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The devices PRK 1U configured to medical profiles - Creator PRK 1U - Grigori Grabovoi - Webinar conducted by Marina Morozkina, 08.10.2020

 This is a wonderful webinar, conducted by Marina Morozkina

If you wish:

> To understand deeply how to work properly with the Devices for the development of eternal life concentrations PRK-1U, 

> To know the differences between the Universal Device PRK-1U - physical Device and the Devices PRK-1U configured to medical profiles available online,

> To get to know how to work with number series and do practical work with the Device PRK-1U,

> To discover what exactly happens between you and the Device PRK-1U when you are working with it,

> To learn how to control events directly through your Consciousess and manage any possible events,

> To understand what is the system of knowledge of Grigori Grabovoi and some of his methods of control, his technologies, about his invention of the Device PRK-1U,

> To acquire fundamental knowledge on the system of Grigori Grabovoi,

> To know how your personality is constructed, what are its substances,

> To learn why the ‘form of information’ is so important and get to know how to give a specific informational form to your Consciousness, to become aware how bad thoughts seriously affect the state of your Consciousness, learn how to stabilize your Consciousness to function in a state of eternal life, etc.

>  To know how Grigori Grabovoi proved in practice, on the basis of facts, that precise and proper thinking/ correct thought forms are in fact of the utmost significance in healing any diseases, etc.

 AND much much more ...

 You can watch this free webinar, available in 5 languages.

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