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“My comprehension of material from the webinar “CONCENTRATION SYSTEM ON NUMBER ROWS” by Lecturer V.Konev” - An article by Kristen Isis Karayani, based on the Works of Grigori Grabovoi (Part 2) - 28.2.2022

And so, to continue onto Part 2 of this article, when you work with numbers, you are already situated in their space, in their area of action, which is universal because numbers are an absolutely universal language. Exactly in this space, you can overcome a problem, realize a solution already existing, actualize a skill, develop, change. Therefore, when you work and interact with the number series of Grigori Grabovoi, you should be aware of what you are doing when interacting with them, having already entered their space, since, as already mentioned, numbers create a specific space, a spiritual space - in other words, a space of absolute divine, eternal, pure norm of the One God, the Creator. This means also that you can perceive the light of the numbers or some sort of light, or an action, a sequence or combination of actions of the numbers, or you may sense the numbers - basically, you perceive the numbers meaningfully. What do they mean, for you, specifically, in other words, you should get to know each number as you pronounce it and to set the task to feel the action of each number (or symbol), to feel its space of action, to enter its state.

Just reading the numbers, writing or listening to them, for instance, is fine too but, as explained clearly in the webinar, the work becomes much deeper and more profound when one actually enters the state of the number. For example, you can enter the state of the numbers as you enter the state of music when focused on listening to it. This is harmony at high level, meaning the participation of your Soul, in other words, entering the high level of the Soul and the Spirit through your Consciousness. And when you enter the space of a specific number series for some personally chosen task, there is a strong energetic flow, universal action connected to your task specifically. Numbers illuminate huge volumes of information and so you may start seeing a new reality and start acting in a different way. You may start feeling the action of God and repeat it together with Him. And with consistent practice regularly, you perceive high level of comfort.

More specifically, for example, say, you have set the task to reconstruct your digestive system, with number series 5321482, which Grigori Grabovoi gives as a chapter number series for ‘Diseases of the Digestive System’ in his book “Restoration of the Human Organism Through Concentration on Numbers”, 1999, page 31, chapter 8. [By the way, as mentioned in this book, chapter number series include all number series of the chapter. And 7-digit number series are more specific than, say, 12-digit number series.] So you have set this task for yourself, and a 7-digit number series - in other words, a number series with seven symbols, meanings, aspects or significances to it, that is, each representing a separate individual action, specifically for you. And so, you can feel each and every action as a certain sensation, that is, you can sense this action - this as if “7-level action” which this 7-digit number series represents, as referred to in the webinar. And you may like to see them, for example, as 7 special ingredients in a recipe from God, the original source, to restore/ reconstruct, for instance, here, your digestive system for you and for all. And these seven ingredients have their own specific inner organization, as well their interconnections between them and the external world.

Furthermore, what I personally found significant to solidify through my study of this webinar was the realization that, working with the number series of Grigori Grabovoi indeed as if activates one’s natural mechanisms to be in-tune, synchronized with oneself, one’s own vibration at Spirit level. As it was clarified in the webinar, every number is specific for you personally; this means a number series has specific action for you and your specific situation. Therefore, in order for you to identify the action of each number for yourself, it is highly valuable to realize first that, in fact, number series is a practice of self-cognition. This means one reads oneself through number series. For example, as I understand it, this can mean just looking, writing or listening to a specifically chosen number series for oneself - while, at the same time, asking and observing oneself through these simple questions. That is, “what exactly requires normalization in yourself?”, or “what are the odd regularities in your thinking, memories, phenomena and processes etc. that you need to seriously re-address in order to restore some aspect of your biological processes?”. As mentioned and reminded in the webinar, biological processes are based on the spiritual structure, therefore, working with number series, one works to re-arrange one’s biological processes spiritually.

And so it is important that you synchronize with your own vibration, like sensations and see what is already there for you, which may not be comfortable. And the 7 numbers/symbols specify what you are already doing and new answers, coming to you to perceive. It maybe a sense, cognition and/or sensations.

Additionally, during practice it is very useful to compare one number series with another, looking for similarities and at other connections, which can work well also for prevention. Ιn such ways, for example, the task is to as if now decipher a number series to your long-time thinking attitudes and patterns and finding many other connections.

Therefore, to observe and specify what you are doing through self-cognition and perceive/define for yourself some new thoughts, answers, discern through powerful new sensations and subtle messages, -- this is, in fact, you yourself, creating spiritual action inside you, coming from your interaction with the specific number series you are working with. It is like, you know already what you need to do, you identify inside you your spiritual action through your concentration on the specific number series. And this is your own spiritual action restoring your own organism, resulting from your own thought which already interacts with your physical body. It is as if your human organism knows already how to restore your organism precisely and by looking at the number series you create this action inside you; it is already there.

Therefore, based on the information of this webinar, it is my understanding that, working with the numbers series of Grigori Grabovoi, it means that you can perceive and cognize yourself very clearly, while also necessarily creating a controlling state action through the specifics of the number series you are working with inside your thought, transforming your reality. In such way the result is created in your cognition and it goes to your body.

Simply, all number series of Grigori Grabovoi represent the absolute eternal divine norm of the Creator and so when you focus on them, you get to know the specific action for you and your situation to resolve it.

Last but not least, here are two referenced quotes of Grigori Grabovoi, which I find useful in terms of perceiving and reflecting on the significances, meanings, or aspects of numbers.

(Note: Many thanks to my colleague, Marcela Andere, for her recent posters in Spanish and English, which brought these quotes, as below, to my attention by posting them at the right time!).

 “…The number 11 is the personification of peace which is in you and is visible to everyone. You are the essence that is always visible to everyone, and each of you can have your own harmonious experience, the same one that you received in your development. Share your experience and you will receive eternal life.” ∞ Quote from the work “Methods of concentration”, by the author Dr. Grigori Petrovich Grabovoi, 2nd edition, 2014, page 21.

AVOID WARS - 741 “…By concentrating on the number sequence 741, one should perceive a convex shape rather than a sphere. And in doing so, this concentration is such that the integrated meaning of this concentration is the prevention of war… throughout the world, that is, to prevent, for example, the first actions [of war].” “The number 7 is perceived as the norm. If a person is in the norm and the number correlates with all the others, then the norm can be extended. Here, the extension of the norm is the number 4… Then it is followed by the number 1, which means unity, that is, reaching 1, for example, ONE world.” ∞ Quote from the work “Method of help with the soul of God”, by the author Dr. Grigori Petrovich Grabovoi, seminar of March 19, 2003. Pages 4, 5 and 9.

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