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All life is spiritual and the way I see it, the human heart we all share in common has an impulse of LIFE and this everlasting force, this sacred impulse, is God Himself. Just look at your little finger for a second, simply its slightest movement happens due to the infinite Presence of the One God in you.

I am interested to connect and network with people who want to consider forming together, gradually, an open global monthly meeting group to, simply but surely affirm LIFE, seriously just LIFE as the One God created it in the first place. Group activities can be collectively agreed over time. For example, my suggested goal control is to do with re-education, that is, “To clean the already-conditioned reality from the idea of biological death.” If you are interested, please send me an email with your thoughts and suggestions for the group (i.e. your proactive thinking to envisage together this group idea) at:

Note: I forever thank Dr Grigori Grabovoi for his own spiritual level, i.e. his outstanding connection to the One God, the Creator, and for his Teachings which are in our times widely available and indeed spreading fast all over the world - for global salvation and the transition into the new society of eternal life. Amen. Macro-salvation number row of Grigori Grabovoi: 319817318.

I also thank myself for learning from my life experiences, as well as everyone who has played a part, or not, in these experiences. We all create the World.

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