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In my opinion - based on my long-time experience through attending his educational, experiential seminars/webinars and consultations - Dr Vyacheslav Konev is a most outstanding, highly experienced teacher/lecturer of perfect accuracy in the transfer of knowledge of the Teachings and technologies of Dr Grigori Grabovoi. As well, he is a most considerate loving human being; one can quite easily sense this just by listening to a recorded webinar held by him.

I first met in person and attended intensive training by Dr Konev in March 2018 in Dubrovnik, 2 seminars of Dr Grabovoi, “The Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi. On Love” and “The Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi. About the Soul”, each one for 3 full days. To put it simply, this was for me a supremely transformational experience which, among other things, reactivated previous spiritual processes in me, re-igniting and amplifying awareness and enabling new connections and developments. Very importantly, it also further inspired me to study in depth, more and more and more material of Grigori Grabovoi involving the Soul, let alone that I soon became a passionately committed sublicensee for translation and publishing, ensuring to provide accurate professional-level translations of Dr Grabovoi’s original seminars.

Since then, I have also attended numerous superb webinars, online, organized by the “Academy of The Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi” in London,

Below are examples of such webinars, of which the material I then studied extensively for myself, also writing my own understanding of the theory for practice and making it available on my website, to spread the knowledge in such way.

"The Teaching of Grigori Grabovoi. Organization of Happiness”

"Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi about God. Feelings of Eternal Life" ,

“Concentration System On Number Rows”, even more.

Undoubtedly, these most refreshing training experiences have intensified my understanding, transforming it into a deep comprehension of the material, even if at times fleetingly, nevertheless, ultimately enabling and enhancing my extensive daily practice and further ongoing study, quite profoundly.

Actually, I utterly appreciate the clear depth of perception and of comprehension of Dr Vyacheslav Konev, including his natural gifted ability to provide very thorough and complete analysis of the material of the Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi, including exhaustive answers to questions. I am witness, many times, to the fact that he transmits and transfers the precise knowledge effortlessly with great ease and commitment, as well as with professionalism that holds warmth, making it just simply available to his audiences at any level, to inspire, to understand and to experience also through extra magnificent well-thought-out practical exercises which one can then practice in daily life too.

Additionally, more recently, through attending personal consultations with him, with Anastasia Petrenko as his translator, I have found out that, in my experience, for example, even faster development can take place, quite powerfully, both in understanding of the material and stabilizing it, as well as in instant personal dynamic change with continuing effects. My deep gratitude and appreciation are immense indeed.


Quote: “We can say that any seminar of Grigori Grabovoi is an infinite waterfall of miracles, of wonders. And if we go deeper in it, we will see that in all the materials of Grigori Grabovoi the depth is endless, they all have this infinite depth. And in some cases, for example, a person who participates in the seminars of Grigori Grabovoi, when the seminar finishes they might say ‘Ok, now I feel as if I have understood the whole lot’. And then it results that in the following seminar, the same person also perceives additional depths, maybe additional meanings, understands even more even if at the last time then felt like they had understood everything already. But this shows the ability of development, because no matter how much we have learnt, no matter how much we have understood, there will be this infinity of things to learn.” – Dr Vyacheslav Konev, 28.06.2020. [Quote is from WEBINAR 26-28 May 2020 “CREATION OF THE MATTER OF HAPPINESS” WITH LECTURER VIACHESLAV KONEV, BASED ON THE SEMINAR OF GRIGORI GRABOVOI “ORGANIZATION OF HAPPINESS”, 5TH MAY 2004. Webinar organised by the Academy of the Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi.]

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