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“GO THE WAY GOD CREATED YOU” - An article by Kristen Isis Karayani based on personal experience and supported by the Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi - 21.08.2022

 [Article is dedicated to Kostas, to Costas and to John]

The thing is, sometime, someone you Love dearly may choose to experience biological death and in this sense then, this means you do not have access to see them physically again for a while.

And there may be relatives, friends, people who consider this person ‘dead’ and start mourning, grieving, talking about the ‘gone’ person as if he or she is now past, gone, history, as if never to be seen again. Chapter closed.

Then again, you have friends to share your thoughts and feelings, your life events and so forth. You reach the point to tell them the news and you realize they are sorry for your ‘loss’, pay you their ‘condolences’, show their sympathy and so on. It is almost taken for granted by many that now you are sad and sorrowful, in suffering, in grieving. But, of course, what happens if you yourself, do not operate on such basis exactly.

What happens if you have already established communication with your Loved ones telepathically, knowing already through past experience, that they are and can be available to communicate with you any time, directly. As well you, make the space available to connect, aware that, indeed you do realize they are near you, making themselves known in one way or another in daily life. And this is an opportunity for joy, purely because you can know directly that they are well, at least.

And, of course, I am not talking about ‘ghosts’ here, but I am speaking about very simple, healthy telepathic communications any time or place; in fact this happens every day when you Love someone, currently embodied or not.

And, if you think about it, the word TELE-PATHY carries two parts: 'tele' means 'great distances', signifying 'encoding and decoding information', 'pathy' is 'pathos', meaning in greek 'strong emotion', i.e. intense manifestation of high energies at the emotional plane.

In other words, TELEPATHY means 'I feel LOVE from afar', which is something the incarnated Soul, that is, you, you do every single day! For example, I do not see and speak with my mother everyday as she lives in Greece and I have lived in the UK for many years. Nevertheless, I send her my love, maybe also with a specific message and she receives it, all telepathically, thinking of me at specific times and/or making some sort of specific action matching my message, this has happened many times through the years.

To me, telepathy means to celebrate the irresistible natural tendency of human beings to remain deeply connected (and this depth always takes place via the Soul) and communicative beyond any distances.

And maybe, for some, like myself, the most difficult job is not the actual grief and the sadness, which can be also come true at certain times, and I mean this sadness which is often referred to as if for the gone ones, but is rather for the one who remains trying to grasp their new reality, as the gone one has now already a new journey beyond time, before returning and you can help them return.

But maybe the most difficult job is the conundrum of trying to maybe find creative ways to maybe explain to people that, in fact, that there is no death, as perceived conventionally, nobody is actually ‘dead’ but one has lost their physical body temporarily and this one is still available to communicate with you, if you are aware in the more subtle levels of reality and open to this experience. Therefore, this, what conventional society calls ‘death’ is only a phase transition that still allows for daily communication with the gone ones. And one can actually show love, and care and give help, as well as be helped enormously, in such communications.

I have now experienced it more than twice, that is, lively enriching ongoing experiences and I believe it is all real, as real as the sound of running water in a stream. And one can in fact, strengthen and further develop spiritually, experiencing it and knowing that it is true, it is real; realizing that there is no ceasing of life. What it is, is the ceasing of the functions of the physical body. And the physical body is just one part of the human personality, as Grigori Grabovoi reminds us all. So, the Soul, the Spirit, the Consciousness as well as the direct ongoing contactibility with the One God, are all the same, after passing. Life never ceases, because God is Eternal and the Presence of God is in ALL forever. And so, all the people who may pass temporarily, they exist at all times. They are always present in all informational spaces of this world and they are as infinite as everybody else.

And for me, the actual simple Presence of communication between Souls - that is, an embodied one and one that is temporarily not embodied, which can reach across ANY distance - that IS a Blessing in itself; because it can be extremely helpful to sense and to feel your Loved ones close to you in such way and to experience receiving live responses in ways you can perceive, as real as before and more. As well, it IS a Blessing because it proves true Soul connections, because it proves there is no ceasing of Life. Because true LIFE willingly and effortlessly follows the principle of LOVE always, totally and forever.

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