isis Karayani, based on the Works of Grigori Grabovoi (Part 2) - 28.2.2022

And so, to continue onto Part 2 of this article, when you work with numbers, you are already situated in their space, in their area of action, which is universal because numbers are an absolutely universal language. Exactly in this space, you can overcome a problem, realize a solution already existing, actualize a skill, develop, change. Therefore, when you work and interact with the number series of Grigori Grabovoi, you should be aware of what you are doing when interacting with them, having already entered their space, since, as already mentioned, numbers create a specific space, a spiritual space - in other words, a space of absolute divine, eternal, pure norm of the One God, the Creator. This means also that you can perceive the light of the numbers or some sort of light, or an action, a sequence or combination of actions of the numbers, or you may sense the numbers - basically, you perceive the numbers meaningfully. What do they mean, for you, specifically, in other words, you should get to know each number as you pronounce it and to set the task to feel the action of each number (or symbol), to feel its space of action, to enter its state.

Just reading the numbers, writing or listening to them, for instance, is fine too but, as explained clearly in the webinar, the work becomes much deeper and more profound when one actually enters the state of the number. For example, you can enter the state of the numbers as you enter the state of music when focused on listening to it. This is harmony at high level, meaning the participation of your Soul, in other words, entering the high level of the Soul and the Spirit through your Consciousness. And when you enter the space of a specific number series for some personally chosen task, there is a strong energetic flow, universal action connected to your task specifically. Numbers illuminate huge volumes of information and so you may start seeing a new reality and start acting in a different way. You may start feeling the action of God and repeat it together with Him. And with consistent practice regularly, you perceive high level of comfort.

More specifically, for example, say, you have set the task to reconstruct your digestive system, with number series 5321482, which Grigori Grabovoi gives as a chapter number series for ‘Diseases of the Digestive System’ in his book “Restoration of the Human Organism Through Concentration on Numbers”, 1999, page 31, chapter 8. [By the way, as mentioned in this book, chapter number series include all number series of the chapter. And 7-digit number series are more specific than, say, 12-digit number series.] So you have set this task for yourself, and a 7-digit number series - in other words, a number series with seven symbols, meanings, aspects or significances to it, that is, each representing a separate individual action, specifically for you. And so, you can feel each and every action as a certain sensation, that is, you can sense this action - this as if “7-level action” which this 7-digit number series represents, as referred to in the webinar. And you may like to see them, for example, as 7 special ingredients in a recipe from God, the original source, to restore/ reconstruct, for instance, here, your digestive system for you and for all. And these seven ingredients have their own specific inner organization, as well their interconnections between them and the external world.

Furthermore, what I personally found significant to solidify through my study of this webinar was the realization that, working with the number series of Grigori Grabovoi indeed as if activates one’s natural mechanisms to be in-tune, synchronized with oneself, one’s own vibration at Spirit level. As it was clarified in the webinar, every number is specific for you personally; this means a number series has specific action for you and your specific situation. Therefore, in order for you to identify the action of each number for yourself, it is highly valuable to realize first that, in fact, number series is a practice of self-cognition. This means one reads oneself through number series. For example, as I understand it, this can mean just looking, writing or listening to a specifically chosen number series for oneself - while, at the same time, asking and observing oneself through these simple questions. That is, “what exactly requires normalization in yourself?”, or “what are the odd regularities in your thinking, memories, phenomena and processes etc. that you need to seriously re-address in order to restore some aspect of your biological processes?”. As mentioned and reminded in the webinar, biological processes are based on the spiritual structure, therefore, working with number series, one works to re-arrange one’s biological processes spiritually.

And so it is important that you synchronize with your own vibration, like sensations and see what is already there for you, which may not be comfortable. And the 7 numbers/symbols specify what you are already doing and new answers, coming to you to perceive. It maybe a sense, cognition and/or sensations.

Additionally, during practice it is very useful to compare one number series with another, looking for similarities and at other connections, which can work well also for prevention. Ιn such ways, for example, the task is to as if now decipher a number series to your long-time thinking attitudes and patterns and finding many other connections.

Therefore, to observe and specify what you are doing through self-cognition and perceive/define for yourself some new thoughts, answers, discern through powerful new sensations and subtle messages, -- this is, in fact, you yourself, creating spiritual action inside you, coming from your interaction with the specific number series you are working with. It is like, you know already what you need to do, you identify inside you your spiritual action through your concentration on the specific number series. And this is your own spiritual action restoring your own organism, resulting from your own thought which already interacts with your physical body. It is as if your human organism knows already how to restore your organism precisely and by looking at the number series you create this action inside you; it is already there.

Therefore, based on the information of this webinar, it is my understanding that, working with the numbers series of Grigori Grabovoi, it means that you can perceive and cognize yourself very clearly, while also necessarily creating a controlling state action through the specifics of the number series you are working with inside your thought, transforming your reality. In such way the result is created in your cognition and it goes to your body.

Simply, all number series of Grigori Grabovoi represent the absolute eternal divine norm of the Creator and so when you focus on them, you get to know the specific action for you and your situation to resolve it.

Last but not least, here are two referenced quotes of Grigori Grabovoi, which I find useful in terms of perceiving and reflecting on the significances, meanings, or aspects of numbers.

(Note: Many thanks to my colleague, Marcela Andere, for her recent posters in Spanish and English, which brought these quotes, as below, to my attention by posting them at the right time!).

 “…The number 11 is the personification of peace which is in you and is visible to everyone. You are the essence that is always visible to everyone, and each of you can have your own harmonious experience, the same one that you received in your development. Share your experience and you will receive eternal life.” ∞ Quote from the work “Methods of concentration”, by the author Dr. Grigori Petrovich Grabovoi, 2nd edition, 2014, page 21.

AVOID WARS - 741 “…By concentrating on the number sequence 741, one should perceive a convex shape rather than a sphere. And in doing so, this concentration is such that the integrated meaning of this concentration is the prevention of war… throughout the world, that is, to prevent, for example, the first actions [of war].” “The number 7 is perceived as the norm. If a person is in the norm and the number correlates with all the others, then the norm can be extended. Here, the extension of the norm is the number 4… Then it is followed by the number 1, which means unity, that is, reaching 1, for example, ONE world.” ∞ Quote from the work “Method of help with the soul of God”, by the author Dr. Grigori Petrovich Grabovoi, seminar of March 19, 2003. Pages 4, 5 and 9.

You can read PART 1 of this Article here

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“My comprehension of material from the webinar “CONCENTRATION SYSTEM ON NUMBER ROWS” by Lecturer V.Konev” - An article by Kristen Isis Karayani, based on the Works of Grigori Grabovoi (Part 1) - 2.2.2022

Having attended and studied further this wonderful 3-day webinar of last November, “CONCENTRATION SYSTEM ON NUMBER ROWS” by Lecturer V.Konev”, my view and experience of practicing the number rows of Grigori Grabovoi, as if upgraded into a new level. In this article, I share some of my understanding, which has in fact clarified further and improved significantly my daily practice.

First of all, I understand clearly that the number series of Grigori Grabovoi are not ‘a method’ but above all - a system of concentration. In other words, there are many ways, methods or techniques, an individual can use to practice with numbers. However, the Technology of Grigori Grabovoi with Number Series itself is a Concentration System.

Secondly, when we concentrate on numbers, Spirit is always involved, which means that concentrating on the number rows of Grigori Grabovoi is a spiritual activity, we are creating a spiritual state, that is, one is experiencing a spiritual feeling of oneself through working with numbers. The whole personality of the individual is present, i.e. one’s Soul, Spirit, Consciousness and human body.

Furthermore, a number is not just an arithmetical digit to be mechanically repeated; a number represents infinite reality itself, also because, in fact, working with numbers contains infinite combinations of actions that are organized in a certain way. Let’s say, for example, there is a situation that needs an action and a solution, then, a number is formed out of this circumstance to connect the situation, the action and the solution. This is very important to understand when working with numbers.

Therefore, a number can be seen as a certain amount of specific knowledge at Spirit level. And every number can be understood by Consciousness, Spirit and Soul, since it is the collaborative work and result of all our 4 structures, i.e. Soul, Spirit, Consciousness and Physical Body, which participate to such thought. Consequently, numbers relate exactly to our process of thinking. And as it is already known, every creative thought always interacts with everything in the external world through waves that emanate from a thought to reality, penetrating any reality, preserving and developing it further. So, one’s thought and its waves participate in everything, in other words, it can become clear here that, equally, numbers produce waves that one can absorb and use for oneself, delivering restoration and harmonious development by their reverse action.

To continue, during this webinar, I loved the fact that I was enabled to register deeply inside me once and for all that, in reality, numbers represent not only an action BUT spiritual action. Still .. what does this really mean, in terms of one’s further understanding and practice?

As I understand it, the number series of Grigori Grabovoi already pre-exist at the primary level of reality, i.e. God’s level of reality, and this is why they have a normalizing effect as to the notion of their description. Therefore, through perceiving them consciously we can become aware of the specific information, i.e. the solution God has already available to normalize any problems, no matter what the condition or situation. In fact, here, it is the actual reality of the person, in his/her troubled state, which requires correction by the number, normalizing it. Normalizing means to return to the Norm, the standard of God, the One God, the Creator; there are no incurable conditions or impossible situations in God’s thinking space.

And therefore, it becomes easier to understand that a number series is action, spiritual action, and its digits are like symbols that need to be translated, since numbers create a specific space in which a problem can be overcome. There is always a solution in a number series of Grigori Grabovoi. The task is to realize the number in one’s perception, since a certain sequence of numbers realizes a solution already existing in order to restore.

And as it was explained in the webinar by Vyacheslav Konev; Grigori Grabovoi, composing at high level, that is, going to Divine level or primary level, he created this work with number series, already created by God. And Grigori Grabovoi brought new elements to numbers no other human has mentioned before. And, as it happens, when one works with his number series one re-creates them and applies them for results. In essence, number series are realized through the action of a person doing specific work to control his reality.

Part 2 of this article to follow soon.

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‘Spiritualized Consciousness: The Soul-driven task of human perception’ - An article by Kristen Isis Karayani, based on the Works of Grigori Grabovoi - 17.12.2021

According to the Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi, the most important task for human being is to grow spiritually, to spiritualize his/her Consciousness, enabling oneself to perceive the World at Soul level, living spiritually and ensuring eternal development & eternal life, accurately on the human level, and saving all, including oneself. This, in fact, involves being available to understand deeply how the World is truly organized, what are its fundamental laws according to the One God - the Creator who created everything. It means to study and to comprehend the fundamental reality as created by Him, re-emerging from the limits of the conventional, three-dimensional perception and appreciating what Life truly is.

So how can a person do this, that is, how can one perceive reality at the Soulic level, perceive through the eyes of the Soul? After all, it is the Soul that is the reason human being exists, since God, the One God created this divine substance named SOUL, the human Soul, to self-contain absolutely all the information in the World; infinite knowledge. In fact the human Soul, very importantly, in particular knows exactly how to organize absolute health in your physical body.

A person, that is, YOU, can do this through your human consciousness, as your perception is located in your Consciousness. And as Grigori Grabovoi helps one to understand; it is, basically, your Consciousness (which in fact your Soul generated) that forms thought, feeling, sensations and it is your Spirit that gives structure to it, organizing reality. And so, technologically, this means you can use your Consciousness as a controlling system, training and tuning yourself at the level where you can realize your original true consciousness for yourself, inspiring others to do the same. In a way, metaphorically, this process is like cooking Life with the right ingredients, as given by the One God in the first place.

Therefore, it is highly important to study and to understand the internal structure of YOUR OWN Consciousness, since your Consciousness is individual to you as is your personality, including your physical body. This means that we all develop, by free will, individually in our own initiative and at our own pace towards coming to our original level, where we can reveal our eternal essence on the human level, through informing ourselves correctly from the primary source.

As I have written before in other articles, with his technologies Grigori Grabovoi teaches us all creative control of reality through thinking by way of creating harmonious thought-forms accurately and consistently, simply, by thinking positively as God does. In effect, in this system of knowledge, the rate of thinking is always higher than the rate of any deviation from the norm/standard of the One Creator, meaning it is higher than any negative information.

So here, in practice, thought is the agent of control, in other words, your system of control is your own thinking. This means that you can indeed choose to be creative by entering higher states of consciousness, be at the Soulic level by means of ensuring that you think spiritual thoughts, happy thoughts, living accurately and congruently at the level of happy self-expression in thought, word and in action and experiencing the joy of being infinitely. Sounds simple, very tempting and great, right?! After all, ‘to create’ does not include the concept destruction. The One God - the Creator created human to be happy eternally on the human level - this is His norm, and to live a harmonious productive life, as Grigori Grabovoi often reminds us in his many seminars. And the One God, our Creator, always looks at us spiritually, positively, confidently, knowing He already gave us, each one of us specifically, ALL the tools we need to ensure we ARE always happy, and He did this by creating the human Personality, starting with the human Soul.

And this is a serious responsibility for all to consider, because fundamentally, and quite clearly, the human Soul, who is eternal ally and loyal friend to the human consciousness, at all times perceives things as God perceives them and is never separated from God. God and the human Soul always have the same views, and this means that when you are at your Soulic level and thinking with your Soul, you, as well, are in contact with God, the One God, plainly, naturally.

So the main task here, which is clearly Soul-driven, is to, not only very closely observe, with a view to become more aware and to improve our own perceptions, but also to actively ensure to spiritualize them every moment consciously, willingly and consistently, being resistant-free. Spiritualized Consciousness means perceiving reality with the eyes of our human Soul, which literally means restructuring our Consciousness through developing it with our Spirit, and reaching the actual spiritual state that expresses our true innate knowledge. As Grigori Grabovoi also reminds us, true knowledge is the direct contact of our Consciousness with our Soul, which is also known as ‘clairvoyance’ - this is direct perception of the infinite knowledge held in the Soul. And, it is also in such way that, we can absolutely affect and change the state of our human body to be equal to its original prototype of absolute health.

For many people, this can mean a serious re-education and a much deeper personal development, requiring the effort of regular focus with concentration, study and practice of daily meditation. As Grabovoi highlights in his Teachings - all true meditation is spiritual, basically, it is a practice of developing one’s inner seeing. This basically means bringing the information that already exists in your human Soul, to your conscious awareness. In fact, for example, you can do this by practicing Grigori Grabovoi’s ‘Daily Concentrations’. In such way, the human brain can function more coherently and so can the entire human body, because when you make sure that your Consciousness produces creative thoughts, for you and for all, then your physical body too feels comfortable and happy in your Consciousness. Simply, the state of happiness indicates higher states of consciousness, this means one is at Soulic level, close to the One God’s thinking. This also means, as mentioned above, you are aware that your Consciousness is rooted in your Soul who generated it, and well-established in Spirit and glowing spiritual eternal Light victoriously.

And when your thoughts and your actions are filled with calm, tranquillity, joy and happiness, it means, you CREATE at all times, thinking and acting without destruction, living on a spiritual basis confidently where you resolve all your personal tasks smoothly, now and always. In such way you develop faithfully and, at the same time, you change the conventional collective Consciousness and the structure of the World, inspiring others to so the same, saving all.


~ “The Resurrection of People and Eternal Life From Now On Is Our Reality!” by Grigori Grabovoi, 2001

~ "Methods of Concentration" by Grigori Grabovoi, 2001

~ “The Teaching of Grigori Grabovoi about God. Organization of Happiness” by Grigori Grabovoi, 2004

~ Also the books of Grigori Grabovoi available here

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~ Some thoughts on Accelerating the Evolution of the External World ~

"The Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi about God. Accelerating the Evolution of the External World to Ensure Eternal Life" is a most magnificent seminar of Grigori Grabovoi that he held on February 25th, 2016 and which I was as if magnetized to study in depth in February 2020 and several times thereafter.

As the title somehow reveals, this seminar is about the structure of the reaction of the external world which, as Grigori Grabovoi clarifies, is similar to the Soul.What stands out for me is the particular way the Author unfolds how one can make control to accelerate the evolution of the external world to ensure eternal life for all, at the same time giving his audience a thorough understanding of what God thought and what He understood in the process of creation of the World; His intentions, the primary data, the primary level of the creation of man and of his Soul.

No wonder, one as if goes deeper in his direct contact level of communion with God, just by studying in depth this precious book!

And as Grigori Grabovoi details, at a certain level of human understanding, direct contact with God is already built in the structures of the human personality and this is where a person in tuned with every fibre of his Soul, as well, as if configuring the external world similarly. Basically, it is the function of man to create exactly the eternal world and transmit the idea of eternal life into all his needs, so as the evolution of the entire external world becomes absolutely harmonious in the absolute level of the One God, already in the Soul of each person.

Undoubtedly, there must be a total absence of events that downplay the spread of eternal life for all. In fact, evolution must not be located aside from God, in any way, or even, aside from man, since the structure of the human Soul is the most developed, infinitely.

Above all, it is highly inspiring and inspirational how Grigori Grabovoi invites the reader not only to set the aim of control 'here and now' - right now, and carry out the one impulse for oneself and everyone, ensuring eternal life to all, but also teaches very effectively 'the art' of transferring the contactability with God, both to man and to all other elements of the external world including external structures like machines, in one single impulse.

Indeed it is our task to evolutionarily (or perhaps, r-evolutionarily) develop our Consciousness so that it can influence the structure of the external world, including the structure of man-made objects, since the structure of the permanent direct contact with the One God is available to us all at all times, infinitely.

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“About Psychology of Eternal Development & Eternal Life and Number Series of Grigori Grabovoi” - An article by Kristen Isis Karayani, based on the Works of Grigori Grabovoi - 17.05.2021

     As you may already know, in his works “Number Series for Psychological Normalization” contained in two volumes (Part 1 and Part 2), Grigori Grabovoi, by use of NUMBER SERIES of which descriptions are associated with many branches of psychology reflecting the diversity of this field, provides practice of normalization of all activity in the course of one’s eternal development. All numerical sequences, including those of which descriptions may indicate a negative or non-creative state or condition, fulfil the standard, that is, the norm of the Creator (the Norm), ensuring effective regulation and orchestrating one’s eternal development creatively, i.e. in harmony with the fundamental laws of eternal development and eternal life. In other words, positively, by working with the number series of Grigori Grabovoi, one can easily reach a higher state of Consciousness creating good health on all levels.

To continue, coming from an extensive background in the field of the helping professions inc. psychology, and having already participated in the two full-day seminar on the Education program on the Teaching of Grigori Grabovoi on the two aforementioned books in 2018, - I have been intrigued to know that there exists, in my own words, an organized field of global Divine human psychology that has always existed and will forever exist, namely; Psychology of Eternal Development and Eternal Life of Grigori Grabovoi. As well, having studied a large number of his seminars, I firmly believe that in order for one to truly discern, specifically, what is exactly different in the Psychology of Eternal Development and Eternal Life of Grigori Grabovoi present in his Works, one has to first somehow make sure to understand the fundamental structure, the fundamental laws of the World from the point of view of the Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi, from the point of view of his Science.

Very significantly, the spiritual, scientific, and practical technologies of Grigori Grabovoi are given for the understanding of the creation of the eternal physical body, including resurrection, through the reconstruction of human consciousness to the level of the Consciousness of God. In other words, one learns, or better say, grows spiritually enough to know how to think, feel, and behave on the basis of the inner new-found knowledge that all finite forms previously taught as such, including their connections and interconnections, are limitless and lasting forever as created by the One God originally. And as Grigori Grabovoi also explains in the introduction of his two books mentioned above, this is precisely what drives and directs the psychology of human to function in such a way when the fundamental laws of eternal development and eternal life are enacted naturally, forming a peaceful and harmonious society with laws that support eternal development and eternal life.

     Just as importantly but rather briefly, on a more experiential level, many times I have enjoyed searching through the pages of the two volumes of Grigori Grabovoi “Number Series for Psychological Normalization”, yet discovering another very interesting number row to work with closely. However, it has only been recently, after a two-hour session with our Device PRK-1U, that I was then as if driven to the idea to read volume 2 from beginning to end, that is, attending to every single number series every single word of it, uninterruptedly, in the following hours.

Looking back, this has made a significant difference, first, I experienced a rather potent and lasting surge of very high vibration, enhancing considerably my own sense of Wellness. Secondly, I have also been able to identify notions that I had not thought to consider before either for myself, or another. For example, on page 109, Grigori Grabovoi gives: “SYMPTOM 498721 - typical manifestations, characteristics of psychic or organic disorders and diseases, which witnesses of the change of usual or normal organism’s functioning”. It looks to me as if quite simply this number series can help one to live with no symptoms, promoting the ongoing functioning of one’s organism to the Norm on the interconnected mentioned levels, i.e. psychologically, spiritually, physically.

Furthermore, I have been quite inspired once more to find out more correlations between groups of number-combinations that appear in one series as well in other rows, exploring their interrelationship both by numbers and by the specific notions attached to them, as well as their relevance to the state of one’s health. For instance, SYMPTOM carries a 4987, which also appears on page 215 as part of the number series for DISTURBING PHENOMENON, which is 648581498717.

For me there is no question about the fact that, Dr Grigori Grabovoi has not only created this incomparable sublime system of countless healing number series for humanity, but he also, at the same time, produced it in such a way that his number series have a clear highly intelligent interconnection between them, as if quietly weaving human being’s health back to the Norm and, already working wonders in many people’s lives all over the globe!

Thank you.



Links to copy and paste:
https://www.amazon.co.uk/Number-psychological-normalization-Grigori-Grabovoi/dp/1490431594 (Book 1)
https://www.amazon.co.uk/Number-psychological-normalization-Book2-k2/dp/149433786X (Book 2)

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The Human Soul in Top Management: Returning to the Knowledge of your Soul - An article by Kristen Isis Karayani inspired and based on the system of knowledge of Grigori Grabovoi - 27.2.2021

Grigori Grabovoi’s system of knowledge is a scientific system of ongoing spiritual education aiming at preventing any possible global and personal disasters, including diseases, through creative/positive control of reality, by transforming one’s reality in a positive way through Spirit, saving oneself and all.

In other words, you can learn how to spiritualize your Consciousness, ensuring that your Consciousness and your Spirit meet rather regularly to form and hold a single impulse, ideally having it uninterruptedly. Essentially, in spiritual control of reality, your Spirit controls your Consciousness, giving structure to it. No wonder, this feels good, in other words, it is through spiritualized Consciousness one feels happy and is positive, as well can achieve concrete results to any creative goals.

So, the first priority in daily life is in the development of your Consciousness - in order that one can manage all events, personal and global, from the level of a higher level of Consciousness, that is, from the level of what’s already given to us by God (i.e. the unified Consciousness), more specifically, from the level of our Soul directly.

The human Soul, your Soul is a most powerful informational eternal structure that can control all over the globe, just from inside your own physical body. Why? Because ALL the knowledge is in the human Soul, already forever given to you by the One God when He created your Soul. And the happy news is that your infinite eternal Soul -existing also inside your physical body and available to you at all times- is always healthy, happy and eternal, loving, free and much more.

Well, one question here is “are YOU happy?”

Simply put, if you want to be happy and healthy always, as your Soul is, as God - who IS in the human Soul - is, then, you need to make use of His system, that is, the one complete information system of the One God, which is already inside your human body. As Grigori Grabovoi explains clearly in his seminars, God embedded in the human Soul the whole information of the World when He created It. And right here and now, your Soul is already available to you inside your human body. As well, very significantly, this one complete system of information is of complete controllability.

Technologically speaking, this also means you can, at any time, with your local system of Consciousness, perceive your Soul, and it is in such way that you can bring to your own perception your real, true Self. And through your Soul, already you know exactly how to manage, normalize any reality, because your Soul, the human-being Soul perceives things as God perceives them, thinking at the level of God. In reality, the human Soul is the action of God. As follows, simply, human being has it all within already, and to be happy, harmonious and eternal, this is a matter of re-education and re-organization, by virtue of the freedom of one’s will, ..strong will. In such way, there can be no fragmented states in any environment.

Moreover, in this context, it is important to know that: your Soul created your Consciousness. Indeed, your Soul has a fixed place in your Consciousness. And your Soul (i.e. your true, real Self) is the source of your Spirit as well. And the Spirit of your Soul (i.e. the action of your Soul) is the substance that becomes your Consciousness, as well as your physical body since, the human body is the densified Spirit of the Soul. Therefore, the human body, which basically is growing from the human Soul, contains on the whole: the information of Spirit and of Consciousness, plus the completeness of the information of entire external reality.

Consequently, when your Consciousness functions from the point of view of your Soul, i.e. at the level of your Soul, you know exactly how to manage any reality, including your human body, and in such way there are no fragmented states. Why? Because, when your Consciousness understands that the position of the Soul is top-level manager, then you see God as He is, you can hear and can understand Him correctly, directly. You can think and act as God does, you know exactly, naturally by Soul, how to create events that do no harm, enabling eternal harmonious development for you and all. And, as Grigori Grabovoi explains, when you help yourself, you help the world, and when you help the world, you help yourself, ensuring all flows harmoniously, internally and externally, into the Norm by the system of thinking of the One God.


1.List of 6 seminars/books of Grigori Grabovoi on the theme of the Soul Here

2.More information about my training Here


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On implementation of GRIGORI GRABOVOI’s scientific technologies in practice – About effectiveness (a short video)

Sometimes people ask, why they have not yet experienced real results.

This short video mainly presents Grigori Grabovoi's answer to a question from his audience, regarding the effectiveness of his Teachings, during the seminar: “The Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi about God. The Methods of Control of Eternal Life” by Grigori Grabovoi, October 13th 2015.

As Grigori Grabovoi explains,

his system of knowledge is a continuous system of education

built as a scientific concept that has practical results. 

Some quotes from the aforementioned book/seminar of Grigori Grabovoi:

… ensuring eternal life is a technology. In this technology, it is necessary to master certain methods, ways, and principles.” (p.14)

"If the result is not achieved for a while, you can study more, receive knowledge and achieve results" (p.26)

"... such a thing as lack of results is most likely because the purpose of the Teachings is not fully explained. That is, the position that the Teachings is a continuous system of education..." (p.26)


Also in Spanish by Marcela Andere - video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZaCb8QptWmc

You can read all the above and watch this video in Spanish, here: "About effectiveness" https://eternalspheresofknowledge.com/posts__other_languages

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"Where Science and Spirit meet in Oneness: Rescue from destruction through a very advanced system of control" - An article by Kristen Isis Karayani, based on the Works of Grigori Grabovoi - 29.11.2020

The Science of Grigori Grabovoi exists in virtue of the system of salvation and harmonious development. In this system, all knowledge, the whole information of the World, truly is eternal because God embedded it in the structure of one’s Soul, leading to creation at the level of salvation, that is, at the original level from the One God, the Creator. In his book “Irrational methods of prevention of global catastrophic processes posing a threat to the entire world” by Grigori Grabovoi, 2001, which is one of his scientific works, the Author proves formally mathematically, for example, that IT IS ALWAYS POSSIBLE TO SAVE.

On exploring the science of Grigori Grabovoi, one soon finds out that the most important determinants of his science are: first - salvation of the world from a possible global disaster, next - top priority on ongoing safety and security of all and then - support of life in the direction of unstoppable creative eternal development, learning to live always. Furthermore, it becomes clear how essential it is for the practice of salvation to spread to all areas in life, including all sectors that exist in science, education, health care etc. This means that, ANY INFORMATION in the world must not only contain the integrity of salvation, but also must be widely available and passed accurately to all thus, enabling universal salvation and harmony of the world.

And while the science of Grigori Grabovoi fundamentally focuses on the tasks of salvation and creative development, providing scientific methods & technologies already confirmed in practice by many and inviting everyone to participate in essence; most importantly - it teaches particularly that ‘the whole reality is controllable’ and that the controlling system here is one’s Consciousness.

Simply and precisely: your controlling system here is your Consciousness.

Even more, as explained by Grigori Grabovoi further, ‘the Structuring of Consciousness according to his system of salvation is a science’. As he says, in his science “…the method of understanding of reality of the world control is just your Consciousness”. After all, one must purely come to appreciate oneself as the creator of reality, of the world, by tuning oneself spiritually, by learning direct spiritual control since it is Spirit that gives structure to Consciousness at start and controls Consciousness.

Clearly, both as a scientist and as spiritual teacher, Grigori Grabovoi teaches us that we can consciously change our perception of information in all systems of reality in creative ways, by direct control, neutralizing destructive technologies and setting the proper direction in order to achieve exactly the necessary results, that is, to get the result of salvation specifically. As a matter of principle, firstly, our goal is to achieve the task of salvation, then to ensure uninterrupted, unshakeable protection and wellness of all, consequently, enabling infinite and eternal harmonious development - by advancing highly our own structures of Consciousness.

[Interesting note: In public dictionaries, the Latin word ‘scientia’ means knowledge, a knowing, experience and the Latin ‘spiritus’ means breath, breathing, life.]


1. THE TEACHINGS OF GRIGORI GRABOVOI - Seminars conducted by Grigori P. Grabovoi in Russian on May 17 and May 28, 2001




On my journey of, generally speaking, studies, including studying in depth Grigori Grabovoi’s books/seminars, I highly recommend this book.

First and foremost this is a scientific book in which the Author PROVES FORMALLY mathematically, for example, that IT IS ALWAYS POSSIBLE TO SAVE. Some parts of the book can seem to be complicated for the reader who may not be as keen on mathematical formulas, however the Author uses other strategies to get his point across and that is the genius of Grigori Grabovoi. For instance, he explains all things in words thoroughly, not only but also answers a wide selection of most useful questions from how audience during this course of lectures in year 2000.

Very significantly, the book is easy to read because it is a very good translation, paying respect to its content. It draws you in effortlessly; you want to read it all at once!

It is a great investment for all students of eternal harmonious creation who want to take responsibility for themselves and their reality, as well to the layman who has never come across it before, for example. Above all, it is a monumental gift to the world of science and bound to transform it.

If you like to have more information on the areas covered, here are the chapter headings of the book:

Part I Research and analysis of the fundamental definitions of optical systems in prevention of catastrophes and forecast-oriented control of microprocesses. Description of the crystalline module device.

Methods of Consciousness Structuring

Principle: the rescuer should save himself

The law of propagation of information from the point of view of Consciousness

Answers to questions

Part II About the technical part that should be done after each lecture, after mastering any level of the material

Unified level of access

Forecast-Oriented Control

Control in scientific research

Control in politics

Social control

Spiritual Control

Part III Laws of connection of information. Development of technologies of control

Construction of yourself at the level of information

Formation of the controlling perception with the primary elements of access of information to this area

Creating the apparatus of thinking

Control of particular elements of information from the standpoint of eternity of the elements of information

Answers to the questions

Part IV Packet technologies of control

Points of stationary areas of perception

Answers to questions



(Kristen isis Karayani, 24.11.2020)

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CONTROLLING AT THE LEVEL OF FEELINGS - An article by Kristen Isis Karayani, based on the Works of Grigori Grabovoi

This article is derived from the three-day webinar (14th-16th Aug. 2020) with Viacheslav Konev, based on "Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi about God. Feelings of Eternal Life", 11th Aug. 2015. Webinar organized by Academy of the Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi, London, UK

CONTROLLING AT LEVEL OF FEELINGS is a different level of activity to controlling at level of Consciousness. The Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi include both and more. Certainly, one can get to realize by experience that Feelings can actually work more quickly than Consciousness does.


Feeling. A feeling is the soul’s manifestation in the dynamic of the spirit and in the part, where the spirit is connected with consciousness and the body. When the soul organizes the body, the feeling is that structure, on which the body is built. The feeling presents, therefore, the base, the ground, upon which the body is built. And that is why it is thought that a feeling comes out from the body. When interacting with reality, the feeling perceives information faster than the thought does.”

Quote above is from “The Resurrection of People and Eternal Life From Now On Is Our Reality!” by Grigori Grabovoi, 2001, p.131.

So this is the definition Grigori Grabovoi gives about ‘Feeling’ in his book which I find quite enlightening as to introduce some things that have really impressed me in the aforementioned webinar (see topic) I attended, based on his seminar “Feelings of Eternal Life”.

Accordingly, feeling is the architectural foundation upon which the human body has been constructed. Put differently, feeling is matter/substance that exists in the physical body and very significantly, by developing your feelings, your body is in control and diseases stop. In this way, feelings are organic tools that exist in human forever, providing certain quite permanent information that can control any kind of future events, solving any tasks. And the very function of feeling is available to us all, owing to the fact that God gives us feelings. In essence, feeling is proof of the human Soul in the active vibrant motion of one’s own divine Spirit. Equally, feelings are actions long before something happens since Spirit knows the future already. So you can actualize the work of Spirit through your feelings, getting rid of negative feelings.

To continue, feelings themselves have the function of sensation. You can perceive feeling and sensing at different levels - your Soul is able to feel any part of the material world [even if it is not incarnated!]. It follows that the Spirit feels and senses, the Consciousness feels and senses, the Body feels and senses. Thereby, feelings are certain substance of a person that makes sensations possible to realize. And feelings are always in development and they develop through interaction, giving us real opportunities. Naturally, our feelings help us. For this reason, exploring and developing, as well being grateful for this element or aspect in you, you can manifest your goals quickly because feelings can also start working autonomously in the background silently achieving your desired results. Consequently, the creation of feelings is an additional level to realize our tasks since our feelings give more opportunities to control efficiently. They provide an environment for the Soul, Spirit and Consciousness, creating the atmosphere or setting that is comfortable enough to be and work in. For example, when you perceive and feel calm and quiet as well as you sense it, you place this information closer to you and it amplifies, providing a stronger and more stable environment to work in.

It is therefore that feelings make you conscious of information and contact with your feelings gives you the awareness of your perception of eternal life, which is the next level of the development of your feelings. And the perception of eternal life in the physical body gives profound harmony. When you are in harmony, your Soul, Spirit and Consciousness meet in this unique action, realizing the same task and there is a crossing between them which can be at any distance from your body. And this crossing relates to the reality of sensations and feelings created by this activity because feelings are the substance of a person that makes matter as if touching the skin.

So, without doubt, it is through your feelings you can become conscious of information and synchronize with the level where nothing wrong is going to happen to you and seeing the ground eternal. By the divine laws of God, the human Soul is already eternal - your Soul desires to live and transfers this aspiration to your Spirit and to your Consciousness. After all, the goal of universality is the desire to live, to be alive and this very aspiration is inside you to explore. And by finding your place in universal control, your flow in life, your self-understanding becomes easier. In other words, due to this awareness itself of your sense of your life, you can perceive eternal life more deeply. And eternal life feelings, of which one is the feeling of Love, can expand to all other areas of life, manifesting joyful events and new levels of feelings & awareness, more multi-dimensional living and connecting with the lives of all.

"CONTROLLING AT THE LEVEL OF FEELINGS" - Article (No.20) by Kristen Isis Karayani,
based on the Works of Grigori Grabovoi

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My experience of two webinars, based on Grigori Grabovoi's seminar "ORGANIZATION OF HAPPINESS", with lecturer Viacheslav Konev

By Kristen Isis Karayani

Part 1

“ETERNITY AND HAPPINESS ARE INSEPARABLE CONCEPTS” : Some strong long-lasting impressions from the Webinar “ORGANIZATION OF HAPPINESS” (8th-9th-10thMay 2020) with Lecturer Viacheslav Konev, based on: “The Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi about God. Organization of Happiness” by Grigori Grabovoi, 5th of May 2004

This wonderful webinar, arranged by the Academy of the Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi (https://grigori-grabovoi.co.uk/) has certainly marked my journey significantly as it has also somehow given my thus-far-knowledge of the Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi as if a different vantage point, specifically ‘through learning practically how to look with the eyes of God and recognizing all the happy actions seeing them coming from the future, with my conscious participation in this future’. What a Gift!

Overall, in my perception the heart of this webinar provides abundantly a deep accurate understanding of God through grasping that, for example, the level of God IS Happiness - God never feels unhappy, His resources come from His happiness. The way of God is Happiness because God created Himself in the state of eternal Happiness infinitely. In fact, God is eternal because He is happy. So, basically, there is never a negative idea in the action of God in the future, locally and globally. All is happy future full of Light. Furthermore, just as you come to realize that the happiness of God is your own happiness, then, surely, God is closer to you - He is real and He is close, you are in dialogue with Him. God is teacher of happiness, your friend teaching you to help yourself, to read the same book with Him by joining His level. And His level is the primary level of control, of management, of governance. Moreover, next to that, one can also appreciate that God is the influence on the structure of the human Soul, as well that there is a fundamental law which ensures that the human Soul is never separated from God, from God’s Soul. The human Soul is an extension of God’s Soul, in other words, all along God is in your Soul; naturally, you and God ARE always together. Therefore, your Soul is eternal, and so is the happiness of your Soul.

In essence, one masters in this webinar the understanding that eternity and happiness are inseparable concepts. In fact, happiness helps you to understand eternity and it makes you eternal.

Part 2

“THE INFINITY OF THE PHYSICAL BODY: DEVELOPING TOGETHER WITH GOD” : Some strong lasting impressions from the Webinar “ CREATION OF THE MATTER OF HAPPINESS” (26th-27th-28th June 2020) with Lecturer Viacheslav Konev, based on: “The Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi about God. Organization of Happiness” by Grigori Grabovoi, 5th of May 2004

Experiencing this magical webinar, organized by the Academy of the Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi (https://grigori-grabovoi.co.uk/) has had a rather powerful effect on my personal journey for a variety of reasons and its timing was as if perfect for me on many levels. Still now I maintain this extra sense of happiness; happy Spirit no doubt and happiness is something that gives us energy.

Interestingly, during the first few days after the webinar I experienced this grand sensation of brain clarity that I could not just describe for what I merely understand as 'mental clarity' but something way beyond it. As if my physical brain was now breathing fresh air every second as if enveloped in White Light and my brain tissues being intensively and deeply oxygenated! And this has had a lasting effect with some great developments in my inner organization.

Overall, what stands out for me is that, by attending this particular webinar one can feel quite enabled to enter infinite perception of one’s physical body and to understand at a much deeper level its true abilities while in the state of happiness, through excellent practices created by the Lecturer and thoroughly explained theory before the practical work.

Every human physical body is an infinite unit and has an endless level of development; its size is limitless. What is coming from the physical body of human is a Divine Light that is in fact the Light of God, from the moment of His creation of the human Soul. And this Light was created by God for the creation of Soul BUT ALSO to be (as is) produced by the human body! And God is absolutely as happy as to give this grand blessing to human forever, when He created the human Soul: specifically, the ability of one’s human body to continue producing the Light of the moment of the creation of the eternal Soul of human being – i.e. THE LIGHT OF HUMAN BEING.

Fundamentally, this Light is within us to produce as God created us in happiness and for me to know that I produce it, I feel totally sacred and blessed! Like so, a new intriguing space of development has appeared forwards as if to develop me infinitely; my physical body entering a different space with structures of a deep, a very deep and blessed reality in fact, that I can simply describe as a pure awareness of this profound infinite development already taking place inside my physical body itself in particular. Undoubtedly, in this webinar one can find out for oneself how this is possible, realizing that naturally this is the norm for God, in accordance with the system of His thinking.

God’s knowledge is the norm” - Grigori Grabovoi, 2004

So, among many other aspects, in this webinar one can understand and identify the Light of human being that is coming from human being, emitting from and illuminating the human body as well spreading and giving the possibility for eternal development, as created by God. One can sense it, feel it and see it through high-level perception. And naturally, God created human in happiness; God IS very happy that we exist and He has given everything for us to be happy and to know how to develop His way. In this way God’s view of human is that you are happy and you are responsible to see yourself like that, namely as God sees you and to desire to achieve this.

To reveal happiness, look at God.” - Grigori Grabovoi, 2004

God knows Himself through happy action” - Grigori Grabovoi, 2004

As well Grigori Grabovoi states in the same seminar (i.e. “Organization of Happiness” of 5th May 2004) that ‘Knowledge is certain technology – as a rule’. In other words and as explained in the webinar, knowledge becomes a technology helping us to achieve our goals. Grigori Grabovoi’s Teachings and technologies are happy knowledge, full of spirituality, easy to apply in casual everyday actions which are exactly the actions that can transform one’s life.

When you work with God, you naturally learn faster.” – Grigori Grabovoi, 2004, 5th May

"MY EXPERIENCE OF TWO WEBINARS" - Article (No.19) by Kristen Isis Karayani,
based on the Works of Grigori Grabovoi

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A note on attending the “Introductory Course of the Education Program on the Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi” ~ 11.8.2020

 Having already attended the “Introductory Course of the Education Program on the Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi” in 2018, this intensive seminar which was in my case for 6 days in Dubrovnik- Croatia, was one of the best experiences and investments in my history of training and education, including the whole program.

Having had already self-studied many books of Grigori Grabovoi in the previous years, this seminar actually deepened my understanding significantly, strengthening my practice methodically by adding accurate basic and more advanced practical information to my knowledge. It was an irreplaceable dynamic experience of joy and crystal-like forming clarity, to practice a wide range of the methods of Grigori Grabovoi and get to stabilize my understanding in a positive environment around people from all over the world.

After all, thinking eternal life is a natural voluntary real and continuous spiritual action that can only resurface from within one’s Soul by expanding and restructuring human consciousness to the level of the Consciousness of the Creator.

*** All people interested, including teachers or prospective teachers of the Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi, are recommended to attend the INTRODUCTORY COURSE irrespective of any courses they had before, because this Introductory Course includes basic systemic understanding of the Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi that builds the vector of development in which the ability of accurate transfer of the knowledge of the Teachings is formed. The methods of teaching the Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi are delivered at the seminar in accordance with the exact requirements of the Author of the Teachings, Grigori Grabovoi. ***

Quotes (below) from the book "Introductory Course on the Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi", 2001

"Thus, the students should clearly form the idea of the Teachings which is not just a general knowledge of the lecture material, but the material that is to be implemented in the form of concrete practical results." Grigori Grabovoi, 2001, p.6

"The personality of man is shown as the physical body, Soul, Spirit, Consciousness, all external phenomena, and events. Man also has the level of constant communication with God. The light of God is always present in every action of man.", “Man ... is the main value, and the main link, and the main goal of the development process of the entire Universe.” Grigori Grabovoi, 2001, p.27

"For any person his first priority is raising his level of the state of consciousness. The desire to be aware of oneself and one’s actions contributes to it to a great extent and it is advisable to have some time set aside for this practice every day." Grigori Grabovoi, 2001, p.33

Article/Note (No.18) by Kristen Isis Karayani, September 2020

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