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‘Spiritualized Consciousness: The Soul-driven task of human perception’ - An article by Kristen Isis Karayani, based on the Works of Grigori Grabovoi - 17.12.2021

According to the Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi, the most important task for human being is to grow spiritually, to spiritualize his/her Consciousness, enabling oneself to perceive the World at Soul level, living spiritually and ensuring eternal development & eternal life, accurately on the human level, and saving all, including oneself. This, in fact, involves being available to understand deeply how the World is truly organized, what are its fundamental laws according to the One God - the Creator who created everything. It means to study and to comprehend the fundamental reality as created by Him, re-emerging from the limits of the conventional, three-dimensional perception and appreciating what Life truly is.

So how can a person do this, that is, how can one perceive reality at the Soulic level, perceive through the eyes of the Soul? After all, it is the Soul that is the reason human being exists, since God, the One God created this divine substance named SOUL, the human Soul, to self-contain absolutely all the information in the World; infinite knowledge. In fact the human Soul, very importantly, in particular knows exactly how to organize absolute health in your physical body.

A person, that is, YOU, can do this through your human consciousness, as your perception is located in your Consciousness. And as Grigori Grabovoi helps one to understand; it is, basically, your Consciousness (which in fact your Soul generated) that forms thought, feeling, sensations and it is your Spirit that gives structure to it, organizing reality. And so, technologically, this means you can use your Consciousness as a controlling system, training and tuning yourself at the level where you can realize your original true consciousness for yourself, inspiring others to do the same. In a way, metaphorically, this process is like cooking Life with the right ingredients, as given by the One God in the first place.

Therefore, it is highly important to study and to understand the internal structure of YOUR OWN Consciousness, since your Consciousness is individual to you as is your personality, including your physical body. This means that we all develop, by free will, individually in our own initiative and at our own pace towards coming to our original level, where we can reveal our eternal essence on the human level, through informing ourselves correctly from the primary source.

As I have written before in other articles, with his technologies Grigori Grabovoi teaches us all creative control of reality through thinking by way of creating harmonious thought-forms accurately and consistently, simply, by thinking positively as God does. In effect, in this system of knowledge, the rate of thinking is always higher than the rate of any deviation from the norm/standard of the One Creator, meaning it is higher than any negative information.

So here, in practice, thought is the agent of control, in other words, your system of control is your own thinking. This means that you can indeed choose to be creative by entering higher states of consciousness, be at the Soulic level by means of ensuring that you think spiritual thoughts, happy thoughts, living accurately and congruently at the level of happy self-expression in thought, word and in action and experiencing the joy of being infinitely. Sounds simple, very tempting and great, right?! After all, ‘to create’ does not include the concept destruction. The One God - the Creator created human to be happy eternally on the human level - this is His norm, and to live a harmonious productive life, as Grigori Grabovoi often reminds us in his many seminars. And the One God, our Creator, always looks at us spiritually, positively, confidently, knowing He already gave us, each one of us specifically, ALL the tools we need to ensure we ARE always happy, and He did this by creating the human Personality, starting with the human Soul.

And this is a serious responsibility for all to consider, because fundamentally, and quite clearly, the human Soul, who is eternal ally and loyal friend to the human consciousness, at all times perceives things as God perceives them and is never separated from God. God and the human Soul always have the same views, and this means that when you are at your Soulic level and thinking with your Soul, you, as well, are in contact with God, the One God, plainly, naturally.

So the main task here, which is clearly Soul-driven, is to, not only very closely observe, with a view to become more aware and to improve our own perceptions, but also to actively ensure to spiritualize them every moment consciously, willingly and consistently, being resistant-free. Spiritualized Consciousness means perceiving reality with the eyes of our human Soul, which literally means restructuring our Consciousness through developing it with our Spirit, and reaching the actual spiritual state that expresses our true innate knowledge. As Grigori Grabovoi also reminds us, true knowledge is the direct contact of our Consciousness with our Soul, which is also known as ‘clairvoyance’ - this is direct perception of the infinite knowledge held in the Soul. And, it is also in such way that, we can absolutely affect and change the state of our human body to be equal to its original prototype of absolute health.

For many people, this can mean a serious re-education and a much deeper personal development, requiring the effort of regular focus with concentration, study and practice of daily meditation. As Grabovoi highlights in his Teachings - all true meditation is spiritual, basically, it is a practice of developing one’s inner seeing. This basically means bringing the information that already exists in your human Soul, to your conscious awareness. In fact, for example, you can do this by practicing Grigori Grabovoi’s ‘Daily Concentrations’. In such way, the human brain can function more coherently and so can the entire human body, because when you make sure that your Consciousness produces creative thoughts, for you and for all, then your physical body too feels comfortable and happy in your Consciousness. Simply, the state of happiness indicates higher states of consciousness, this means one is at Soulic level, close to the One God’s thinking. This also means, as mentioned above, you are aware that your Consciousness is rooted in your Soul who generated it, and well-established in Spirit and glowing spiritual eternal Light victoriously.

And when your thoughts and your actions are filled with calm, tranquillity, joy and happiness, it means, you CREATE at all times, thinking and acting without destruction, living on a spiritual basis confidently where you resolve all your personal tasks smoothly, now and always. In such way you develop faithfully and, at the same time, you change the conventional collective Consciousness and the structure of the World, inspiring others to so the same, saving all.


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~ Also the books of Grigori Grabovoi available here

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