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The Human Soul in Top Management: Returning to the Knowledge of your Soul - An article by Kristen Isis Karayani inspired and based on the system of knowledge of Grigori Grabovoi - 27.2.2021

Grigori Grabovoi’s system of knowledge is a scientific system of ongoing spiritual education aiming at preventing any possible global and personal disasters, including diseases, through creative/positive control of reality, by transforming one’s reality in a positive way through Spirit, saving oneself and all.

In other words, you can learn how to spiritualize your Consciousness, ensuring that your Consciousness and your Spirit meet rather regularly to form and hold a single impulse, ideally having it uninterruptedly. Essentially, in spiritual control of reality, your Spirit controls your Consciousness, giving structure to it. No wonder, this feels good, in other words, it is through spiritualized Consciousness one feels happy and is positive, as well can achieve concrete results to any creative goals.

So, the first priority in daily life is in the development of your Consciousness - in order that one can manage all events, personal and global, from the level of a higher level of Consciousness, that is, from the level of what’s already given to us by God (i.e. the unified Consciousness), more specifically, from the level of our Soul directly.

The human Soul, your Soul is a most powerful informational eternal structure that can control all over the globe, just from inside your own physical body. Why? Because ALL the knowledge is in the human Soul, already forever given to you by the One God when He created your Soul. And the happy news is that your infinite eternal Soul -existing also inside your physical body and available to you at all times- is always healthy, happy and eternal, loving, free and much more.

Well, one question here is “are YOU happy?”

Simply put, if you want to be happy and healthy always, as your Soul is, as God - who IS in the human Soul - is, then, you need to make use of His system, that is, the one complete information system of the One God, which is already inside your human body. As Grigori Grabovoi explains clearly in his seminars, God embedded in the human Soul the whole information of the World when He created It. And right here and now, your Soul is already available to you inside your human body. As well, very significantly, this one complete system of information is of complete controllability.

Technologically speaking, this also means you can, at any time, with your local system of Consciousness, perceive your Soul, and it is in such way that you can bring to your own perception your real, true Self. And through your Soul, already you know exactly how to manage, normalize any reality, because your Soul, the human-being Soul perceives things as God perceives them, thinking at the level of God. In reality, the human Soul is the action of God. As follows, simply, human being has it all within already, and to be happy, harmonious and eternal, this is a matter of re-education and re-organization, by virtue of the freedom of one’s will, ..strong will. In such way, there can be no fragmented states in any environment.

Moreover, in this context, it is important to know that: your Soul created your Consciousness. Indeed, your Soul has a fixed place in your Consciousness. And your Soul (i.e. your true, real Self) is the source of your Spirit as well. And the Spirit of your Soul (i.e. the action of your Soul) is the substance that becomes your Consciousness, as well as your physical body since, the human body is the densified Spirit of the Soul. Therefore, the human body, which basically is growing from the human Soul, contains on the whole: the information of Spirit and of Consciousness, plus the completeness of the information of entire external reality.

Consequently, when your Consciousness functions from the point of view of your Soul, i.e. at the level of your Soul, you know exactly how to manage any reality, including your human body, and in such way there are no fragmented states. Why? Because, when your Consciousness understands that the position of the Soul is top-level manager, then you see God as He is, you can hear and can understand Him correctly, directly. You can think and act as God does, you know exactly, naturally by Soul, how to create events that do no harm, enabling eternal harmonious development for you and all. And, as Grigori Grabovoi explains, when you help yourself, you help the world, and when you help the world, you help yourself, ensuring all flows harmoniously, internally and externally, into the Norm by the system of thinking of the One God.


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