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 “HAIRÚKULUS” by Grigori Grabovoi


Both English and Spanish editions made available by Eternal Spheres of Knowledge Publishing. [English edition: Professional level translation in English from the original Russian text of the Author, made available December 2020. And Spanish edition: Professional translation by Marcela Andere, made available January 2021]

Kindle from £22.22, NOW £9.99 English and Spanish

Paperback from £27, NOW £14.11English and Spanish

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This is a most magnificent story created in 2000, as well expanded in 2013, by GRIGORI GRABOVOI (in Russian).Here, Dr. Grigori Grabovoi brings us the original gift of this most magnificent story that is exactly where transformation takes place. This story can vitalize the reader, developing his/her faculty of thinking within the miracle of Creation of Eternal Love, raising his/her true consciousness. Not only do you get to meet the hero, Hairukulus, but you also come to know the beat of his heart, through living with him ‘here & now’ as he realizes the knowledge of true Eternal Love. This is a divine living book of everlasting knowledge and by “taking a good note of” every single sentence, of this very beautifully-written monumental narrative, your field of perception can never be exactly the same again!

Some favourite quotes

“And when he saw himself in the form of a man, he realized that a bird that wants to be a human – is already human.” (p.5)

“At this point he realized that the knowledge of love – this is the first thing that should be introduced into the world.” (p.11)

“Thus, Hairúkulus saw the evolution of human beings within themselves, when everyone can develop as much as they want.” (p.29)

“However, he continued to develop his will towards eternity and realized that the development towards eternity allowed him to comprehend everything.” (p.35)

“… love simply reflects everything …” (p.42)

“… love makes the image of a human being …” (p.43)

“The eternity of peace is the eternity of love. The eternity of events – is also the eternity of love, which envelops a man and makes his heart inaccessible to rage, hatred and all that, and makes him only loving, only infinitely developing and infinitely living – an eternal human being.” (p.44)


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